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Urgent Writers Needed

We are a growing company that is in need of writers. Right now, the prices are a bit low and I will admit this, but it is great for those who enjoy writing and would like to earn some money. If you are a beginner, then we accept beginners. As we grow, the clients should start paying more and you will be rewarded with some high paying projects. I will assist you with anything pertaining to writing that you will need and enjoy working side by side with my writing team. I am also a fulltime freelance writer, so I know the type of work it takes. I expect good grammar and your work to be in by the deadline. Sure, if family issues come up, then I understand

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Hello Bidders.

I am looking to sell some domains i have, some might be worth a good money.

I am willing to share 40% of the earnings when deal is done.

I might need some advice or help to know the process of selling them.

You can get me a client or sell them on your own anyway you like it… i just want to sell them but not for pennies 🙂

Domain names on PMB.

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