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Content Writer Needed – 6 For Mohds2

I need high and great quality content for my website: 12 articles probably
about 1000 -1200 words each. General topic for these 12 articles is auto insurance in the US (different states).

Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and concise. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational American English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

Freelancer should:
Be able to do online research and write UNIQUE text
Have experience with content writing
Have experience with writing for keywords and SEO

Milestone payment only.

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Content Writer Needed

We need a content writer to create articles for us on a regular basis. The articles will be used for SEO promotional activities.
Experience in technical writing will be preferred, we are a software development company with a major software that is used for video editing. We would require at a minimum of 5 articles of average length of 500 words per day.

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Website Content Writer Needed

I need someone to write content for 2 pages that I have on my website. I need this done asap!!
I know the lowest bid is $30 but I am only paying $15 for this job.

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Need High Quality Content Writer

We are top company with a number of sites relating to various consumer law topics. We are looking for content writers, blog writers, and article writers.

This project requires researching 10 debt/finance related topics and writing informative 500+ word website pages with perfect grammar exhibiting a complete understanding of the subject matter and the English language.

All content should be unique, interesting, and we will run everything through copyscape premium. This is not a project for seo writers, spinners, copy & pasters. This content will be used on our main website, quality is very important for this project. The content must be well researched and informative.

Please post samples of your previous work and make bid.

What you are bidding on: Ten 500+ word pages of high quality content.

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Excillent Content Writer For 25 Page, Based On Page Format

Subject: SEO, Internet Marketing
Writing Tone: Should be extremely professional
Cost: $1/per page + bonus for impressive work
Number of Page: 20 – 25

Contents needs to be written based on formatting of the pages, it include writing tag line, conclusion, paragraph, attractive headline.

Must be copy scape premium passed,
100% unique,
Without any grammatically mistake,
Well and self written English,
Highest and best quality,
Well informative and well researched,
Sound fun and interesting etc.. also..

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Content Writer

I own charity website called

I want a content good skills in English

one should research about the whole blood donation you can go through my website

on every page we should give brief information

In Money donation page – we should inspire them make donation , and we should explain how we use their funds,
your role – in ur role we should explain them the flow of post blood request in words and a flow chart.

Aboutus – we should explain them about our organization give them some examples if some one not donated the blood in the time of need what happens

only users who have previous should bid

it is a very small project

bidder should have grip in english, he should be ale collect the content, inspire the users to join our website and to make donations.

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Swedish Seo Content Writer Needed


I am in need of 30 swedish short articles for seo. They will contain about 100 words each

The subject is very easy to find information about. Each page should be written about the subject with a location in context(a city for example). We will provide you with a list of locations which we need articles about.

We do use copy scape to check articles

best regards


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Experienced Website CONTENT WRITER Needed Immediately


I am looking for one or two experienced web CONTENT WRITER for long term work. To bid on this project-

* You must have solid grasp on English.
* Preferably from native English speaking country if not then you must have solid grasp on English..
* You must have previous experience of web content/ article writing.
* You must have messengers to communicate constantly.

We will start with 2 websites to start but it might turn out BIG if youre good enough.

I wish to receive your BIDS and we will start this journey pretty soon.

Thank you!

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Creative Content Writer For A Restaurant Website Needed

I am looking for a content writer for a new website for my Japanese restaurant.

* Total # of pages is around 17 (15 individual menu item pages + 1 daily special page + 1 about us)
* Keywords and some photos for each menu item will be provided
* Must be original work and must pass
*** Each menu item page content must be custom tailored to each menu item and entice website visitors to want to try it. In other words, it shouldnt be a boring article that just explains what the menu item is.

Payment will be made through escrow after your first sample for our website is approved.

Our budget is $5 per page! (~Approximately $1 per 100 words)

Please feel free to submit some **relevant** sample work!!

Looking forward to hearing from talented, creative content writers!!

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110% ORIGINAL Content Writer And Assistant

I Need someone that speaks PERFECTLY ENGLISH (Not 99%) to create for me 100% ORIGINAL content for my websites about Timesharing and Softwares … Minimum website pages to create (only with REAL content created for me only) will be 25 pages to start (1 page = at least 500 words).

