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2 Professional Resumes

I need to resumes written. I have a strong background in both Sales and Information Technology. I will need a resume written for both.

You will need to ask me questions and form a good looking, professional resume that I can market to recruiting firms and prospective employers.

I want a cover letter for both as well.

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10 Articles – $1.25 Per Article (eventually 175 Articles)

I need ten articles written on 10 specific keywords which i will provide. The articles should be grammaticality correct and should include the article keyword multiple times. The articles must be unique and all will be checked carefully for uniqueness. I would like the ten articles within 24 hours if possible…although 48 hours max. If the work is quality and I feel we work good together i have an eventual total of 175 more articles I need written at a later date I would consider working with you on.

04/05/2011 at 9:28 EDT:

I forgot to add – the articles need to be at minimum 450 words… preferably 500-550

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Facebook Chat Application Written In PHP


I need facebook chat application code written in PHP.
If you have already any such code let me know how much
it will cost. This is very urgent and I need it pretty soon.

Note: Please only bid if you have extensive exp in php and
facebook API.


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Need College Essay Written Within 72 Hours

I need a college essay written within 72 hours.

PM me your samples


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10 X 500 Word Original Articles Written Then Spun For AMA

I require 10 original articles of 500 words written for a quite specific topic. Each article must be written in excellent English grammar and punctuation with no run-on sentences or filler content. Each 10 articles must then be rewritten and converted to spin syntax to be used by AMA. When spinning the articles, each sentence must be rewritten 3 times. All articles must still make sense when spun. All articles must pass copyscape. I will handle the AMA submission.

First of all I am looking for someone who is reliable and hardworking. It is also important to have excellent English writing skills and experience in rewriting/spin syntax for AMA. This is a simple job for someone who knows what they are doing. If you are this person, there will be ongoing work for you.

I will provide you with 10 article headlines. I will also provide a keyword/keyphrase for each headline. For each article, you will research the topic and then write a 500 word article specific to the article headline and the article will include the keyword in the first sentance. You will then take the article and rewrite it in the spin syntax used by Article Marketing Automation. Each sentence is to have 3 variations. Once all 10 articles are done, email them to me for review. If the articles are of good quality as expected and meet the requirements outlined above, you will be paid immediately.

I would like you to give me a fixed price for this 10 article job as well as an idea of how long it will take you to complete.
Please give me an example of a spun article you have previously written.
So I get some idea of your writing style, please tell a bit about your favourite movie in about 50 words.
If your response does not include these 4 items I will not consider it for this job.

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25 Articles – 350 Words Each – Pay: $2.00/each

I need 25 articles of 350 words each.
Subjects will be: 25 different products. (Gifts)
(1 article for each product)

You will need to write each article with a proper title and 4-6 paragraphs.

The articles will be carefully reviewed byvour in-house team so the articles must be:
– VERY well written in US English with NO (0 = zero) grammatical error.
– 100% unique and 100% about each specific product.
– Written for the reader in a catchy, clever and interesting way.

Think SEO when you write the articles.

Articles must pass Copyscape pro.

Articles that DO NOT meet the above requirement will NOT paid for.

Links for each product will be sent to the winning bidder.

Provide at least one sample article

Budget for the project: $50.00 (do not bid more than $50.00)

Type: I agree to all terms in your bid.

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Need Articles Written In Several Languages


I need five articles written or re-written in the following languages:

* German
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
* Japanese
* Chinese

You will get a few keywords, previous press releases and our website to see what we are all about. The articles will be used for press-releases and to submit in article directories and databases. They should be very seo-friendly using keywords, bold, underline and so on. Please send me one (1) example of your earlier work to check.

In your bid, describe which languages you are bidding on. The articles should be approx 500 words each.

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Ebook Re-written

I need a writer who have experience and knowledge about affiliate marketing only.

I have 3 eBooks about affiliate Marketing with range from 26-38 pages which I need combine the contents to be a new ebook.

Everyting in a new ebook needs become unique and new word. I not accept if you copy and paste any part from original ebooks.

