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Continuous Article Writing Projects

I will be needing someone with a vast array of knowledge or someone who is eager to just look up enough informative information about ANY topic of article I may ask for. Projects will be approximately 500 words or less per article and must be original content.
I prefer to see writing samples if you have them available and am also looking for someone to work with for quite a while. We will start with just 6 articles and if the both of us can work together and I like your work then hopefully we can make our partnership last.

What you are bidding on is: writing 6 articles of my choice topics each with about 500 words or less full of plenty of information for readers.

Thank you.

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Article Writing From Videos

Hi Freelancers,

Im looking to outsource a writing job which includes writing of 60 articles.

We will provide you with access to a User Interface where you can find 15 minute long videos about real estate investing and other similar sort of niches what we would like you to rewrite.

So let me break it down again –

1) Access the webportal
2) Start viewing videos
3) Write 40 articles based on the information you got from there
4) Write 20 articles of reviews about a person(The name we will give afterwards) and the article reviews must be based on the information you read and heard from the videos.

We are in the rush with the project so please dont bid if youre not sure if you can do this or not.

Kind regards,


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Article Writing For Corina

Hi Corina, please bid £100 we seem to be getting through these very fast!

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Article Writing

I need quality and long-term Filipino article writers/re-writers for a part time job.


== Articles should be at least 300 words, written in Excellent USA English with correct grammar & spelling used throughout, and pass Copyscape.

== knowledge on writing long-tail keyword optimized articles, which means knowing how to structure article and place keywords throughout it.

== good at research. I would provide you with keywords and expect you to use the internet and all of its resources for any research.

== Include some samples of your content or links to it.

== You agree that upon sending me articles all rights to the articles transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any way.

Article Writing: $ 0.50 per article
Article Rewriting: $ 0.40 per article

Required Tools:

Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Word

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Article Writing On Affiliate Marketing

I need somebody how knows how to write good articles. They must be experienced in this field, have excellent English and MUST have experience and knowledge with affiliate marketing. I need 5 great articles and 1 press release, i will pay $5 per/each so $30 total. Do not bid more than $30. They will be required to follow preliminary instructions and do some research on the topic to write the articles and PR. Each must be at least 300 words.

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Article Writing In Brazilian Portuguese

Ill speak in portuguese, so the person who has the skills can understand it well.

Somos uma empresa de tecnologia em São Paulo. Temos um ecommerce de produtos de tecnologia/informática com mais de 20mil produtos. Nosso ecommerce está bem posicionado no Google, porém queremos melhorar cada vez mais com o passar do tempo. O projeto agora é inicial, porém se tivermos sucesso com o escritor/escritores, isto pode se tornar em tempo integral e muito lucrativo para todos os envolvidos.

Precisamos de escritores que tenham no mínimo alguma experiência com este tipo de produto, e que tenham também conhecimento da língua inglesa, pois muitas vezes será necessário trabalhar com materiais sem referências em nossa língua. Alguns produtos são simples como o lançamento de um novo notebook que contém bastante material/brochuras do fabricante já em nossa língua, outros produtos são extremamente técnicos (produtos IBM por exemplo).

A idéia inicial é escrever um artigo principal e criar mais 4 "versões". Ou seja, finalizando em 5 artigos únicos sobre um determinado produto/assunto. Em torno de 500 palavras cada. O artigo deve possuir características de publicidade/marketing, enfatizando e promovendo o produto.

Vamos considerar este trabalho como um "teste". Serão 10 produtos, 5 artigos para cada. Totalizando 50 artigos com ~ 500 palavras. Dentre os 10 produtos, vamos pincelar 1 produto de cada categoria que temos, por exemplo: um notebook, um servidor, uma impressora caseira, uma impressora profissional (etc)… Para cada produto iremos fornecer o material que já possuímos. Estejam cientes que alguns produtos podem ter material precário e será necessário uma pequena pesquisa. (Google/fabricante sempre resolve).

Estamos propondo inicialmente a remuneração de 2 US$ por artigo.

Quem se interessar, favor entrar em contato.

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Article Writing And Publishing/posting

I need an article about my new product and need someone to publish it on the Internet in as many places as possible.