This same person should be able to create at least 5 pages per day (in perfect english and original content)
When the 25 pages are reached, I will need 20 more articles of 400 words each on various subjects.
Must be able to create SEO friendly text from the keyword you will be given to build each page on.

I need workers, are to satisfy me, you need to be able to produce good original content without any spelling or grammar errors…

I need someone that is also capable of developping wordpress blogs and adding in it the content created without any help needed.
I might also need some product entry into sites database (from the admin area) or some html editing using Dreamweaver and an FTP client, some forum or blog posting …

If you work good, i promis a monthly salary as my assistant for a stable job all year long.

Please give me now a price for :
25 pages of high quality UNIQUE and ORIGINAL content on Timeshare resorts (500 words per page in correct english)
20 articles (400 words on various subjects)



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Bulk Content Writer $1/500 Words

Bulk seo article writing needed , each day almost 8-10 articles.
paying $1/500 word

bid with samples
must be high quality and understand seo.

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Content Writer Or Presentation Preparation

Hi I am looking for a content writer with market research skills.

I have some products for which i want to prepare some ppt presentation. I will give an sample document and by looking into that with the same format you need to prepare the remaining.

I need it to be done in 3 days.

So guys respond me asap.

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My company is looking for a full time article / content writer.

You will need to have the following skills:

Academic Writing
Article Rewriting
Technical Writing
SEO Writing
Marketing / Brand Writing for WebSites.

The company is looking for a writer to employ on a FULL TIME basis. You will need to have excellent English writing skills and excellent research skills.

If you are just looking for part time positions please do not apply.

You will be required to cover varying subjects and will need to complete your work in a timely manner and meet deadlines. You will be paid on a monthly basis.

The company will be looking to pay you $200 – $350 per month depending on the quality of your work, the better the quality the higher the rate of monthly pay.

All articles / content will need to be an absolute minimum of 400 words. All Articles / Content should be original and properly researched and should be done in allocated time.

Serious bidders only.

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Content Writer Needed

I need high and great quality content for my website: 5 articles probably
about 1000 words each. General topic for these 5 articles is auto insurance in the US.
Each article will be devoted to specific aspect of auto insurance in the US.

Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and concise. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational American English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

Freelancer should:
Be able to do online research and write UNIQUE text
Have experience with content writing
Have experience with writing for keywords and SEO

My ideal budget is $10 per article.
Milestone payment only.

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I am Business Management and IT Researcher/Writer seeking some additional support with my workload over the next two months (minimum).

I am seeking highly skilled academic writers capable of working on a part-time basis and have access to academic/business/management research resources including ebooks, journals and reports. You must
possess graduate postgraduate experience and qualifications with knowledge across some of the key disciplines
listed below with good analytical skills; statistical analysis is highly desirable).

I am always busy throughout the year and so I am seeking to develop a more long-term relationship with 2-3 researchers/writers. I am in the position to provide regular work for reliable and skilled professionals.
The starting rate will be $1.50 per page (300 words per page). Strictly PLAGIARISM-FREE (all work will be processed by leading plagiarism software). There is potential to increase the rate for consistently high standards of work.



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Need US Based Content Writer Or Team For Regular Work

We already have 4 Content writing teams and all our writers still busy with our current projects. We are looking two more writers or Professional Content writing team for our company.

1.Professional Writing skill : Articles,PR,Blogpost,Blog reviews
2.Ontime Delivery : We need contents on time, no excuse
3.Quality & Standard : We need Unique well written CS passed quality contents only
4.Payment : Weekly,Monthly payout via paypal,Moneybookers., Escrow

Every month We need approx 200 Articles,100PR,100BR,BP a from a team. so please place your bids accordingly

Expected Price & Delivery Time :
1.400 Words Unique Article
2.450 Words PR
3.250 Words Blogpost
4.300 Words Blogpost
5.Sample Content
6, How many contents you will provide per day ? whats the approx delivery time ?

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Want A Content Writer For Writing My Website’s Content.


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Want a content writer for writing my websites content.  