The new ebook must minimum 60 pages (14000 – 15000) words. For this job, you need to make some research about the affiliate marketing. Its easy for freelancer who have knowledge and experience with affiliate program.

Im looking for people who have a good command of the English language (with good grammar) and who can re-write the ebook within 7 days.

I will pay you at the maximum $100 for a 60 pages ebook. Please dont bid more than $100. But we will accept if you put below than $100.

You need to make sure that each book flows nicely and is fun to read and upbeat.

It cant be written in a article type of way where you just give facts and ends up being boring. You need to keep it light and fun. Add a few of your own phrases if you need to to keep things smooth.

You have to put some of your own character into it so the reader feels you (figuratively).

PS: If you think you can do this and would like ongoing work, please re-write the attached sample.
Then send it to me so I can evaluate you for continuous work.If you dont attach the re-written document which I have attached, then I wont be able to answer.

Indian English simply will not do. Phillipines and american writer preferred

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30 Health Articles At 500 Words Each

Hi we need excellent native English article writers to research and write 30 articles – may be ongoing at $1 per article if it all works out.

We will give you the topics and keywords to work from, you can be flexible from there.

The articles written should be well researched and written in great English with no grammatical errors They must be 100% original and must pass a Copyscape and plagiarism detect test.

Each article would need to be at least 500 words with no meaningless long sentences and fluffing and they should be of interest to the reader of a health blog. Would also like the articles to be on a personal level and show the opinions of the writer.

All rights to the completed articles will be owned by us. Under no circumstance can these be distributed anywhere else upon delivery and Articles are open to revisions until we are completely satisfied with the completed articles

The project will depend on the first article submitted being well written and accepted.

What we need from you:

Good internet research and writing skills
Creative writing skills ( no copy pasting)
We will need to see some your previous works as a sample
Witty articles with and obvious understanding of the subject.


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Post Articles In GOOD SEO-Friendly Articledirectories

I have 40 articles written in english and want them posted in articledirectoris that approves follow me links to two specified URL:s in my webshop. The articles are already written and no writing is needed, just linking and posting in seo-friendly articledatabases and directoris.

In the bid, specify how many articledirectoris you will post all the 40 articles to.

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A Project For Shellywagar – 11

This is a closed project for shellywagar. All other bids will be ignored.

We need one article written for our website. We want this article to be authentic and not a rewrite of whats on the web or what you have written already. The parameters of the project are:

*The topics will cover Home Design Trends

*A minimum of 2000 words

*MUST pass copyscape

*The article will be our sole possession after payment is made

*Include the main keyword in the titles, in the first few words of the body and aim for 1% keyword density.

*Native English writer preferred

*You must include the reference websites used for your research at the bottom of the article

*Article must be written in a conversational writing style (as if talking to one person).

Thank you for your time

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Article Translation In Finish, Danish, Norwegian And Swedish

I have 40 articles written about oilskin and hunting clothing and I need these translated in NATIVE AND CORRECT GRAMMA. No other is need to bother. If you have no translate reviews, dont bother. I need these articles translated correct, leave a message and tell more about your bid and knowledge.

The articels are written in english and are between 350-420 words each.

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10 Articles To Be Re-written In The Internet Marketing Niche

Here are my requirements:

1) Articles are to be grammatically and logically correct, no spelling mistakes, no short forms and must be in good English. Ezinearticles.coms editorial guidelines are to be observed and passed.

2) Articles have to pass copyscape and are to be at least 60% unique from original articles. Cutting and pasting work will not be accepted.

3) All articles are to be submitted to me for approval first. Upon approval, you are required to submit to my ezinearticles. com account.

4) All details and references required to aid you in writing the articles will be provided to you, once you win the bid.

5) The articles are to be completed latest by 7 days.

6) You are required to agree that all rights to the articles are owned by me and the articles are not to be used in any other ways without my written permission.

Payment for each article will be $2.

If this is done well, you will be required to write more articles in future, thus forging a long term working relationship between us.

Without reading and understanding the full details, most freelancers tend to place their bids spontaneously.

In order to be certain that you understood all the descriptions and you complied with it, please PM me with the first word "Article".

