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10 Short Articles Needed

We need 10 short (250 word) articles on various topics.

Who we are looking for:

Someone who can write interesting articles that make sense, that are grammatically correct (using proper English) and can pass through plagiarism checkers. You will be required to do some research on the topics we send you. "Spun" articles will not be accepted.

Article due date: 1 day from close of project

We pay higher than most, which means we expect high quality work. This opportunity will be a good source of continuous income for the right person!

A sample of your writing ability is required. Please PM me 100 words on why you love blueberry pancakes.

Happy bidding!

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75 Articles Needed

We need 75 short (250 word) articles written on 4 topics.

Who we are looking for:

Someone who can write interesting articles that make sense, that are grammatically correct (using proper English) and can pass through plagiarism checkers. You will be required to do some research on the topics we send you. "Spun" articles will not be accepted.

Article due date: 7 days from close of project

We pay higher than most, which means we expect high quality work. This opportunity will be a good source of continuous income for the right person!

A sample of your writing ability is required. Please PM me 100 words on why three legged dogs make the best pets.

Happy bidding!

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10 Original 500 Words Articles Needed

I need an excellent article writer to do research initially and then write 10 articles
You will have to write articles as per the topics assigned and the keywords.

The article written should be well researched and written in great English, no grammatical errors accepted.
100% original and must pass Copyscape test
you will have to write excellent 500 words article as per the articles topic, no fluffing or meaningless long sentences. The articles should portray the aesthetics of writer.

Great internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy paste writing, will be checked)
you should be punctual and following the deadlines.
You will need to provide your previous work as sample

If you prove your skills, rest shall be explained later.

Note: Payment through GAF only.


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SEO Articles Needed.

We need 20 articles on topics related to jogging, running… Exact keywords will be provided.

– Each article must be unique and easy to read,
– Should be written in English. No grammar, punctuation errors,
– The requested length of articles is minimum 500 words,
– You must completed within 7 days,
– All rights to the articles transfer to Us. This means you will not sell or re-use these articles in any manner,
– We can pay only via PayPal.

We pay $30 for all 20 articles.

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16 Articles Needed

I need 16 articles for my subject 500 words each (subject will be sent in private message). I will pay $2 for each article, totally – $32

– All content must be written in English. The content will need to be concise and to the point.
– Each article has to be minimum of 500 words
– All work must be 100% original and pass Copyscape and Plagiarism Detect.
– The article title and description must contain the keyword and should be interesting.

However i will not pay if:
– Any articles that do not pass Copyscape
– If an article is submitted to me was copied or has spelling and punctuation mistakes it will be refused, I will not pay for that article until it is corrected and resubmitted to me for approval.

I will not be able to pay if all requirements in this listing arent met, so please dont bid if you cant meet these requirements. Please indicate the number of articles you can write in a day.

NOTICE: I will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any any way for any reason (including resell, reuse, re-write or give away).
You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me.
Please send me an email stating that you have read and understand each requirement.

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10 Articles Needed To Be Done

Need 10 articles on various topics. Keywords will be provided.

If you are willing to take up the project, you must write a sample article for me tot test. I will provide the keyword for that. It will be tested for grammar, spelling and the quality of the content.

*Each article must pass copyscape
*Content must be well researched and informative
*Must have no grammar, punctuation errors. Also no typos.
*Must be completed within 7 days after awarding the project
*Only pay once I receive the articles, No milestone payments.
*You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights to the articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any manner.

Quote me your price for 100 words when you are bidding. Bids which are more than 0.4/100 words wont be entertained.

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42 300 Word Articles Needed

42 300 word articles needed

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Articles Writers Needed – Pick Your Own Articles With CMS

We are a growing company that is in need of writers. To start with, the prices will be a bit low. However, as you write and as we grow, the prices will increase. I have a system that allows the writers to go in and choose their keywords a bit like Demand Studios. The writers have their own login information.

This opportunity is for everyone even beginners. Whether you enjoy writing as a hobby or you would like to do it as a job, youre invited to be on our team. We have tons of work and you will never see the end of it.

I will help you with anything pertaining to writing that you need and enjoy working side by side with my writing team. I am also a fulltime freelance writer, so I know the type of work it takes.