Want a content writer for writing my websites content. is project number 940371
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/07/2011 at 2:18 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/12/2011 at 2:18 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



I want an honest content writer to write content for my website. I HATE COPY PASTING THE CONTENT FROM OTHER WEBSITES.

I sell products and keep on adding products to the website. So, he will have to write content for each product that I add to my website for selling.

He should be GOOD at writing the content.

If interested, please send me a message with your proposal including the amount you will charge me.

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Business Content Writer Needed

We are looking for an experienced business writer with the ability to re-write existing articles clearly.

We are looking for someone who will work with us long-term. Current project is a TRIAL – we want to see whether you will be able to accomplish what we want, in which case we would like to establish a long-term relationship. We are not looking for the cheapest bidder – we are looking for the writer who can provide us with the best quality articles and content.


– Native English Speaker
– Experience in content writing in ENGLISH
– Availability and flexibility to work on urgent projects if necessary
– Need to be ready to provide 1 article per day (about 1,000 words)
– Please submit example of work – ie business writing

For this project please bid on the price for rewriting 3 articles. You will be given 3 articles which you would have to re-write with completely different words and rearranging ideas around. Overall the broad ideas would remain the same but they would have to look completely different from the original.

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Web Content Writer Needed ASAP

We need a web content writer who have large experience in writing for websites. The job consists in writing some parts for our our new website.
Please bid only if you are professional writer and can start tonight.
I will provide with more details when choosing the suitable writer.
the non-negotibale payment is 15$

A sample of your previous work with your CV is a must or your application will be rejected, we retain all rights and ownership. The content you deliver must be completely original and adhere to all copyright laws. Submitting articles for this project that you have already
submitted somewhere else or submitting these articles to another buyer in the future is
simply not acceptable.

Good luck.

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I am looking for a skilled person to work for me on a full time basis.

You will need to have the above skills in order to participate in this project. You will need to have a good grasp of the english language and exellent writing skills.

You must be able to tackle a variety of different subjects as my markets will vary, thus I need you to be very good at research as well.

This is for a full-time position. If you are looking for part-time work please do not bid on this project. If you

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Fashion, Beauty, Health Content Writer

I need 200 articles related to Fashion, Womens Beauty, Health, Fashion designers, Bollywood & Hollywood etc: 500 words.

I expect 5-8 unique/high quality articles a day. If this first phase of project is done successfully I will give you to write about 500 articles per month on variety of subjects.

These are 200 in total. You must have knowlegde of keyword usage and it is very important to use it "AS IT IS". Hence , please signify "I understand keyword" in your bid.

The keyword density should be 2% which means you must use these keywords in the article minimum 8-10 times.

The article should be based on Fashion, Womens Beauty, Health, Fashion designers, Bollywood & Hollywood and should be written as knowledgebase for the visitor with authentic information. Example: Indian fashion designer JJ Valaya. See example of nicely written article at the link:

Please send me small 100 words para on Ritu Kumar or Donna Karan fashion designer or "Be Your Sensual Best In Indian Dress" (they keyword is Indian dress) so I will understand your familiarity with subject and write up requirement.

The articles must pass copyscape…
Any violation of the above guidelines will lead to cancellation of the project.
I will own 100% rights to the articles once you have sent them to me.
If there are changes that I need, you must agree to alter it.
I am easy to work with, provided to follow the guidelines in one go itself. Creates less problems for the both of us.

Payment can be made via this system, directly thru Paypal or through our Indian Corporate account in Rupees if you are based in India.
I am willing to pay $2-3 per article depending upon the quality of sample submitted. Since this is on going and large project which requires multiple writers, we will not go beyond this budget.

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Article Writer

Iam looking for Article writers for my upcoming projects, Article should be 500 words.
Writers should be good in English knowledge, grammer, and content writer.

Please let me know your bid


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Website Content Writer Needed

Im looking for a content writer with previous experience in writing content for a charity website.

The project needs to be started ASAP and will need content on a ongoing basis after the project is completed

Domain :

You will do the followings:
1. Homepage has various little pieces
2. About us (1 article)
3. Projects – (3 excerpts + 3 articles)
4. Donate – (1 article)
5. Blog – (3 articles)

The Price will play its role when selecting the suitable candidate and the max bid will be 30$.

