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Hacker Needed

I am looking for a talented hacker. I will provide the info on PM.

If you are good hacker with a track record, get back to me.

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Good Writers Needed…..No Time Wasters

Need some good and reliable writers. Payment will be $0.6 per 100 words means $6 per 1000 words. So for 300 words it will be $1.8, for 500 words it will be $3, like this and so on. I am an extremely strict follower of deadline. So if you cant produce good articles within time then I will advice to keep yourself away from this project as your work will be rejected.
Payment after every 10 days. We need at least 8 articles of 300 words per day.
If you have any problem with any condition of this project then do not bid.
I will not make milestone payment or will pay after 1 or 2 order. Payment will be fixed.

Bid $144. Bid over $150 will be ignored.

I repeat I will not pay milestone or will not pay after 1 or 2 order. Every thing is very much fixed. So if you think otherwise then no need to bid.

If you will bid $30 or $50 that means you will work 1 week for that amount. But I am repeating again I need 8 articles of 300 words per day.

Bid accordingly. Thanks and good luck.

02/16/2011 at 17:49 EST:

I need keyword related articles and with good and proper english. Some times it can be rewrite also. Depends on the time and conditions. But one thing, they are easy work for those who can write good english.

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Good Writer Needed. Natives Or Kenyans Welcome

I need 2 good writers…payment is $1.50 per 500 words.

I have a constant need for articles written. I will keep the chosen writers busy for 3months (As I have lots of work that needs to be done…)

MUST be able to write in PROPER English. All articles MUST pass copyscape. Payments are made weekly.
For a start, please bid $30


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Writers Required, Filipino Writers Preferred

I need spun articles based on given topics/keywords. The articles must be word and sentence level spun. This is a trial project which may lead to further work if the output is favorable. Further details are as follows:

1) Create a 450-word article based on the provided topic. You can make your own title.
2) Spin it on word and sentence level using the spintax form. There must be 100% uniqueness for sentence level spinning and 50% uniqueness on word level spinning.
3) Proofread for errors.
4) Submit the error-free, grammatically-correct article before the deadline.
5) You will receive the payment through GAF or Paypal, whichever you prefer, within 24 hours. Normally, it takes only a few hours for the payment to be done. If I like the article and see that it has been done well, I can even pay immediately.
6) Rate of payment is $3 per article set. Quote your price if youre confident that you can do this task perfectly.

You must be experienced in this field. Please provide samples in your bid. Write "I completely agree with your terms and conditions" in your bid, else I may not consider it. Following instructions is clearly important, as we all know. Thanks and looking forward to working with you.

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Good Writers Needed

I need some writers who can write articles, based on keywords at the rate 1.10 USD for 300 words. I need around 3-4 articles each day. This is urgent. Please bid as soon as possible. If someone can submit 20 articles each day, then I am willing to pay 1.20 USD for each. I will pay through GAF, and I will do it by selecting your bid. You must stay in constant communication, since the time you place the bid and your bid gets selected.

Here are the instructions for the articles.


Write an article of at least 300 words based on the keyword (I will give you)
The article must have true information on the topic. The article must be useful to the reader.
Use the keyword with a density of at least 1-2%. Please don

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Writers From India And Philippines Needed 3

I want an individual writer (no team of writers strictly, if I catch you have team of writers, I will terminate the project) who can work for me as a full time writer…

My rate is $0.25 per 100 words (FIXED), only bid if you can word under this criteria.

There are 2 positions available, I will hire 2 writers for each position, that is total 4 Full Time Writers


Number 1 position is for who can writer 2500 words daily

10 x 200 words article
01 x 500 words article
Total 2500 words daily


Number 2 position is for who can writer 5000 words daily

20 x 200 words article
02 x 500 words article


10 x 500 words article
Total 5000 words daily

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UAW Writers Needed Urgently…… Pay Fixed At $3 Per Set

Looking for quality writers with previous experience in UAW articles. MORE THAN ONE WRITER SHALL BE CHOSEN

Should have knowledge on what an UAW set requires.

Each UAW is of 1 original and 2 rewrites of the same all unique and Copyscape passed. NO PLAGIARISM

The pay is fixed at $3 per each UAW set .

The batch consists of 5UAW sets and deadline is Monday night.

Writers from Indian shall be given first preference.

If you think that you can do a quality job at this then feel free to give a sample of your work. No bids without samples shall be entertained.