In order to work on our team, you need to:

1. Have good English grammar
2. Be able to meet deadlines
3. Be able to do at least between 5-10 articles a day (excluding the weekend. If you want to work the weekend with me, that is up to you.)

We understand if problems come up and you are not able to put in 5-10 articles on a certain day. Everyone has problems from time to time no one is perfect. I can, however, tell whether or not you are trying.

The price for a 500 word article is a dollar. It will never be below 1.00, but could be below.

I have a system where you will constantly find your work posted. Ill introduce that to you when you join the team.

**PAYMENT I pay every week on Friday.

**BONUS** We even have bonuss that we give from time to time like if you do 30 articles in 1 week and the bonus is up and running that week, you automatically get an extra ten dollars to your payment.

We also get in UAWS, which consists of 1 original + 2 rewrites. We will go over those when you bid.

Afterwards, I have a small site I have put together with tips, information and advice for my writers .

I look forward to talking with every one of you and urge you to put in your bids.

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$1 For 500 Words – 30 Articles Needed


I need 30 articles with around 500 words each. I will pay $1 for one 500 words article.
So, in total you will get $30.

The articles should be about some technical gadgets reviews.

There is no need to completely write something new. Research the web and you
can find and rewrite an existing review BUT completely in your own words, so
articles MUST be completely unique and in perfect english as I dont want
to loose time to check and correct words/sentences.

Please only bid when you are willing to write for the conditions mentioned above.

I also need to see some samples you wrote.

Please write "understood" in your pm.

Thanks and regards

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65 SEO Articles Needed

hello, this project has two parts, please read carefully.
#1#I have 4 keywords about Coupons, each keyword needs
10 articles(300 words)for link wheel spokes, and 4 articles (600 words) for my money sites.

#2#another 3 keywords are about Learning music and instruments, each keyword needs 7 articles for link wheel spokes(300words).

**All articles have to be:keyword rich, easy and interesting to read, must be unique content
** Ill pay $0.2/100words,and Ill owe the copyright to these articles.
* Maybe Ill chose more than 1 winner for this project.
*Will need sample articles that apply good SEO principles from bidders.
Happy Biding~~

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10 Articles Needed For New Website


I need an expert writer preferably native speaking, to write 10 quality articles for a new website.

Your article writing must be impeccable and of high quality standard, with no mistakes in grammar and spellings.

Articles will be for the blog on the site,

The website will be disclosed to the winning writer, with topic suggestions

You must show me sample articles you written before.

Articles will be roughly 450-500 words

Only freelancers with positive feedback will be considered…

Budget is $3 per article total $30

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Native Writers Needed. Long Term Work $1.5/articles..

Once again I am looking for more writers to join my team.

– English should be your first language.
– I am willing to pay $ 1.5 per 450-550 words article
– Articles should pass copyscape and should be error free.
– I am looking for writers who can submit work on time.
– I will select more than one writer.
– Any team of writers can bid only if they are sure about the quality and only if they can meet deadlines.
– You should be available on messenger or via em.ail.
– Please attach a sample of your work. Ezine links will also do.
– Only serious service providers please.
– Those whose life is full of uncertainties should not bid i.e. If you have regular power cut or your pc gets virus every now and than or have any other such excuses should not bid. I mentioned this only because i am already working with many writers and I have seen few writers who gives such excuse if they cant meet deadline.

– So if you are professional enough and serious about your work you are most welcome to my team, I have lots and lots of work for you.
– Monthly articles needed is 1000+
– Please start your bid with "Article Writer" so that i can know you read the requirements completely.

Happy bidding.

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Health Articles Needed – $3/400 Words

1. We are in need of 10 Health articles.
2. The maximum time frame is 1 Week.
3. Preference would be given to native English speakers.
4. No excuses for plagiarism. Each article will be checked through multiple plagiarism checkers. Also content spinning or article rewriting software should not be used.
5. Writers should maintain good communication throughout the project.
6. Once we get the articles from you the copyright and ownership of the article completely belongs to us.

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$1.5 Per 800 Words – 20 Articles Needed Now

our company has lots some articles to be written. Each article should be 800 words at $1.5 per article. Bid $30 for 20 topics please.


