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I Need A Simple Image Script!

I have a background image that is tiled. It is an image of smoke at the top of my website. The image shows in the background and the content of the page overlays the smoke image. I want the smoke to scroll horizontally so the image looks like its moving. This script should work on any browser and should be html/javascript/css only.

Budget is $30. If you have a demo please share it in PM so I can see.

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Permanent PR 5-6-7 Links

—————->>>>>>>>>>>>Please read all the text before making a bid!<————————–


We are currently seeking PR5+ links. They shall be permanent, one-way, and relevant to a webhosting service. The links is for a non english site.

Links MUST NOT be made using automated software or any other illegal linking methods. Blackhat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for. We have the right to reject URLs that do not comply with the following Guidelines.

Our guidelines:

– Absolutely no black hat or grey hat tactics. We require white hat techniques only.
– Links must be strictly from: Google PR5+ pages (home page page rank, iframes, other page ranks do NOT count)
– we prefer links from websites about web hosting services. The site is about hosting.
– No subdomains, back links must be on a www.

– Links must be permanent and static HTML. You agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months after placement.
– Link pages and our text links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Linked sites must be search engine friendly, established and fully active.
– Pages must be indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing within last 30-60 days
– Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses.
– No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.
– We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable.
– Detailed Excel file to be provided by you with all linking posts URLs once work is finished to be checked
-You will need to provide me with the following spreadsheet : Link site exact URL (clickable hyperlink), Site Name, Site Type, Google Page Rank and IP address as well as the date placed.


– No directory submissions, forum posts, article submissions, links from guest books, within newsgroups, yahoo groups, CL sites.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text
– No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing sites
– No use of automated software or bots.

So please write to me how many 5-6-7 PR links you can create for me, and the price. All links should be working within 24 hours! Very important. I will ignore all messages that tryes to sell others services – All im seeking is permanent high PR links, that is working within 24 hours.

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#### Need Copy Past & Book Write Work #####

Dear all freelancer,

I need copy past work and book write work.

Who can give me.

Bit Please and give me PM about your project.

Thank you

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100% Payment Gurranted Easy Image Typing Work

Hello freelancer now a days i am introduce one good project easy image typing and captcha typing work so who want to work with me then can start work with me . i am 100% pay payment and i am pay weekly payment in this my project and i have also many project which daily payment so who want to work with me bid here.

i am give chance to work evevery freelacer and but i want that every body have the knowledge of the captcha typing work and who dont know about this i am also give then chance and detail send to how to start work

this is my project is for the 1 year. so take who want to work with me long term and want to earn 60$ to 80$ permonth then post bid here.

And at last of the my project u seee my yahoo id so who want to chat with me then add my yahoo id and meet me online okkkk . dont forget to add then we talk online.

my server is
id: ajit01
pass: 123456789

so who want to check this but my server is fast at mid night and mid noon and it iseasy to type.

ok so who is ready work only at night time that person only bid here

who not want to work on night time they did not bid here ok


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Urgently Need Male Arabic Voice Actor For Ongoing Work

I need Male Voice actors of Arabic language. Native speakers will be preferred.

This is going to be an ongoing work where prospects can expect weekly work.

Only Bid if youre okay with $3 per minute recording price. We dont have more budget for this project.

Attached you voice sample to get considered.


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24 Hour Fast Image Typing Work

Hello now i am introduce the very simple jobs . every one can do this in this job u only retype the words . this is the image typing work means captcha typing work and u can easily earn monthly 70$ to 100$. i am seee that most of the people are waste their time to search different kind of the jobs and at the last they did not do any jobs and they earn 0 $ but i am advise them they only concentrate on the one job . do not waste their time . so who is really want to work and ready for work with me then plaace bid here .

this is the captcha typing work and i am also invite the new freelancer.

for the see demo and start to work.

who want to work fast they prefer to do work in the night time and early morning ok

because night time the speed of the server and net is very fast

server is

i am cant give here test id and password i am send every body test id and password in the freelancer inbox after bid andthen who like then they tell, but first of read all the project clear . then bid and who is really want to work only who is bid here and who not want then leave this

ok i am give u for the 1k = 1000 words = 0.80$ and payment done daily . i am pay in freelancer.

ok so who is really want to work then bid here. ok so i am select many people to do this work.

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Need Proofreaders-Bulk Work

Hi There
Need proofreaders at $1 per 1000 words. Need them for regular work. Daily output a must. No escrow. Payment every time your invoice reaches $5 or $10. (We can mutually decide the bench mark).
Maira Sarfraz

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Need Promo Codes To Work On Our Site

Look at

I am looking for someone to create a field on our registration form. If code is good, client does not have to pay and will be automatically added to the database.

