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Qlink Captcha Entry (night Shift) And (dayshift) Good Speed.


I need captcha typers for my qlink captcha typing project.
Both dayshitf and nightshift.
Will also provide you software and tricks for fast work.

1k=1000 correct captcha entries.

Requirements for dayshift(only teams)

*You should know captcha entry and have done it before.
*Have good typing speed.
*If team you should do 3k-5k/day.

If individuals want to do dayshift then rate is $0.65/1k.

Requirement for nightshift(both teams and indiividuals)

*You should know captcha entry and have done it before.
*Have good typing speed.
*If team you should do 3k-5k/day.
*if individual you should do 200-300 entries/day or more.

Rates are
for teams(dayshift)=$0.85/1k
for teams(nightshift)=$0.90/1k

for individuals
rates are $0.85/1k.

Payment thru GAF only.
>> The payment is send every saturday.. u dont need to request.
Payment for individuals when they reach 5k minimum/week.
Payment for teams when they reach 10k minimum/week.

Nightshift working time :-
>> Working time 11.30pm -6:00am ( Indian time )
>> Working time 12:00am-7:00am(Bangladesh time)
>> Working time 11:00pm-5:00am(Pakistan time)
>> Working time 1:00am-8:00am (veitnam time)
>> Working time 2:00am-9:00am(china time)
>> Working time 2:00am-9:00am(Philipines time)

Dayshift working time :-
>> All day when ever you want.

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MS Dynanics 2011 CRM Setup

We require someone to setup a new install of MS Dynamics 2011 Server on our test server.

You will need to make sure all the correct SQL /System parts are working and install the CRM (and demonstrate it working)

Server is running 2008r2.

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Flash Avatar Chat

Basic avatar style chat room like the one developed by ( ) coded with PHP, MySQL and Actionscript 3.0 Code must be unique (do not copy code from other designs/projects)
Bidders must provide examples from similar working projects (do not bid if you do not have working example).

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Modify/Tweak Existing Working Website Scraper For 7 Websites


Please read from start to end, else your bidding request may get cancelled…

We have working scraper which works perfectly fine, and now we would like someone to Modify/Tweak existing working scraper for atleast 7 websites.

The price will involve development plus testing. You have to provide me testing support for six months, so that I can be assured of that the tool is running fine.

The copyright issues of the project belong to me, and no mention whatsoever of the developer will be there in the project. The tool should be properly documented.

We are looking for a bidder who can do so in less than hundred dollars.

NOTE: We only pay upon completion of this work, we do not escrow first / partial payments, complete this job how we want it and you get paid, piss us around and you are wasting your time only.

We also outsource a great deal of work. We have the project/spec sheet for several Upcoming projects specifically in Drupal, Joomla, Magento and PHP which will be given to what we consider GENUINE programmers.

NOTE: For your bidding request to be accepted, start your bidding reply with word "SCRAPER:"

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I need 2 writers to rewrite at least 2500 words daily with no research required. Just use another expression to describe the same meaning from the original article. If the quality and turnaround is good I can easily increase your workload.


Rate: $0.25 per 100 words rewrite.


– Rewrites must be 100% unique and will be checked with Copyscape
– Rewrites must be grammatically correct and use standard American/British English
– Rewrites must make sense (no spelling errors, no missing words, no bad grammar, etc.)

Payment will be delivered in every 3 days via Freelancer for accepted work so I cant create any milestone payment.

Bid for more information.

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Iphone Interface Coding (only For A Presentation)


i have a ready Iphone Interface Design, and i want a working version of that "INTERFACE". its only some swiping and hover stuff…. it has no functions behind the Interface.. Its only for a presentation to show the Interface….

– Swiping
– rollover (Hover)
– Loading Screen (Loading animation)

Design is ready…

it should not be a working app, its only a working INTERFACE for the live presentation in XCODE….


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Easy Job Portal Script Full Working Version Needed

Hi all.
I am looking for easy job portal scripts full version or even similar
The software should be:
1. bug free- no virus or tracking virus
2. full working version—no demo please.
3.easy install.
I will only pay , after proper installation.and everything has been tested.
My budget is for undr $50 so do not bid if you can not do it or do not have it.
thank you

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Website Development

looking for skilled hard working, creative people than can assist with initial website development.

been working for a company for 10 years would like to start out on my own. the new webiste will give my cleints a reference piont for the new business.