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Articles Needed Fast…. Start Now……

S | Reviews

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Articles Needed Fast…. Start Now……  

Articles Needed Fast…. Start Now…… is project number 956101
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/19/2011 at 15:08 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/24/2011 at 15:08 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



If youre the one who loves writing and continuous work load – this is your project.

Required Skills !

1) Grammatically correct articles that flow.
2) The Writer must be able to write on any niche or products reviews (important)
3) Articles must be SEO friendly
4) Each and every article should be unique and MUST PASS COPYSCAPE
5) All articles must be written in English
6) 100% manually written
7) Articles will be 400-500 words each depending on the requirements
8) I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you. (you may not reuse them!)
9) We want the delivery on time , i dont wanna hear excuses
10) Any work that is poorly done, or didnt pass the COPYSCAPE, will not be paid and project would be canceled.

Total Number of articles: 20-30/week
Word count: 400-500 words each
Price per article: $1.75 (US)
Payment Mode: PayPal

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Articles Needed

I am looking for 50 SEO riched articles to be completed within the next few weeks. Each article must be 450-500 words long. All the articles are hair loss and hair care related.

Here are some of my requirements:

All articles must be genuine and TOP Quality, well written in good grammatical English. The language should be fun, engaging, informative and easy-to-read. Articles must be 100% original. Copied content or content which violates copyright laws wont be accepted. All articles will be checked using Google Alert and Copyscape.

Only those who can write well in English need apply. The work should be FREE OF ERRORS, no grammar or punctuation mistakes, no sentence fragments and no spelling errors. Native English speakers will be given preference.

Any work that is poorly done, will not be paid and project would be canceled.

You are a ghostwriter and cannot show the articles as samples or publish them with your name anywhere. All rights will be transferred to us and will not be claimed as your work.

Please remember, that you may not recycle or resell the articles at any time after getting paid. You are also not allowed to submit the articles to article submission sites or use them for your own or your clients personal or commercial use.

Please attach samples of work when placing a bid. Samples of earlier work are a must, all bids without samples will not be considered.

Thanks and Regards!

PS: You are required to post them directly to our article directory and have them inter-linked to other posted articles on website. You also need to have Skype and equipped to talk.

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Articles Writers Needed For Daily Submission; Weekly Payment

Article writers are needed for daily work.

Rate is $0.2 per 100 words.

If you show commitment and your work is qualitative, there is room for the rate to increase.

All you have to do is visit this page

and claim a task.
Payment will be made via GAF or Paypal.

Note that the task are to be submitted within 24 hours or it will expire.

At the link you will find available keywords. claim as many as you can complete within 24hours. Send the task and once the task is approved, you get paid.

Pls note that I will not do any escrow.

Payments for task completed and approved within the week will be paid on Sunday.

NOTE: You can claim as much keywords as you want but they expire in 24 hours after claim.
Check link for new keywords daily.


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20 Articles Needed – 400-600 Words Ea. – $5 Per Article

I am looking to hire a highly experienced writer to write a total of 20 original articles. These articles need to be about web hosting–how to find a web host, different platforms, including reviews. These are the five specific hosting companies:

1. Inmotion Hosting
2. Justhost
3. FatCow
4. Bluehost
5. Host Gator

I want 2 articles specifically about each host. Here are some topic suggestions:

1. Inmotion- a review with emphasis on their excellent customer service
2. Inmotion Hosting goes "green"
3. Justhost- review with emphasis on the benefits of cPanel as an admin tool
4. Justhost- review with empahasis on unlimited web space
5. Fatcow-review with emphasis on their being "green"
6. Fatcow- review with emphasis on vDeck control panel
7. Bluehost-review
8. Bluehost-review with emphasis on founder of company, Matt Heaton
9. Host Gator-review
10.Host Gator-review with emphasis on their broad range of hosting services

Here are some ideas for the final 10 articles.

1. What is web hosting
2. What to look for in a good host
3. Web hosting goes green
4. What is cPanel
5. cPanel vs. vDeck
6. 99.9% Uptime
7. Shared hosting vs. VPS hosting vs. dedicated hosting
8. Importance of technical service and support
9. Why you should always go with Linux
10. Good pricing

I will end the bidding early – when I find right freelancer.