This is an project/SQL server. We are not looking to re-do our entire site. This is a 1 day project. We need this completed in a few hours.

Promo code will work like this:

We will be able to upload bulk promo codes (in this case 2700 codes) and people can use this code up to two times per event. or they can use the same code on two different event.

I need this by the end of business day here in New York.

If you do a good job, I will give you a lot more work.

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Vector From An Image

Need: 6 jpg images to be vectorized.
Pay: $5 per image – $30 for 6 images.

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Volusion Work

Need volusion work done.

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Simple Copyrighted Page

I am needing a simple blog article written for my website design firm. Its going to be a quick article on how we are different from our competition.

You need some expertise on website design/how they work, etc. so you can get the correct terminology. Please provide me with some samples of writings that youve done!


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Multiple One Color Images

Looking for a company to produce 30 to 100 multiple images one color for my company to have for my company to post on my site. Looking for Trees, people, objects, buildings etc, Looking for original images. The project need to be done within the next 2 weeks. Work needs to be finished in photoshop, or illistrator, with a jpg file.

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Finish Volusion Site

I need a volusion site finished. It also will have a chat function you will make. Its been started. Ill pay $100 for this work.

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Need Photoshopers For Image Sourcing And Editing

I need a person or group who can produce the following:

100 image-sets

An image-set is defined as:
(2) JPGs (480X320) that are of nearly the same content but where 5 details from one of the images are edited out in a believable way. Each edit must be rectangular in shape.
Each of the 5 edits must be detailed in an XML file of the following format:

< ImageEdits >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< / ImageEdits >

The deliverable must be a ZIP file that contains a directory for each image-set. Inside each directory will be the two images that make up the image set and the XML file that details each of the edits made within the given image set. They will be named ImageA.jpg, imageB.jpg and ImageEdits.XML.

The images within the edit set should be of public scenes that are well photographed. Photos of parks, beaches, cityscapes are appropriate.

The provider must ensure that he has the proper licenses for all images provided!

To be considered please send me 1 example image set in the above format.

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Need OsCommerce Pro To Work On Many Projects.

Im looking for a long term team member that will be able to help us with osCommerce add-ons, skinning my designs and converting them into osCommerce system, and everything else osCommerce related.

I have many sites and many times need changes or upgrades done so if youre looking for something long term I would recommend you bid. I also recommend that only professional osCommerce coders bid because I dont have time for someone who doesnt know what to do exactly.

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500 Social Bookmarks

I need 500 social bookmarks ASAP. Also if you have the ability to generate a massive amount of backlinks I will have further work.

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Edit 100 Articles

I need to edit 100 legal articles. Show previous experience work

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Easy Work On Networking And Referrals

This Job post is all about Inviting and Referring.

Its easy anyone can do this job. As long as you are hard working and reliable. All you need to do is just to Register in this site.

If your Interested just leave a Message.

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Integrate Lucene Into CakePHP Application

We have a cakephp application and want to integrate Lucene into it.

Requirement: you will need to work with our developer and integrate Lucene search into our application.

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Improving The Game Code (facebook)

I am looking for someone to help me with the game that I developed.
Game name: The Trader
Game URL:

1. I want to use AJAX when someone buys something in the game without refreshing the page.
2. Use countdown clock.

You can see what I mean.
Join the game > go to ships > buy new ship.

Payment for:
1. You need to work only on the ships page and I will do the other pages in the game based on your code.
2. Need to be simple with information in the code that I can understand.

I can pay using paypal.
Please make offer and I will consider it.
Thank you,

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I Need Some Angela Paul Work!

300 profiles.

3 keyphrases on each profile.

must be high PR – minimum PR5.

only 10 profiles to be created per day – do not want to link build too quick.

easy project – lowest bidder will be chosen.

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I Need Experienced American Writers Who Want To Work!

Hi Writers,

I am currently in need of a few more experienced American writers to join my team. The reason for this is because I have had a great experience with American writers and almost all articles need to be written for an American audience.

The rate of pay is $5 per article, however this will gradually rise as time goes on and a level of trust is formed between us. For the moment this isn´t the best initial rate, however, I am a polite client to work for and will provide assistance whenever necessary. This work is long term.

The topics we will be writing on could be on anything which means that you have to be well experienced when it comes to researching and writing authoritatively on random subjects. At present we are currently writing about careers but this will no doubt change in a couple of weeks.

You should be willing to adapt to my style of writing since all articles that I deliver need to follow a universal style guide that I have created. This usually means, short, evenly sized, sub headed paragraphs – all written in a manner that is grammatically correct and fluent.

Payment is made each weekend via paypal. If you are interested in the position, please make a bid of $30 and send a message introducing yourself while providing a sample of your writing.