All The Best On Your Bid,

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40 Articles Written 300-400 Words Each.

I need 40 articles written by a native English speaker, they need to be 300 – 400 words each.

The articles need to be written on the benefits of proofreading or editing, writing styles, writing tips etc.

I will pay $0.5 per article so $20 in whole. Nice quick and easy job. Payment will be paid via Paypal.

The faster you can deliver these articles the better. Let me know if you need more information.

Give me a *ready to go* in comments so I know youve read and understood all the information.

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I Need 38 Articles Written 500 Words For 1$each

I need :

5 articles on affliate marketing
5 articles on making money online
5 articles on starting an online business
10 articles on how to get six pack abs
10 articles on how to lose weight
3 articles on how to maintain a proper diet

I will only accept original work and that means no spinning articles,or copied work. I will use copy scape to check if each articles is authentic and not copied or spinned.


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150 Word Articles For BMR (100 Needed)

I require another writer with great English skills to join my team.

This project is for 100 articles of 150 words each.

Each article must have a keyword mentioned in the first three sentences.

Each article must be given a title.

Each article must be unique and pass a human editor.

This is for Build My Rank… if you have experience then this is all for the best.

i will require all who bid to write a sample for me… The winner will have this taken off from the full amount, leaving 99 to write.

I have not had an article fail to be cleared yet, but if one does fail, then i will expect you to write TWO in its place!!

I pay at 25 articles written, 50 articles written, and then the full amount.

I prefer a writer who can commit to 50 of these small articles a week… however i am flexible, as long as i know up front how many you can write.

The budget for this is $35.00, thats 0.35 cents an article… Please dont waste either mine or your own time bidding more… of course lower bids can be entertained!

This has the potential to carry on beyond this initial project length.

Good luck, and happy bidding!!

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Need Telemarketing Script Written For Appointment Setting

I need a telemarketing script designed for setting touring appointments for our business center. It needs to be complete with: needs assesment, rebuttals to everything and assumptive close. I need this done immediately (yesterday) because my phone person starts on Monday.

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Company Profile Pages For Medical Tourism Website

We are a upcoming Medical tourism portal.

We need some profile pages of our company written from some professional writers.
About us,Services,Management,Whu us,Join us etc

Around 10 pages have to be written.
Please attach some demo work also.

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Need Content Writing / Seo / Articles Written For Website

I have a site: and as you will see on the homepage there is around 36 different costume categories.

I need someone to write me 100/150 words of keyword rich well written descriptions for each category.

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Darwin Streaming Server Mod

I have a server running DSS/QTSS. I need a couple modules to be programmed to do the following:

1. Run a mysql query based on the IP address and the full URL to see if the user has access. The query is already written, and the database and logging in will be handled with a PHP script. The authorization module is partially written, all you need to do is use c++ to connect to the database and execute the query.

2. As it stands, the DSS/QTSS is only set up to have one user provide a stream. I need to have multiple users log in with their own stream. I also need a PHP script that will interrupt the stream so that it has to re authenticate with the script above.

I will need the source code for everything you do at the end of the project.

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions Written

I need an experienced technical writer to write my website terms of use & disclaimer conditions, privacy policy, FAQ, and an Affiliate program terms and conditions.

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$1 For 400 Words Articles For Moving Industry Website

I am looking for a writer to write me 9 articles for moving industry website.

The site contains 9 web pages of all major suburbans of New York State:
Manhattan (or New York City), Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Westchester Rockland, Upstate NY.

Each article should be SEO optimized for following 3 keywords: (per each page)
<REGION> movers (i.e. Bronx Movers)
<REGION> moving company
free moving quotes

– All articles must be written in perfect US English.
– 100% manually written . No software allowed.
– Articles will be 400+ words each depending on my requirements.
– Articles must be written in perfect English (native English speakers only).
– Correct spelling or grammatical errors.
– Articles must be written manually, sound natural, and be easy to read.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you. (you may not reuse them!)
– Each and every article MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and dupefreepro


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12 Informative Articles, 500-600 Words, $5 Each

I need 12 informative articles to be written for submission to Article Directories. The niche is fashionable

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Hand Written Letters For Marketing Mailer

I am looking to have 1,000-10,000 copies of a letter handwritten on yellow legal paper. Each sheet is to be divided into 3 pieces. each letter is 4 sentences (113 words). i will also need the corresponding amount of handwritten envelopes with individual adresses being provided by me. Must be written clearly with a nice handwriting.