Selection is going to be done on the basis of the quality of the attached samples after which you will be required to do one original and one rewrite to prove your worthiness. Further details shall be provided after you have been chosen for the trial. Please bid only $30 and include UNDERSTOOD in your bid to be considered.

Thanks Guys

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News Writers, Rewriters, Needed

News portal seeks very responsible writers.

Applicants must have excellent english.

Writers will be responsible for selecting, researching and writing 200+ word news stories (unbiased, factual accounts of current events and stories in the news). This is a general news site, so you will have a lot of leeway in picking out stories about US and world events.

Writers will also create a headline and set of keywords.

Knowledge of basic SEO and effective headline writing are required.

All writing must be original (except for properly attributed quoted material).

Stories, headline and keywords will be entered through WordPress, I can teach you how if you are not familiar with WordPress.

I can not over-emphasize that our writers must be very responsible individuals. You must be able to write and proofread your own work and submit the story with correct grammar and spelling. I am generous and supportive of my writers, but I expect respect and responsiblity in return.

The pay is $1 per story. You will be required to submit 3 good stories a day, five days a week. This is just for two weeks to start, but the goal is to establish a long term relationship. Please enter the correct bid amount for two weeks of writing.

There is also a bonus involved – and if you can select popular, traffic generating topics and write an attention grabbing headline – you can make a whole lot more money. Leave a private message for me requesting the details.

You will also receive credit for the story in the byline, great for writers trying to establish themselves.

Those that include an example of thier work on a previous news story will get the highest consideration.

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Writer Needed For Daily And Weekly Project 5

I want a writer or a team of writers who can handle this bulk project on a daily basis…

You an apply as a daily writer or weekly writer

1) For daily writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 5000 words daily
b) you have to work atleast 6 days a week

2) For weekly writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 200 x 500 words articles weekly
b) you have to submit atleast 20 x 500 words articles daily

My rate is $1.25 per 500 words (fixed)…

I pay daily through PayPal or GAF

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Writer Needed For Daily And Weekly Project 4

I want a writer or a team of writers who can handle this bulk project on a daily basis…

You an apply as a daily writer or weekly writer

1) For daily writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 5000 words daily
b) you have to work atleast 6 days a week

2) For weekly writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 200 x 500 words articles weekly
b) you have to submit atleast 20 x 500 words articles daily

My rate is $1.25 per 500 words (fixed)…

I pay daily through PayPal or GAF

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Writer Needed For Daily And Weekly Project 3

I want a writer or a team of writers who can handle this bulk project on a daily basis…

You an apply as a daily writer or weekly writer

1) For daily writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 5000 words daily
b) you have to work atleast 6 days a week

2) For weekly writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 200 x 500 words articles weekly
b) you have to submit atleast 20 x 500 words articles daily

My rate is $1.25 per 500 words (fixed)…

I pay daily through PayPal or GAF

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Good Writers Needed! From $ 0.25 For 100 Words

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Excellent Writers Needed. Long Term Opportunity.


Searching for long term quality article writers.!!

Writer must be able to provide 5+ articles per day.

All articles must be well-researched, copyscape pass and of high quality.

You must stick to deadlines, as deadlines missed 2 times will terminate the project.

No grammatical, typos or any other type of error should be in articles.

You must be able to follow and write according to guidelines.

Will pay 1.3$ in starting which can increase depending upon your work.

You will be asked to write a sample of 100-200 words to check quality of your work.

Start your bid with "Have read it".


Happy Bidding.!!

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Needed: Australian Product Promoters (Easy Work + Good Pay)

Must be located in Australia
Willing to receive inbound calls on your mobile phone.
Able to provide positive verbal reviews on products
Must have Australian accent.
Age: must be over 30.

Payment. You will be paid per positive review call. $50-$100 per call.

Job Description: Be available 8am-8pm for inbound callers. Calls can come in at any time and need to be answered. The caller will ask about your experience with a particular product. You will provide the recommendation. Calls leading to to sales earn more. Further details provided for interesting candidates.

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Blog Commenter Needed $50+/week

Hi, I am hiring a reliable, trustworthy and English fluent person to do blog commenting to increase backlinks to my websites.

You have to be able to work at least 4 days/week (at least 1-2 hours each day) to research blogs and post thoughtful comments for my given topics and keywords.

