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Design Brochure-World Peace Zone-Seoul Korea

Peace Education Tourism
Join my team of peace-loving global citizens.
I am developing downtown Seoul, Korea into a World Peace Zone, and Womb of Mother Earth.
see attachment
Bid is $30 for 6 hours of honest work (I never pay out more then $30 to a complete stranger. I pay in $30 increments)
SKYPE (with a mic) Deal Breaker
I am an American professor working in Korea for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula, for the good of all humankind.
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Illustration & Design

I need someone to design me a few illustrations. If you go here:

You see the green character, i want to know if someone can design something like that for me however my own character.

Also someone who can draw sets like for example when you go to you will see the clouds in the background and the hills with grass and trees, etc.

Im looking for an illustrator or designer who can design stuff pretty much just like that however with my own theme.

Show me some examples of work you have done like this or design an example of something designed like that and i will hire you.


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Know More About The World’s End

This is a project for all those who want to know more about the life, dead and the end of the world.

What will happen with our world? Will there be an end of everything or the world history will continue forever?

It is for free so if you are interested in these topics, just bid here.

Thank you

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