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PHP Fox, Custom Build And Auction Module Assistance

we are building a social networking site based on the framework of PHPfox, we need however many customisations done to the site including the implementation of a carousel, and share/swap functionalities and adjustment of the Pbay module (phpfox auction module)

If you are experiences in PHPfox… not just php, must have PHPfox knowledge and have examples to prove your work.

This is an urgent project so please contact us ASAP.

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Custom EA To Use Metaquotes Indicator

I have an EA that relies upon accurate Atr, currently it uses iATR that is coded into the EA.
Unfortunately the EA seems to output sometimes a very slight difference in Atr to the metaquotes indicator, and I have concluded the metaquotes indicators is correct.
There are two ways to try to fix this, perhaps lift the idicator code from the metaquotes indicator and apply it to my EA in place of iATR, or for the EA to call upon the idicator on a tick by tick basis for the Atr reading, this would be my preferred method.

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Code Igniter Custom Database Class

I need a Coder familiar with Code Igniter custom classes.
What I require is a custom database class written (or code Igniters database class modified) to accept 2 databases at the same time.

I know it can accept 1 database from the 2 groups as active, but that way it queries any 1 database only.

What I require is the ability to pass query like,
"SELECT DB1.Table1.Fld1, DB2.Table2.Fld2 FROM DB1.Table1, DB2.Table2"

And also all the JOIN functions etc should work as normal with Code Igniter.

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Sujoy project from Danielle 5

custom cursor code put on everypage of site.

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Magento removal of functions and adding css

The standard magento pages come with alot of functions on them. My store design doesnt require all of those functions. For example, I dont use the shop by functions on the category page.

What I need is for someone to remove the functions that are not used in my design. You do not need to write any PHP here. Just remove js and php functions.

Desired outcomes:
1- The functions on the page will only be what I will use and nothing more.

I am not looking to spend alot of money to get this done. Under 70$USD

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