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Article Writer Needed For News Website 150-300 Words/ea

Hello, I am looking for someone who can write articles for 7 different news categories, 1 article per category per day for a week – 49 articles in total.

The categories are very mainstream, all that is required is to read the latest Yahoo! or Google news and write your own version of the news. Must pass Copyscape and not use any software to spin the content. The articles must be written in very good English. Each article has to be between 150-300 words, depending on how indepth the article must be to cover the story fully.

This job can be completed in less than a week if there are 2 stories in 1 category that you feel need to be written about, and if you have the extra time of course.

Upon completing this project, I will assess the quality of the work and decide whether to make it a long term business relationship or not, as I will need this done at least 20 more times.

The site is written in WordPress, so you will be given a login and password to access the site, and post articles. Each article most include a photo, which you can grab from anywhere.

Looking for a Freelancer ASAP! If you bid the right amount quick enough, I will definitely close the auction early and select at least 1 article writer for this job.

Any questions? Post below and I will get back to you.


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Need A Quick Report Written In 24 Hours About WordPress

I have transcribed 11 videos and I would like these videos compiled into an easy to read report.

I already have the text, I just need your writing expertise to clean it up a bit and make it into a readable easy to follow step by step guide.

My budget is $30

Technical writing skills are a plus since the report is about building websites with wordpress for beginners

I need this done within 24 hours

Thank You

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Experienced PHP / MySQL Developer Required

Hi Experts,
I need a single page in our back-end re-written. It basically just pulls information from a MySQL database showing client info. It needs to be re-written using the best possible mysql queries, making it faster loading and less burden on the server.

Currently the code is very messy with LOTS of mysql queries being used all the time.

If you are an expert in PHP and MySQL please bid.

If this project works out well then you are guaranteed further work as my current full-time in-house developer has left the company and I am thinking about using a freelancer to replace his job.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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Need A Business Plan Written

I need someone to write a business plan. i need to get investors to invest in my sunglasses company. I would like a 3-5 year business plan written. Charts etc should be included, must research the market and the ideal customer for my product. Plan must be between 20-50 pages. all bids under 250 please. i have a budget unfortunately

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If you are an experience English writer and have a large vocabulary, this will be a very ease job.

You basically have to take the already written articles from a competitors website and re-right them. However, they have to be well re-written so that it will no be embarrassing to us as they can accuse us of coping them…

I need, 50 articles about real state, traveling and real state law… rights of the tenant… etc…

If English is not your mother tongue DON NOT apply.

I will give you one article to write before I grant you the bid.

I will pay every ten articles written.

Thank you and good luck,

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Article And Sales Page Writing And Spinning


I do e-marketing and I need articles about products, mostly reviews of them for presell. They will be submitted to article directories. I will need 3 articles with summaries and 3 sales pages in a week. And this will be a long-term job with weekly periods.

I need all articles have these properties.
– Written from scratch
– Must pass copyspace and articlechecker
– Each must have at least 500 words (After 10 spins)
– Optimized for search engines
– High keyword density
– High level English skills

All articles must be spinnable in both sentence and synonym levels. Each sentence will be re-written 2 more times and then synonyms will be spun using The Best Spinner software manually.

Each article will be spun 10 times and each spun version must have at least 500 words.

Each article must be written in proper english with proper formatting and with a high level of English skills.

Each article must have summaries, again spinnable like described above. Each summary must have at least 50 words after spinning.

I also will need 3 sales page for the same products. Sales pages must have at least 500 words. Well written and formatted with proper English and describes the porduct well. They will not be spun, only one copy will be used.

They also must have these;
– Written from scratch
– Optimized for search engines
– High keyword density
– High level English skills

You can only get pros and cons from the products page if provided.


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