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Article Writing

We need someone who can write articles (basically review about products) in hisher own words .The articles should be orginal work and should not be a copied one. We need around 25 such articles for now. But if we like the work we have more such work for you. The articles can be small (around 250 or more words..) The best rate that we can offer for this initial work would be 50 cents per article. But if we like the work we can give you more such works in the future for a possible better rate.

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Article Writing

Hi Need some writter which submit me mimimum two articles per day and articles consist on 350+ words and i pay 0.70$ per article every week on freelancer. Thanks… Note i perfer lower bid.
Pak writters.

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Wordrpess, Article Writing, And Kompozer

People who are good at wordpress, have minor technical
knowledge, and can write well. I have a need for someone that can get work with WordPress, has knowledge of Domain, Hosting, and WordPress. I have all of the tools necessary. Just need someone to put 10 sites up per month per instuctions.

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Article Writing, Editing And Rewriting

For Anum as agreed

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We need articles about how to earn money in internet and health.If interested PM me.

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Article Writing

Hello there,

I have got 3 article work with word limit of "2000"…. I am seeking some one who has experience with professional style of writing of assignment who can do it on my behalf…. Strictly No plagiarism Turn-it-in proof…NO TIME WASTER plz

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Article Writing – Urgent Project


I need you to create 15 articles ( 250-300 words ).
Here is an example :
Basically you need to share an "experience" youve had with a company.

I will need 10 100% positive reviews and 5 positive reviews with one small negative thing added ( 2-3 days delay , no phone call return, etc ). I will send you the detailed instruction once we will start the task.

Thank you !

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Simple Article Writing

I am looking for quality writers to write articles on a regular basis. I will supply you with all of the articles to be rewritten as well as all keyword phrases.

Total of 35 articles (per writer hired) for this project.

In most of my projects I have little back and forth when setting up the project, so you can get started (and finished) with the project right away, as well as to give you no "surprises" that cause extra time while you work on the project.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the project.

Description of work involved:

Writer qualifications:
– Native English Speaking writer
– I am looking to hire 4-5 GOOD writers total
– Able to communicate at least 1 time per day via email or messenger

Article Description:
– All articles to be fresh articles, and sources to be found by the writer
– I will supply the keywords and keyword phrases
– Writing needs to be concise and to the point
– Articles are to be informative
– Articles are 100% family friendly content
– Articles are to be in text file format
– Articles are to have the first line as the title, the next line a blank space, then the complete article

Writing Description:
– Articles filled with random or fluff words meant to fill space will not be accepted
– Keywords are to be used in a normal and conversational way through the article
– Keyword / keyphrase to be in the article title, first sentence, and another 4-5 times in the article
– 100% correct grammar and punctuation to be used
Article Uniqueness:
– Any articles not passing this criteria will not be accepted
– 85% unique articles
– Articles will be will be checked with Copyscape, Plagarism Detect, and custom software to detect uniqueness, as well manual article reviews

Article Ownership Rights:
– All rights to the rewritten articles to pass to me and my organization. You do not have the right to sell, reproduce, or re-use these articles in any way.

Article Format:
– Please provide articles in separate files
– Word and Text formats are preferred. Other formats will be considered, please ask first.
– Articles may be joined together in ZIP or RAR format

– Payment will be for first 5 articles (to give feedback and ensure instructions are being followed), and at the completion of the project.
– $1.00 US per 400-600 word article
– To increase with reliability and writing skills
– Payment within 48 hours of completion
– When bidding please bid on the first project of 100 articles at $0.50 per rewrite
Please type this in your private message to me "Freelance writers" so that I know that you have read and understand the requirements.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you 🙂

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Article Writing


I am doing e-marketing and I need articles about products, mostly reviews of them for presell. I will need 3 articles.

I need all articles have these properties.

– Written from scratch
– Must pass copyspace and articlechecker
– Each must have at least 500 words
– Optimized for search engines
– And high keyword density (but not spam)

I want a regular price for an article like this. And in addition to this I want more prices for the options below.

What will the prices be, if the articles are made highly spinnable and written with spin syntax.

Option 1 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make every synonymn rewritten 2 more times.

Option 2 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make every sentence (not synonymns) rewritten 2 more times.

Option 3 – What will the price be for an article like above, if you make the 2 options above together.