These articles should be for the laymen. Professional, and well written but not scholarly…

You must be a native American/English speaker and be familiar and comfortable with these topics. All articles must be 400-600 words.

All work will be unique and must pass copyscape. Articles will need to be written with excellent grammar, punctuation and spelling. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment.

I will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away these articles.

*** please do not reply if you dont have perfect grammar as I am under a deadline and dont have time to edit.
*** Keyword density should be at 2-3 percent (keywords provided upon hire)
*** Absolutely NO article spinning.
*** No article should be copied. Will be approved only if they are copyscape complaint.
*** We will not pay until copyscape approves the articles, we will just check your article using copyscape and if no similar article is found it is approved.
*** Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be completely correct.

Please PM with at least 3 samples, minimum. Samples and articles will be checked with Copyscape. To be considered for this job, samples must be specific to the above mentioned topics.

A combination of the lowest bid and best samples will be chosen. Weighing heavily on the BEST SAMPLES!

If you are not qualified to write on these topics, please do not submit a bid.

**Please put "I am a Native English speaker" in your bids to be considered.

Thank you for your time and bids!

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5 Articles Needed (Review)

Hello everyone!
I need 5 articles 500 words each. Toipc is software and article is suggested to have a review-like form. Keywords will be provided to winner.

– Articles should be written in clear and correct English, and must have no grammar, punctuation or any else errors.

– Content must be well researched and informative

– Each article must be original and unique and all rights to the articles will be given to us

– Must be completed within 2 days after awarding the project

$Payment will be sent right after We receive articles, No milestone payments.

I suggest price of $1/500 words – Your offers will be also discussed.

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5 Original Articles Needed

I need 5 original articles written around the topic "photographic memory

The articles need to be approx 500 words, thoroughly researched, very good English, SEO optimized and well set out, pass copyscape.

Each article is to be about the following 5 keywords:

photographic memory
eidetic memory
how to improve memory
improving memory
brain gym

Please only apply if you are confident of doing a great job as I am looking for a full time article writer.

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Proofreaders From Past,Proofread 20 Articles UK/USA Writers

I have invited some past Past proofreaders from an old job have here to this job.

The job got Postponed due to some issues….and is Now back on.

This is a proofreading job which was put up last year "Proofread 20 articles for us -UK or US English speaker"
but had been paused do to some unexpected circumstances.

I am inviting some bidders from that job to this job, who did samples for me. (proofreaders).

If anybody else bids this is just for a proofreading job, but This job is really for the old proofreaders.

I am looking for many workers for this job.

NOTE- INVITED PROOFREADERS: This job is mainly for the Past proofreaders I have invited on this job.
NOTE- The proofread job will be similar to that Sample you did!


Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

10 Articles Needed ASAP


I am looking for a professional writer to write me 10 articles asap!


*Absolutely NO article spinning. All articles will be checked with Copyscape.
*Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be completely correct.
*Keyword density should be at 2-3 percent(keywords provided upon hire)
*I retain 100% exclusive rights to the articles. You agree not to reuse or redistribute article content for any other purpose.

I will provide you the topics and the keyword for each topic.

Article only needs to be between 350 – 450 words.
Real easy!

Job needs to completed within 2 days!

Please dont apply if you cant deliver on time.
If all goes well there will be more work for full time.

Please repsond and apply with your bid per article and when you can deliver.

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Caribbean Travel Blog 50 Articles Needed!

I need 50 articles for an online Caribbean travel guide of about 350 – 500 words each on various travel keywords that I will provide.

Here is some topics :
– Travel
– Recreation & Adventures
– Beaches
– Dining
– Off the Beaten Track
– Romance

The content needs to be original and all articles will be systematically tested with copyscape and dupe free and any element which does not pass these tests will be rejected with no payment issued for such an article.

Articles will be in our full ownership upon receipt of payment. Work can not be reused by you in any way, rights will be reserved to me.

Quality and uniqueness of each article are most important to us.

Im offering $100 for 50 articles. Min. 15 Articles per week. Payment on weekly basis via WireTransfer/ Paypal.