I will give you instructions on how to find blogs that meet my criteria, as well as tips one how to get comments approved (if you dont yet have experience with blog commenting).

Links from these comments (once approved) has to be visible using service such as (meaning no hidden javascript links that search engines can not see.)

I will only need a single link from each domain – if you comment ten times and get ten links from the same domain, it is counted as one – and you only get paid for one. (ex. all websites hosted on are counted as one).


To apply for this job you have to show your commitment and capability by successfully geting 5 test back-links following my guideline.

Please PM me for details (let me know you are interested to take the test or I will simply delete your bid without reading further – sorry, freelancer has too many fake bids and I have no way to filter them out).

You will be blog commenting and posting 5 backlinks to – so it is clear that I am not trying to take advantage of your free work, because I obviously dont own, nor do I work for, and google doesnt need blog commenting backlinks either.


Payment is based on performance, and is paid two weeks after each weeks approved links (to avoid situation when blog owners delete your comments because they look like spam). Pay per successful comment with active backlink is negotiable. For this project bid for 1 month work. (number of successful comments will be negotiated).

This is not a job for those who take shortcuts, it has to be real – dont just comment on blogs with nonsense, do add value when you comment – its by far the best way to get comments approved.

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Good Writers Needed….0.25$ Per 100 Words!!!

I need a number of writers who can write grammatically correct English.

Payment will be via
I will select multiple writers for this project.

My requirements are:
1. PM me how many articles you can write in a day.
2. Good English writing skills
3. No plagiarism will be tolerated
4. You must be able to meet deadlines. I will not tolerate generic excuses and require the work on time every single day.
5. Articles that fail to be submitted on deadline or that are poor in grammar will be rejected and not paid for.

Plz bid with a copy of your samples and previous works. If your articles are online, it will be appreciated if you give that as a sample.

Beginners are welcome to bid. Those who want a review to boost their profile will find this project helpful.

Everyone plz bid $30.

Looking forward to a nice working relation.
Kind Regards.

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Good Writers Needed

Need some very good writers who can work within deadline. I am willing to pay in the region of $2.1/article. i will take as many writers as possible. I have big projects in hand. This project will go 1 year. So if you want to work long term then this is the latest project for you. I will be happy to take fresher if they can produce grammar error free and copy free work. If you are thinking to just test yourself and to bid then please don

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Writers Needed: $1.5 For 300 Words Articles

I am looking for a writer to write me articles

1. Good Writing Skills

The writer would publish the articles on my website.

I need good writers.

Send me a sample of your work.

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Writers Needed To Rewrite Articles


We are looking for native English writers to rewrite 20 articles. Each paper is roughly 5,000 words.

All projects submitted must be of high quality and be capable of submission to anti-plagiarism screening (must pass copyscape).

We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our standards. Each article will be closely reviewed.

You will have no right to the article once the article is accepted. Copyright is ours.

We pay up to $3.50 per 500 words. Follow-up work available for the best writers.

Tell us for how many articles you are bidding. You must be able to start the job by November 20, 2010 and finish by December 5, 2010.


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Writers Needed (400-800 Words Articles)

We need native writer who can write articles, researched articles of about 400-800 words.

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Articles Rewrite ($0.5 Per 100 Words). Good Writers Needed!

Rewrite texts I provide so they pass copyscape and my duplicate checking internal tool.

$0.5 per 100 words. Rate may become higher for the next projects if you write really good texts.

I give you 5 texts. If they dont pass copyscape I dont pay for them.
If texts pass copyscape but dont pass my internal duplicate checking tool Ill pay you for the written texts but wont work with you for the whole project (about 100 texts per copywriter).

350-450 words per article + title (max 65 characters) + description (max 150 characters)
Each text should have at least 2 subheadings.

For each article I provide text and keyword.
Keyword should be used min. 2 times in the text (1st time in the 1st paragraph), 1 time in title, 1-2 times in description.

Im not the natural language speaker but some of your texts shall be given to proofreader. If she says that your texts have poor English or are stupid I shall not work with you again.

Please bid $32 so I could know that you have read this project description. I shall create more projects (one for each bundle of articles) for you if you need it.

Please dont bid if you cannot provide at least 10 texts per week.

No escrow.

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Australian Database Needed

Hi All

I need Australian Database and i am looking for the data if you have it ready

i will pay immediately after i got the data

Thank you

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10 Good Articles Needed Every Week

I need 40 articles of 550 to 600 words . 10 articles every week. only teams or individuals who are capable of handling such bulk work in the time line are requested to bid.