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Long Term Article Writing

I need a team of native English writers(US,UK or Canada) that can write 50 articles per day. The articles are very easy to write (for submission to Ezine article directory). I will give you an excel document with the keywords. The article should be error free and information rich. I am paying $1.25 for 400 words. Bid only if you can deliver 50 articles per day. No compromise on quality. Also tell how many writers are in your team.

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Article Writing

I want to promote website.
I need articles about New York City, such as how to find appartment for rent. what to visit in NYC. how to buy a car. how to wave down the taxi cab in new york city or even how to drive in NYC. I am sure you could use your imagination especially if you are from around here. Budget is 100 dollars and I am expecting at least 10 well written articles 500 words at least for each. (craiglist has people advertising articles for 3 to 5 dollars per article, very unfortunate that is very similar to craiglist so my ads get removed, forget them anyways)

Please if your articles do not have any words that are four syllabus or more, do not bid. I can write such articles myself.
Budget: $100.

Thank You

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Article Writing And Reviews

Hi freelancers, I am looking for some people to write articles weekly for multiple sites, and also to post articles to blogs, and write local and general reviews for some of the same sites. Please private message me with rates for article writing and writing skills and any experience you may have with posting articles on blogs and writing reviews. This may be an ongoing position. I would like to test mutliple freelancers and the better ones I will continue to use long term.

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Article Writing

Good Morning Bidders,

I want article writers who can produce excellent, error free and copy-scape passed content. I pay 5 dollars for 650 words articles which pass the check and have no grammatical errors. Apart from this we have articles of 130 words for which we will pay 1 dollar. The writer should be ready to write 130 words article as well as 650 words article. Kindly avoid copy/pasting.
Happy Bidding

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Bulk Article Writing

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Article Writing

S | Reviews

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Article Writing  

Article Writing is project number 888522
posted at Click here to post your own project.

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Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 12/19/2010 at 7:37 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

12/24/2010 at 7:37 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We need an article that features our online shop. We would require knowledge about the trends in fashion so the writer can write appealing articles. The article must also contain search engine friendly keywords for our online shop.

The article must be posted to article submission websites and posted in blogs, etc.

Kindly send your references to previously done articles to help us choose you.



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Article Writing And Submission To AMA

Ill be needing someones services to write an article and submit it to AMA (if you dont know what AMA is please save yourself some time and dont bid).

I will provide you with the Topic/KWs/anchor/URL that you will need to have within the articles text. I will not respond to generic bids so please use the word AMA either on your bid or in a pmb so i know you have read the project details.

1. please keep in mind that you need to be able to submit the article to AMA once you have it written and i expect you to write the article to meet AMA standards. I will also need proof of submission.
2. also, im aware that this job is small so ill be looking for competitive bids.

best of luck

12/19/2010 at 4:02 EST:

3. The article you write for me must be original, pass copyscape, and approved by me before you submit it to AMA.

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Travel Article Writing

Hi there!

We are looking for excellent, serious and motivated writers who want to write about worldwide travel destinations!
Your job is to produce informative articles of high quality for our website.
Are you that excellent writer who meets our high expectations? Wed be happy to meet you!

We would like to cooperate with copywriters who;
– have excellent writing skills in English: grammar/ spelling/ style ( UK)
– can produce unique texts of high quality
– are experienced in writing informative texts instead of the usual marketing texts
– can write according a style guide and manual
– are looking for a pleasant and long term cooperation.
– we prefer to cooperate with European copywriters or who have travelled to Europe multiple times.

Looking forward meeting you!

Kind regards

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Article Writing

Were looking for writers who can deliver unique, high-quality, well-researched, fun-to-read articles on a long-term basis. The articles will be about various topics. Theyll be in American English, written in a conversational style.

This post is for an initial project to write fifteen (15) 500-word articles. In your bid, please quote for the 15 articles. Also indicate how many days you can complete the project after we give you the details, as well as how many revisions, if any, you include with each article. We know that the delivery date might depend on the topics. For simplicity, just assume that the topics are unfamiliar to you.

Wed like to establish a long-term relationship with the best writers. The following information would be helpful to us in making our choice:

How many 500-word articles can you write daily?
Do you have experience with article rewriting?
What topics do you have experience writing about?
What topics are you personally interested in?

Please also send 3 writing samples in a private message. We request that you paste them directly into the message body, instead of attaching them as files.

Thank you in advance. We look forward to working with you!

