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Iphone Game Development

Hi, Im looking for an iPhone developer to create a virtual world game on iPhone/iPad.

Genre: Virtual world RPG where the player owns a shop and levels up by serving customers
Theme: 2.5 Isometric cartoon-like graphics on a tiled map
Two configurable currencies, one works with in-app purchase
Ability to purchase items, place them on the shelf and serve different number of customers based on the current popularity of the shop
Ability to position decorative items on map, support rotation, moving, storage, etc
Configurable experience points and level-up requirements
Configurable catalog of items, of variable cost, delivery time, requirements, for purchases
Ability to integrate with Facebook Connect , Twitter, email and Game Center
Ability to take screen shots
Time frame:
Preferably within 1 month or not more than 50 days.
To be discussed in PMB
Looking for experienced developer with great reviews and application listed on App Store

Please submit your bid along with your portfolio. Please specify whether your quote includes graphics or just source code. Please indicate relevant past projects in Objective-C, Cocoa 2D, Lua.

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Design Brochure-World Peace Zone-Seoul Korea

Peace Education Tourism
Join my team of peace-loving global citizens.
I am developing downtown Seoul, Korea into a World Peace Zone, and Womb of Mother Earth.
see attachment
Bid is $30 for 6 hours of honest work (I never pay out more then $30 to a complete stranger. I pay in $30 increments)
SKYPE (with a mic) Deal Breaker
I am an American professor working in Korea for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula, for the good of all humankind.
Send resume

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3D Chat World (Frenzoo, IMVU) Similar

Look for company that has ready solution for 3D chat world like Frenzoo / IMVU

If you want to bid, you MUST send link to demo version.

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World Of Warcraft Website

Hey guys!

We have created a new website for the game world of warcraft, the websites function is to help bring justice to those who have been wronged by ninjas.
The World of Warcraft community is getting an increasingly number of ninjas and jerks, which is why We wish to build a comprehensive list of ninjas/jerks on each server, both EU and US, who ninja loot, spam, troll, scam and hate.
The database will assist players in avoiding inviting a jerk to your group or guild.

We are currently in the process of further developing and improving the website and therefore we are seeking new additions to our team. We need an experienced webdesigner,
Main task will be to develope the websites design, we already have one, however it needs improvements and if you feel that you are right for this task and have a great interest in world of warcraft, then please contact us.

General requirements:
Be able to communicate in english

Webdesigner requirements:
Good Photoshop skills

We do not want to ruin the website with advertising, which means that the website is non-profit, therefore if you choose to help it will be without compensation at the momemt.
If you however do a good job and helping the team and being part of the team, you will get partner status in the website and in our future company.
If you are interested in the job please feel free to pm me:)

Kind Regards


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15,000 Unique World Wild Toolbar Install

Hai i need 15,000 unique world wild Install for my toolbar
for more details PM to me

you give some trail install to get a trail PM to me

all install must in unique

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Level My World Of Warcarft PJ To Lvl 60 Or More

Hi, thats all I need, I have a mage lvl 34 and I play in a private Server where all people speaks Spanish, all I need is you to level my PJ to 60 or more, better and low bid will win for sure, you need to provide great armor and great skills so the PJ will be hard to defeat.

I know this kind of projects are very rare here but make money while you have fun!

Happy Bidding.

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LUA – XML Addon For World Of Warcraft

Develop a world of warcraft addon

Expand the guild member info on the guild panel tab
show character info (stamina, resilience, pvp ratings)
update info on login
custom icon on guild roster tab, changing color on resilience rate


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Gap Medics – American School And College Marketing

Gap Medics are a UK based company which provides clinical experience or students looking to study for a healthcare profession in either medicine, nursing or dentistry.

We operate in the Caribbean, India and Tanzania and send students from all over the world on placements ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months. Students get to shadow doctors in each destination aswell as having a unique travel experience too.

We operate from the UK and thousands of students overseas each year from all over the world.

We are looking for someone based in America to help drive our sales forward. The job will require a self starter able to generate leads and close business through a variety of methods such as securing school visits and visits to pre-med colleges to deliver presentations about our programs. There is real potential to earn a significant ammount with this opportunity but it will require someone with the desire to generate appointments and deliver effective presentations.

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Cricket Writer Needed To Cover World Cup – 2

We are looking for a cricket writer to cover all World Cup matches.
The job is to cover all match reports and pre match analysis for matches involving India.

All posts will be around 500 words or so. We will provide format of the posts.

We are tight with budget so bid accordingly. To compensate we can offer your name to be published on our blog.
This is a very good opportunity for someone who is new and wants to build portfolio.

All articles will be our copyright and you cant publish them anywhere else online.

If selected you will have to cover all world cup matches.
Bid for 20 articles.

Only providers from India and UK need to bid. Providers from rest of world are not required to bid.


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3D World Globe

Need a 3D globe of the world to be designed in Flash, The image will sit on our website where users can click on destinations that take them to another page on the website. The 3D Globe will slowly rotate but can be manipulated with the mouse. The globe will be in our company colours (a shade of red).
Below is an example of what we would like, it must be bigger and be of higher quality.

We should be allowed to add more destinations on the globe as we create the pages for it.

Will pay 50% upfront and 50% once project is completed.

The designer must have previous experience in such work.

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Facebook Votes Needed….. Anywhere From The World..





MEANS I NEED 1500 VOTES,,,,,,,



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Making A Web Browser Based MMORPG

I want a game on the smallest budget possible.