Must be thorough in the English language.

Looking forward to our future collaboration.

Thank you for reading and bidding.

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25 SEO Articles Needed In 3 Days


I need 25 x 750 word articles written. Paying $1.5 per article.
Deadline: 3 Days
Bids of $30 will be accepted only.
You have to your own research in the related keyword.

Here are the details (Do NOT bid unless you have read these guidelines):

– The deadline for these articles is 3 days.
– The articles must be 100% unique and will be checked. I use to check it
– The articles must be written with 1%-3% keyword density (I will provide the keywords)
– You must NOT use software to write the articles, they must be written by a human.
– You must be familiar with copywriting/Internet Marketing as the articles must be persuasive.
– No milestone otherwise I will be paying for each 20 aticles you send.

Please attach one of your sample and show me your writing skill.

Writer will continue for next project, if everything go smooth and on time.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

$2 Per 500 Word Articles Needed ASAP

500 word articles needed ASAP

*****$2 per article*****
*****NO ESCROW*****
***************Payment only done when project is completed**********************

IF this project goes well you will be employed full time. As many articles as you can take.
Must pass copyscape 100%
Perfect English
Perfect Grammar and spelling
24-30 hour turn around time.

If you cannot provide this then do not bid as i will give you a worst feedback.
I needed persons now so do not hesitate to bid if you think you can do the job.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

20 Unique Articles Needed

Long-Term SEO Article Writer needed

we need affordable price for these articles.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

30 Articles Needed, Filipino Writers Only (12 Feb)

I am looking for the talented Filipino writer for 30 articles on different topics.

400-500 word each

All articles should be Copyscape free and in correct grammar.

I will pay $45 for the lot. Only serious writers are invited to bid. No timepass

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

30 Articles Needed (12 Feb)

I need 30 articles on different topics.

400-500 word each

All articles should be Copyscape free and in correct grammar.

I will pay $45 for the lot. Only serious writers are invited to bid. No timepass

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Writers Required. 300 – Word Articles Needed.

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Articles Needed On A Weekly Basis

Okay, bid amount has been increased

I need 24 articles for $48
— that is $2 per article

At least 300-500 words
— not asking for much

Easy contents
— articles are about popular topics

Each article to have 5 key phrases
— I will provide each 5 keywords per article

Delivery timing
— I will need at least 4 articles by this Sunday

Bid amount is $48
— I will escrow right away

Qualify contents
— articles should be readable

Professionals only
— Im looking for long-term / even weekly requests

I will provide topics via PMB
— after seeing topics and agree, then you can be selected

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Articles Needed 24 For USD30


I need 24 articles for $30
— that is $1.25 per article

At least 300-500 words
— not asking for much

Easy contents
— articles are about popular topics

Each article to have 5 key phrases
— I will provide each 5 keywords per article

Delivery timing
— I will need at least 4 articles by this Sunday

Bid amount is $30
— I will escrow right away

Qualify contents
— articles should be readable

Professionals only
— Im looking for long-term / even weekly requests

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

150 Word Articles (100 Needed)

I require another writer to join my team.

This project is for 100 articles of 150 words each.

Each article must have a keyword mentioned in the first three sentences.

Each article must be given a title.

Each article must be unique and pass a human editor.

This is for Build My Rank… if you have experience then this is all for the best.

i will require all who bid to write a sample for me… The winner will have this taken off from the full amount, leaving 99 to write.

I have not had an article fail to be cleared yet, but if one does fail, then i will expect you to write TWO in its place!!

I pay at 25 articles written, 50 articles written, and then the full amount.

I prefer a writer who can commit to 50 of these small articles a week… however i am flexible, as long as i know up front how many you can write.

The budget for this is $35.00, thats 0.35 cents an article… Please dont waste either mine or your own time bidding more… of course lower bids can be entertained!

This has the potential to carry on beyond this initial project length.

Good luck, and happy bidding!!

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90 English Articles Needed.


We are in need of at least 3 excellent writers who can write at least 5 articles daily.

We need easy travel related articles.

400 words each.

Willing to pay around $2 per article.

All article must be original. grammatical correct, must pass copyscape.

Thank you for bidding.


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