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Unique Article Writing

As discussed before

Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,


I need writers familiar with the following fields:


I will be providing certain keywords, and you will have to write 450-500 words INFORMATIVE articles. No fluff sentences to fill space. I need good content developing the specific provided keyword.

Each article has to be spun 2 times. So I need the original version + 2 variations (sentences + internal words). I need TITLE – SUMMARY – BODY.

I dont mind if you use software (best spinner, article rewriter, etc) , as long as you submit the articles with this spintax: {sentence.|sentence.}

I need UNIQUE content. Articles will be checked using Copyscape so make sure they are 85-90% unique. So NO plagiarism. They will be submitted through UAW.

I prefer native writers. In any case, GOOD grammar, punctuation, coherence and cohesion are required. Fast writers are prefered also!! Do NOT bid if you dont feel confident about your skills cause if the articles are not good, they will be automatically rejected.

I need 10 articles per week, and I need them on the go. You finish the 1st one, and you send it to me for revision and you continue working on the others until you complete the 10. I dont want the 10 the last day!! type "musclemuscle" in your pm so I know you read the guidelines.

Payment will be sent once I approve all the articles (PAYPAL).
$1.50-$3.50 per article , and please bid for 10 articles. I am willing to pay a little extra if Im happy with the results. And Im looking for a person for ongoing work.

I need samples of your work via PM (SPUN ARTICLES with the spintax mentioned above).


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Article Writing For Wellbeing & Relaxation Niche

I need 25 articles on Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy.

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Seo And Article Writing

I need someone who make me a multiple job.
1. I need 25 articles about Clickbank Products
2. I need keywords that has minimum 4000 searches per month , but it has got maximum 4-5000 keyword competitors.
Or please write me what is the best keywords for me (With details)


So your work is : Get keywords and write 25 article about Clickbank articles.

Ill provide you Clickbank products.

So I pay you after you upload my articles to Ezinearticles and I can find the articles in the google with the low competition keywords. The keywords must original and It must confirmed by CopySpace.

Please Bid.

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Need 1Quality Article Writing Team

We need a quality article writing team capable of producing great looking professional content copies for a large network of sites we have.

Articles would be needed to be delivered in bulk without sacrificing on the quality.

We reserve the right to dismiss any article that does not match required quality.

Deadlines to be followed very strictly. No copied or plagarised articles.

Please bid with your rate for a sample 400 word article.

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Long Term Article Writing Available Now


I am hiring dependable writers for long term work to write original and rewrite articles. Topics will vary based upon the project. I will have work available everyday of the week, but only ask that you be available at least 3-5 days of the week. Any work assigned will need turned no later than the following day.

All articles will be 400-600 words on many different topics. All work will be unique and must pass copyscape. I ask that you complete a minimum of 5 articles a day. Please only bid if this is not a problem to meet the deadline and amount of articles needed daily. Articles will need to be written with good grammar, punctuation and spelling. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment.

I will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away these articles.

Ideas of articles that will need written are Facebook, Twitter, Android and iPhones, Internet Marketing, SEO, down to parenting, pregnancy, pets, etc.

The writer needs to start today!! You must be a Native English speaker and writer. I am wanting writers from the US because of the time differences and I have had issues with non natives writing proper English.

Payments will be made by Paypal on a weekly basis, $1.50 per articles. I do not do milestone payments, so please avoid bidding with the milestone option or you will not be chosen.

Communication is necessary, so being able to check your email throughout the day is required.

The lowest of bids will be chosen.

**Please put "I am an English Native" in your bids. Also, tell me something about yourself and your writing abilities.
If you were not chosen for this project, please apply again because I am always hiring.

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Big Article Writing Team Required 4

I want a writer or a team of writers who can handle this bulk project on a daily basis…

1) For daily writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 5000 words daily (more will be better)
b) you have to work atleast 6 days a week

My rate is $1.15 per 500 words (fixed)…

I pay daily through PayPal or GAF…

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Big Article Writing Team Required 5

I want a writer or a team of writers who can handle this bulk project on a daily basis…

1) For daily writer requirements

a) you have to write atleast 2500 words daily (more will be better)
b) you have to work atleast 6 days a week

My rate is $1.15 per 500 words (fixed)…

I pay daily through PayPal or GAF…

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