Your minimum weekly capabilities should be 15 (mon-fri) and you must be excellent at sticking to deadlines. In addition, you must be willing to write a sample article on my own guidelines and choosing which will be paid for if it is accepted. I know this isn´t pleasant but its the only way to separate the honest writers to those who aren´t particularly good.

I really do need the best of you and will be able to promise consistent work and future opportunities. Let me know if you have any questions. Ideally I would like to select writers by the weekend and start work in earnest from Monday.


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Devworkshop 1 Weeks Work For Updates And Fixes On Website

Need more work done on website

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Image Search Engine For My Site


We are looking for somebody who can integrate an Image Search Engine for our classified and review website. The search engine would be similar to Tineye where the visitor attaches a pic or URL. Once the image is attached, the site would then show all the listings that contain that image (or similar image).

Again, we only need the Image Search Engine to find and display listings within our website.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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Drupal Integration

Integration of a Drupal theme + configuration of a homepage.

Need someone that can finish the work before monday.

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I Need Proud Writers Who Want To Work!

Hi Writers,

I am currently in search of a few native English speaking writers to add to my team. On top of being able to properly write good English, it is also imperative that you are a great writer who can provide articles that contain useful, interesting and coherent information. As a result, writers from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are welcome – although articles will need to be written for an American audience.

I ask a lot of my writers but I know that there are a few of you out there who know that you can write well and are willing to start working at $5 an article. This isnt the best rate, but it will be rising to $6 within a month and there will be opportunity for more well paid work in the future. However, the work will be consistent and I am a polite client, both of which are rare these days.

Please make a bid of $30 if you are interested to write for me. This first payment will be made via, however all subsequent payments will be made weekly (Saturday or Sunday) via Paypal.

Each article will need to be 500 words long and be written to a particular guide line (basic universal rules for good articles). In addition, they could be on any subject matter with the current assignment currently on careers. Because of this fact, applicable writers will need to have excellent research skills.

When placing a bid, please send through a short introductory message along with a sample of your best writing skills. I will then ask for a sample article to be written according to certain guidelines. This is the part that many writers (including myself) dont like, however it is necessary to discover which writers can actually write well. Some of you may be able to convince me that this isnt necessary through your initial message if you aren´t keen on writing samples.

This is long term work. Please only bid if you can write a minimum of 15 articles from Monday to Friday. I will try to respond to all enquiries but will obviously favour those who have made a valiant effort.


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Need Professional SEO Work

Looking for a professional SEO team to hire to do 2 of my sites, that has been taken from previous so called SEO experts who havent done and havent got any progress with them with a month of work! Need experienced SEO to promote 2 of the following sites and get them rank to – TOP 5 – position in for the keywords listed below: – keywords: "vacuum cleaners" and "vacuum cleaner" – keywords: "steam cleaner" and "steam cleaners"

Im looking for someone who can get my sites to the first page of and guarantee my stay there for at least 30 days for the keywords (listed above) within the shortest period of time, preferable 2-4 months. Will have much more work for you if youll do what you say and get the job done.

If I wont see any progress within couple of weeks after awarding this project to you I will cancel our agreement and the project will be taken from you. What I need from you:

1. Timeframe (No longer then 120 days)
2. Whole cost for this project (No monthly Payments)
3. Guarantees

You should be able to and agree to:
– get 2 of my sites to rank for the keywords as its listed to – TOP 100 – within the first 30 days.
– get 2 of my sites to rank for the keywords as its listed to – TOP 20 – within the first 60 days.
and the rest will be determine by the timeframe provide by you.

You will get paid as follows:
– 10% top 100
– 25% top 20
– 25% top 10
– 40% top 5

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Need SEO+Angela Work

Hi all!!!
We are looking for an SEO specialist who can work for us on a long term basis. we have two type of work.

1). I have a blog site with current PR3 for this moment. I need PR5 within 1 month or earlier. PR 5 must be constant in future always.


2). we are need also 2000 profile link.

Mandatory Requirements :

1. Site domain must be PR4 and higher
2. Each site should allow at least 2 links with anchor text
3. All the links should be Do-Follow
4. All the profiles should be publicly viewable ( without logging in)
5. All the sites must be used only once. You should not use the same site more than once.

Please provide me your best quote asap. The budget range I have indicated is only for reference. need weekly report. You can suggest fair budgets as we dont have much outsourcing experience. We have many projects on SEO for you if you provide a great service to us.


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Need A Sales Formular To Work In IWork/Pages Format . .

I need a sales formular for use in automotive sales.
The formular needs to be in iWork/Pages format, so that it may be filled-in electronically.

$30 . .in one day
Payment will be given after i see the formular . .
There are nearly 20 formulars of this kind if this work found good . .Will hire u for future works

I need this very soon!


plz bid less

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