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Liferay Resource Requirement – Portlet Developers

Resource should have hands on experience doing portlet development on Liferay 6x

– Strong knowledge of JEE with Spring / Hibernate/ JSP/ Spring ROO
– Create Liferay 6 Plugins Portlets/Hooks/Ext based on Java Portlet Standard JSR-268/JSR168
– CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/YUI AJAX, JSON experience
– Strong working experience with MySQL database
– experience working with Glassfish Application Server
– Strong fundamentals in object oriented programming, design patterns
– experience working with Maven, SVN, Liferay IDE

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Move WordPress Site To New Server

I have a WordPress site that I need to move from a shared server to a VPS server. I have already moved most all the files to the new server, with exception to the database as it is quite large. I need someone who knows WordPress to move our databases over to the new VPS server and then adjust the config files so that the site is working and fully operational on the new server.

I need this done asap and am looking for someone to start now and stay on this until it is uploaded and working on the vps, which should only be a few hours or uploadings and then some minor tweaking to get it working.

Please be very familiar with WordPress, PHP /PhpMyAdmit etc

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Need To Update Website By Using Php

We have a current website that uses php. We have a prooducts that get updated on our website by using an excel spreadsheet, but its not working.

Here is what we need.

1. We list domain names on our site for sale. We would like to update the sold one easily. We used to be able to do it by just updating a excel document but its not working.

This should be a simple task.


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WordPress EShop Plugin Troubleshoot


I am looking for assistance in testing and troubleshooting a WordPress website with an online store, specifically the eShop Plugin. The website is using the eStore theme by Elegant Themes, with the eShop e-commerce plugin.

The challenges with eShop Im having include:
-Paypal payments are going through, but eShop does not validate the orders, saying PayPal IPN failed, and so none of the eShop emails are being sent (eg. your order was received)
-On one site (multisite installation), the Add to Cart buttons to show up

It is important that you have experience working with the eShop plugin, and with WordPress. Some of this might involve PHP coding, but some might just be working with the eShop settings.

I will pay 50% of the project cost when the test site is working (with all emails, order processing, etc.), and then the remaining 50% when I make it live and it still works.

Thanks so much,

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Part-time Virtual Assistant (VA) Needed.

I need to find a part-time assistant or two to help me with various tasks, including but not limited to:
– website design/development, updating/tweaking/fixing, working with range of CMS
– websites promotion (SEO, inbound links, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…)
– copywriting, sales/marketing skills preferred
– writing and submitting articles preferred
– graphic design skills preferred

You working well under pressure, deliver good results and are creative. Russian language fluency is a big advantage.

Please attach your CV and the descriptions or examples of your best work related to all of the above.

Place bid as a monthly rate based on 20hrs/week. The lower bids will be preferred.


– COMMUNICATION: Answer/comment to all of my questions as soon as you get them! If something is not clear, ask straight away, otherwise I expect that you understand fully what I need and are working already to deliver on it.
– TIME: If there is a deadline for a task – it has to be met! Alternatively – say when is the earliest you can get it done. Chances are it will be OK to move it one day or so. If you realise that you are running late – let me know ASAP – tell me how much is done and when you expect the rest to be 100% finished.
– REPORTING: Unless stated clearly otherwise, at the end of each day I expect a brief list of bullet points, listing your progress for the day (takes you only 5 mins and keeps us both on track).
– PAY: I am looking for the best virtual assistants and service providers at the most competitive prices (read: cheap, but high quality). After 2-3 months of effective and productive cooperation your rate will be doubled and will keep increasing according to growth of my company and your contribution.

If you dont agree and can not comply with the above – DO NOT BID!
Otherwise – I am looking forward to getting your message and working with you!

P.S. When submitting your bid – please send a PM and rate your experience/confidence level (out of 10, e.g. 7/10) and provide a brief description of your work experience for each of the 5 bullet points in the project description. This will help me sort qualified and professional people from those who cant read the project description properly and cant follow simple instructions even at this early stage.

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EBay Sellers Needed – Online Selling


We are interested in Working eBay/Amazon Sellers who can sell our Products Worldwide. We have Great Variety of Products and Offer Worldwide shipping for better sales.

We are working as Manufacturers and Drop Shippers and have Great Products to sell Online. Amazing Commissions and our Unique Way of Working will really help you and us to have Mutual Growth.

Interested candidates are required to provide us with their eBay id or other selling Platform names along with experience.
Highly Motivated and Dynamic Professionals are welcomed.

Further Information will be provided after we receive your BIDS!! Hope to have Great Online Professionals.


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Joomla Website Needs Help To Finish Scripts

We are about to go live with a new Joomla 1.5 site. The previous contractor has left a few errors and oversights which need attention. They are not huge, this is a small job, and will probably require only a few hours or less for someone with Joomla programming skills.

I need this job done immediately as the site was intended to go live April 1st. I require your offer professional services as follows:

– Excellent English and good communication skills so I know what you are doing. I may be available online via Skype so we can work through the issues together.