We retain all rights and ownership. The content you deliver must be completely original and
adhere to all copyright laws. Submitting content for this project that you have already
submitted somewhere else or submitting these contents to another buyer in the future is
simply not accepted.

Lucky bidding

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French Content Writer


We are a french compagny and we search a french writer content for many articles, about 100 to 500 words each.

We want only unique articles, no copy.

Please contact us if you are interested, with your prices please.

Thank you.

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Corporate Presentation Content Writer/rewriter Needed

We need a good corporate writer to re-write information for a 15 minute business presentation.

We will require:

* Have correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling

* Articles submitted .doc format

* Able to revise pages until presentation is complete

* You agree that upon payment, all rights to the rewritten content transfer to us. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use the content in any manner, both online and offline.

A word doc with the content will be sent to the winning bidder.

We prefer Native English speaking writers.

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SEO Content Writer

Looking for Individual (Company / Team please excuse) for long term SEO content writing work. Excellent English and understanding of SEO is must. Preferred to have some idea on software development .

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Web Content Writer Needed

We are currently looking for an experienced Home Based English Writer to develop web content related to marketing mathematics workbooks/worksheets designed to foster academic excellence, increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

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Content Writer

I need content for areas of my website.

Example, I need content for: What is a logo design?

I also have other areas, the above is just an example. I dont want any copy and paste from other sites either. Obviously, some content with facts will be the same as other sites, so thats not an issue, but I dont want to get into any legal issues with anyones content.

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Content Writer

I have veriouse article ranging from 500 words to 1000 words. Each article will be paid on the # of words. like a 500 word article will be paid $5 and a 1000 word article will be paid $10, or some Personal DIY Tips! for 2$ per 150 words
The article that will be written have topics like:

I Interviewed at Oracle
How I Got a Job with Aetna
How I Got a Job with the FBI
What Its Like to Work at Kaiser Permanente

There are plenty of articles to do in the topics interviewed and what its like to work at, some like confessions of a taxidermist and other ocuppations.

I need some one that can follow guidelines, with the article being perfect in Grammer and has few errors for editing. Anything that has a grammer score of 70% or less will not be accepted. If articles are accepted the first time then payment might be more. I am also looking for someone that knows how to write for Demand Studios. All of the article will be in how to formats like ehow and man made……. ALL ARTICLES MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and GRAMMARLY. If you cant provide 100% original article then please dont apply I dont have time for time wasters. This could be a long term project for the right person.

I need someone that can have work turned in with in 24-48 hours after the article topic has been assigned. I also need someone that can do anywhere from 3-5 articles a day. As well as someone that can correct there own mistakes.

If Articles are not turned in with in 24-48 hours after assigning. you will no longer work.

I do not want time waisters, I have to have these articles perfect. If you cant have 70% of the grammar correct then please dont apply.

Articles will not be paid till they are approved.

Happy Bidding.

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Content Writer Needed (reopen)

Need a reliable and creative content writer for a network of travel related sites. You need to have some basic SEO knowledge (keyword density etc); blogging and press release experience is a plus. Ideally, Id like to be working with a Native American/English at the rate of $0.01/word. Original work only – will check with Copyscape. Bid with a sample of your work – will not consider a bid with no samples!

Please bid on a set of articles and blog reviews with a combined length of about 3,500 words.

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Article / Content Writer Needed

I own several local websites that offer various local products and services.
I am looking for a person that will create content for those sites i.e write about various products or services we offer.
for example: a plumber site will have a page about 24 hours emergency plumbing services, the article or content should talk about that service and sell the visitor on how our company is better than all others in the local area etc. etc.

Very important:
* Each "article" or content page should have at least 300 words.
* each article /content page should be ORIGINAL and pass copyscape.
* Must have good, solid, knowledgeable articles that will sell the service or products and make the visitor take action.

Please note:
I will consider bids ONLY if you will show me recent work youve done. You must have very strong command of english as well.

Lastly, there are 10 sites in total with over 100 pages of content to create over a 4 week period.

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