Basically, I need someone to do the programming bit as I already have the graphics artist who will be more than willing to work with you.

Essentially, there is a geoclimatic shift and the worlds climate goes haywire. Then theres the countdown to death as there are now a limited number of perishable resources that people are fighting for. The round ends when food and water runs out and everyone dies. However has the highest score wins.

When the player starts up, they get a small settlement with depleting resources (food and water) and a given population. In a block 2D layout, they build buildings on their own plot of land. There are 2 world views – one their own, and the second, the world map.

Civilians" go out and gather food and water and are also sent to recruit "specialists" like doctors, engineers and soldiers. Searching for such specialists requires a lot of food and water (drains resources). However, they in turn train the general population in their respective profession (more doctors engineers and soldiers). They can also respectively enabling the building of hospitals (doctor) , building perimeter defenses (engineer). Importantly, people have the option of getting special upgrades that they must purchase in real money at the online store. Otherwise, they play for free

This of this as a game like "Evony" but more simplified and add the element of "The Road" – its a book about a dystopia. Was also adapted to a movie, look it up its awesome.

May also need some pointers for game design, but I have a good idea of how things will work.

I will be providing a detailed game document (am working on it now)

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Work For World Peace (and Get Paid)

Are you devoted to the welfare of humankind?
Please watch these videos (Include in your bid the last word spoken in this video or you will be ignored).

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Vector Graphic Diagrams

Provide a diagram in vector graphics, from simple sketch showing use of services.

The diagram will show a business using a computer to send multiple messages by email/web over the internet to one of world-text.coms multiple SMS servers, these servers then push the message to the mobile network and the on to delivery to the mobile device.

Applicants must be able to show previous examples of work, do not apply if you cannot meet this requirement.

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A Small World Similar Site Urgent

Hello we are in France .
We are looking for a site like A SMall World ( A closed community site.

We need someone that just has developed a nice A SMall World similar site that you can fastly customize it for us for an our client.
Its an urgent job

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Need Facebook Fans 3k World Wide


we are looking for 3k facebook fans 3k world wide, we know the budget for this.

so higher budget bids will not taken for concern.

quick work need.

quality work need.

Happy bidding!!!

correct workers pls Make me PM.



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Cricket Writer Needed To Cover World Cup

We are looking for a cricket writer to cover all World Cup matches.
The job is to cover all match reports and pre match analysis for matches involving India.

All posts will be around 500 words or so. We will provide format of the posts.

We are tight with budget so bid accordingly. To compensate we can offer your name to be published on our blog.
This is a very good opportunity for someone who is new and wants to build portfolio.

All articles will be our copyright and you cant publish them anywhere else online.

If selected you will have to cover all world cup matches.
Bid for 20 articles.

Only providers from India and UK need to bid. Providers from rest of world are not required to bid.

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Cricket Writers For World Cup And IPL


I need cricket writers for the World Cup and the IPL.

Article type will be cricket match previews, cricket match reports and cricket news.

I have a lot of work leading up to the World Cup.

Give me your bid for:
49 previews + 49 reports = 98 articles of 300-400 words each.

The lowest, decent quality bid will be selected.

Am open to more than one writer handling the job.

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Need 3k FB Fans World Wide

Need 3k FB fans world wide.

Our budget $80

who can provide this please place Bid and PM me.



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WoW – World Of Warcraft Expert Needed

I need an expert in WoW whos very familiar with PvP, PvE, Gold Making, Raids, Justice/Valor Points, Power Leveling with strong knowledge in as many classes as possible.

What Im looking for is for a consultant that will run me through the game and teach me the game. We can talk through skype or chat in game. Im located on US server Dentarg at the moment, I can join any US server.

If you know if anyone qualifies for this job, please forward this posting.

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Cake Recipes With Images

We are looking for cake recipes with images.
The job is to write cake recipes and also provide images. Recipes and Images should you your own and not copied.
We will retain all copyright for recipe+image.

Each recipe shall have at least 3 images; 1 for ingredients, some preparation/cooking and one final prepared cake.

Cake could be from any part of the world prepared in any style for any occasion.

This project is for 30 cake recipes with images.

Providers from all part of the world are welcome to apply however you must satisfy following criteria
1) you must have written recipes before
2) You must know how to take pics

in PMB provide examples of similar work.

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Cricket Highlights For World Cup 2011


I want to Hire someone who can make Cricket Video Highlights For my Website.

– I want the Highlights made Fast, same day, during the match.
– I want Fast Uploads on Dailymotion or Youtube.
– Each Match Should consist of 4-5 parts of Video Highlights, each part less than 15 minutes.
– I want the Video of High Quality.
– If there are matches in one day, the person should be able to provide me both matches same day.

Fixed Payment for the World Cup season. of 300 USD.

If you have any Question let me know!

Please provide a sample Video for Quality check.

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Interactive PHP World Map & MySQL


Im looking for an interactive world map for a website Im currently designing in php/mysql.


1. I require a outline of a world map (550w x 300h) in size.
2. White background with the continents in black.
3. Ability to magnify/zoom in and out
4. Ability to pull the long and lat coordinates for locations (as a result of a search query) from backend mysql db and place pins in the world map. Then have the ability to drill down into each pin to show a small description (again the description will be stored in the mysql db).

Feel free to ask me further questions in PM if you wish…

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World Business Directory Development

We want develop one good business directory that should have all data world wide .we are looking company only no freelancer please at this time
Because we are putting this project very high value.
so only company.

Home Page

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