– A reliable person who will not let me down I am an honest, friendly and easy person to work for, but expect quality work in return.

– The kind of issues we need your help with are:

1. Add a sort order field to our custom backend component that lists several items.
2. Fix other sortting problems so records are returned in proper order as requested.
3. Form inside popup window needs to submit within popup (therefore not with main template)
4. Some help with attaching a CSV file to an email. There is a script already working on our old site… we just need it working the same on new joomla site. Form already submitting… just need to add the CSV attachment.
5. "Remember me" not working on login
6. Up/Down arrows not working in custom backend component
7. Form field validation (i.e. required fields)

A few other general items that need some help, but nothing major. I would like someone who is interested in long term support for this site, on call as required. I am at GMT-10, so a nearby timezone is helpful.

Again, I expect it only to take a few hours or less for a good programmer, but need it done ASAP – today if possible?

Please contact me ASAP and prove to me that you can do this small job.


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Amazon MWS Expert Required With PHP/MySQL

Hi, I am looking for someone who has built an Amazon MWS solution before using PHP and MySQL.

I am an Amazon pro merchant in the UK and I would like to quickly build a php/MySQL solution to exchange data with Amazon using their MWS. I am looking for someone willing to share their working examples for inventory Feeds, Reports and Orders (for a price of course).

The solution should be written in PHP and interface directly to a MySQL database.

I am not looking for you to build a new solution from scratch, just share with me what you have built before and give me a little support to get what you have built working for me.

Please do not respond unless you have got a working solution ready to go now.


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Fix Registration That Is Not Posting To Admin Area

I have an existing website where a feature was previously working and does not work anymore. The site has a registration page to register with user and password and name and address, etc. Once registered, an email is sent to the admin email address and that part is still working, but once you log into the admin area, the registration information is not displaying so the admin person can accept the registration. I need someone to determine why the registration info is not showing up in the admin area.

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Good Writers Needed For Long Term


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Figure Out Why An AutoIT App Has Stopped Working

I have an AutoIT application written to screen-scrape a website.
It works in conjunciton with another application called Widecap (a proxy providing program)
The AutoIT app scrapes recently posted proxy server IP addresses and tests them using Widecap.
The AutoIT app seems to have stopped producing valid Proxy addresses.
I will pay only if you are able to make this system work again.
You will NOT have to write new code, only follow existing code and find out whats not working.

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Apache2 Recovery

Ive been running an Apache2 server with Perl in Windows 2000 since about 2002. Yesterday our computer went down. We were able to recover but now our Apache2 and Perl do not seem to be working. Both Apache2 & Perl were installed on the D drive which was not effected by the crash. We had to copy system files from a new installation of Windows 2000 to get the C drive back and Windows working. I think that its missing the system files to run apache2 and Perl. I need it fixed asap!

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Setup Server For Adult Video Script

Need proven guru to setup server and complete installation of adult video script 2.1 .Script is installed but not working, needs additional server requirements. This should be an easy project for someone, all high bids will be ignored. Work will be paid for once script is completely tested and all is working

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Video Editor – Melbourne Australia

We require the services of a video editor in Melbourne, Australia: April 2011 – Friday 8/4 and Saturday 9/4
Key skills: Abobe CS5 Premiere and Photoshop on PC, Windows 7 platform
Required: Resume and video portfolio.

We have 25 people that will be learning Marisa Russo

Tags: , , , , , , is an industry portal. I have had tons of trouble finding a capable company to help get this site off the ground. The concept for the site is simple: Users should be able to easily search for industry information, Specifically, users should be able to easily navigate towards targeted search company results. On the flip side, the site should also be designed to entice kiosk-related companies to join our site/directory. Once they sign-up for the free directory listing, the navigation should target them to purchase an upgraded vendor profile with added benefits. Additionally, vendors can also opt to purchase banner ads and/or sponsor a business category.

As noted, this site has had a series of "bad" developers. 90% of the site is already working (ruby), but my recent graphic designer (hes fired now) has messed-up some code. Some of the features that were working 100% previously, have suddenly stopped working. I suspect this is a minor code error issue. I need all these things put back into working order. And then…………I need a better layout/design. I need someone who understands site navigation and conversion to paid customers. I have a detailed list of the "fixes" available.

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Java Applet For Download Youtube Videos

Working java applet + source code required deliverables. Should be able to provide various quality YouTube downloads. Working demo would increase likelihood of being selected for the project. Video id should be a required parameter that can be passed to the applet. Applet should be able to output result to the page as html (through DOM and maybe JSObject).

I need php script so members in my site can download direct from youtube choose between mp4 or flv after

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Nice Looking E-shop – 3 Categories, 5 Products In Each

Need nice looking show for posh UK mums with essentials for their babys.