Requirements :

1. Articles should be as per my standard and great quality
2. Deadline and quality assured
3. should pass Copyscape premium
4. Perfection and dedication on work.
5. No errors or poor English or grammar

Writes who can handle this work can readily bid on my work and ahandle this work, Please bid.
happy to serve only serious bidders. !

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Full Time Writers Needed For Ongoing Project US Natives Pref

S | Reviews

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Full time writers needed for ongoing project US Natives pref  

Full time writers needed for ongoing project US Natives pref is project number 836551
posted at Click here to post your own project.

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Selected Providers:

Budget: $250-$750 USD

Created: 10/27/2010 at 19:03 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

11/01/2010 at 19:03 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (23 reviews)



I need people who would write multiple short articles of 50 words each on home appliances. You must have a perfect english with minimal or no errors.
There is a weekly quota of 400 articles of 50 words each. The writing is easy for someone who understand SEO and can easily write unique content around provided keywords. Pay is .005 per word. providers are expected to meet deadlines.
We hope to pay around $400 per month if all deliverables are met.

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Very Good Proofreader Needed

I need a very good proofreader to work with me on an ongoing basis. You need to have a nose for wrong english no matter how small it is. I also need someone who has a lot of free time. I pay between 30 and 50 cents per proofread article of 500 words.
Please bid in agreement.

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Native Writers Needed To Join Writing Team (Native Only)

We need native writer who can write articles, researched articles of about 500 words.

· Native Writers are welcome

· Unique content

· Copyscape premium passed

· Swift communication

· Professional Writers(freelancers)

We will pay at least $2.5/500 words.

Bid $30*

Post a sample on

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Good Writers Needed For HUGE Potential Partnership Project

Hello Freelancer,

I am looking for a partner for a HUGE potential JV project (joint venture aka partnership) project.

What we are combining :

Your writing skills and my marketing/researching skills.

I can make money, guaranteed. my most recent projects involves writing 5 articles in 30 minutes, making a sales page in 30 minutes, and I made 800 dollars over the course of a month or two for THAT project alone.

Article marketing is so powerful because articles last for YEARS. That means one article will keep making you money. The key is WRITING and RESEARCHING and making the SALES PAGE correct.

I already know how to do all 3, and Im about to teach you how to do the writing part!

Why? I do not have time to write articles every single day; therefore, I need you!

I will personally TEACH you how to write these articles, and I will provide you with ALL the research and links that you will be linking to.

ALL profits will be split 50 50, so LETS GET RICH!


1. You MUST


2. Have good communication
3. Be able to write pretty fast
4. Be able to learn things relatively fast

Initial requirement : You will need to provide 15 initial articles to start out with. Then, you can write as much as you want per day (ideally around 3-5)


READ CAREFULLY ***************************

1. Bid 30 dollars for this project.
2. Tell me about your writing experiences
3. Give me some sample writing from PAST (Dont write anything new)
4. I will give you a sample writing project.
5. Why you want to join in this partnership.

Looking forward to working with some of you and making money!

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WEB1 Project

Good writers needed for this big project.

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Writers Needed Urgently 2



I am in need of writers who can write 5 articles per day and send in files daily. The project information is sent to the email in the project begins email. Information is not posted in PM. I will not escrow, Paypal only. Bid not considered if this is requested. I can provide proof that I always pay.

Every article must pass copyscape and other plagiarism checkers.

Word count must be 500 unless otherwise specified. Lower word count articles are paid per 100 hundred words.

Paypal payments weekly. Payments are contingent with client acceptance and payments. No negotiations on terms or payment method.

Must be able to communicate by any IM software.

Rate: $2.00 if work is good and you are reliable. Late articles will be paid at $1.00

Corrections must be provided within 24 hours to qualify for payment. Correction refusal means the article is not accepted or paid.

SEO knowledge is a must. Do not apply if you dont know anything about keyword usage.

No negotiation on rate or terms.

Please bid only if you plan to do the work as I have plenty of work for the right candidates.

Also please bid on 15 articles to start with. Total $30 though this is ongoing work, a permanent writing position.

Please note, some rewrites will be required. The rate for rewrites ranges from $1.50 to $2.00 per rewrite depending on my rate.

Good luck.

Pro Writing Consultants

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