Example like it should look like:

Working e-shop
No content works – just add demo content
Add product types and categories
Adjust it with me server and domain
Include SEO (Easy links, automatic titles, description, keywords, no rubbish code – less means better so heavy CSS included 🙂 )

Got 15 products, sorted in to 3 categories.

Each product have different attributes (up to 15) like size, color, number of this, number of that.

What I need is demo-like site with adjusted nice eye-looking typography, template (with colors butterflies, babyz and so on :)), working cart with product tracing system for me (like: customer just left shopping cart and not bought, customer just bought something to ensure quick custoemr-shop after sale process).

In plain words: I will build up content and remake products sites, just need scathed template – so no content working for my programmer.

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Writers Needed Urgently (Daily Payment)


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Upgrade Prestashop To 1.4

We have a fully working store in Prestashop 1.3.5 and wants to upgrade to latest 1.4 build. The theme needs to be rebuilt to fit to the new build and we need everything to work upon upgrading. The store is located at The SQL should follow and all information should be intact.

Payment will be done when a fully working shop is approved by me.

This requires a high-level of knowledge in PHP, mySQL, Smarty3 and JAVA. I want to see earlier projects from you as a reference.

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Need PHP Script Installing And Working

We require this installed on our server: and slight customises. Simple project, need it doing today, within 5 hours.

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Wee Need Online Poker

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

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Need An After-effects Artist For Epipheo Like Video

Urgently looking for an after-effects artist and illustrator to help me with a epipheo like animated video we are currently making…the artist who was working on the animation has some family issue and will not be able to complete the job…please bid only if you can do this job in maximum 4 days and have a decent experience of working on similar videos…please send me a message on my pm for any questions….thanks

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Copy-paste Images To Ms Word Document

I have 720 images need to be copy-paste to Microsoft Word documents. It is easy and simple, no need to design or writing, just open each image with Ms Paint then copy-paste to Word. Depends on your skill and speed, approximately it needs 3 hours working if you can copy-paste each image in 15 seconds or maybe 6 hours working if you can copy-paste each image in 30 seconds. Need to start immediately.

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Make Menu IE 6 Compatible And Style Changes

I have a project which needs to be finished quickly. The menu we are using does not display properly in IE6. It also does not display properly in other browsers, but I am only concerned about IE6, we can ignore all other browsers.The menu is being generated by a series of .jsp files on the server side, so you will need to be comfortable working with .jsp.

I cannot give access to the actual site until the project is awarded, but here is an html version of what we will be working on:

If you view it in FireFox you will see the way it should function, but in IE6 it doesnt seem to work at all.

Again, time is very important. It would be good to have it done in at least two days.

Please contact me with any questions.

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Now Hiring Webcam Chat Hosts (M/F) For Chat – Great Pay!

We are hiring Independent Contractors for Adult WebCam Chat.

We need women, men and couples (!) to chat live on webcams to our paying customers.
All work is done in the privacy of your home. You DO NOT need to look "like a model" or be extremely attractive to do this. You DO need a great personality and must speak English well enough to type fluently to our Chat customers in the USA.

Requirements are as follows

– Be an ADULT over the age of 18 with a private place to work.
– Must have Government Identification (passport,drivers license, etc.)
– Be willing to pose nude.
– Must love to chat online! Be friendly, open minded, and feel comfortable in front of the camera.
– Have a computer & high speed broadband Internet connection.
– Have a good quality WEBCAM AND MICROPHONE. We suggest a webcam that can broadcast in HD.
– Must be willing to work AT LEAST 10 hours per week.

Benefits to all our models:

– The best video and audio quality available.
– Training and support.
– Earnings payments via check, Payoneer Card, and PayPal.
– You set your own schedule!

You will be working with the largest adult sites in the world that receive the highest traffic (and the most chances to make BIG MONEY)!. Your role is to talk to men, women or couples and flirt/seduce them into a private chat, then perform live on cam for them.

We pay you .50 – $5 USD every minute (PLUS BIG TIPS) for the amount of minutes you are in Private Chat. Many customers can be in Private Chat at once, giving you the unique opportunity to make many more times the amount of money you will make. Customers may also TIP you at any time. There are many ways to make money with us, and our models do extremely well working with us.

Our cam models make from $400 to $2,500 USD per week working 10 to 25 hours, with some models making much more. We have models who have made over $10,000 in a month, so what you make will depend on you.

We also provide weekly and monthly bonuses for all of our models!

ONLY interested in independent individuals who are willing to work and willing to get started quickly!!!
If this sounds like something youd be interested in doing to earn incredible income, bid and pm me ASAP!
We look forward to working with you soon!

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