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Interactive Story Book Ipad Iphone Xcode App Cocos2d Ios

I would like to buy the source code in Xcode for an interactive book/ animated book on the iPad with animated pictures, possibility to move/ throw/ move around objects by touch and tilt, gravity, possibility to change form of objects by tilt. Sound, flipping pages are also needed.
I would like to have source code for a project that is customizable so that sounds, pictures, animation and possibly extra coding can be added later on.

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Iphone Xcode Flood Fill Algorithm

Convert Fast FloodFill Algorithm (like or similar) to iphone xcode project.

Only fast implementations allowed!

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Need To Compile CPP File To Use In Iphone Xcode

I have one CPP and .h file which has one method to create encrypted string for given input (password and key). I need to use above CPP method in iphone xcode. I need to compile this in my xcode project so that I can use this method in iphone IBAction. To avoid spam, Please add keyworkd "CPP to OBJ" at start of your quote otherwise I will reject your application

This urgent requirement and must be completed ASAP.

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Xcode / Iphone App. Camera Motion Detection


Im looking for a experienced app developer which will have the necessary skills needed for creating my new application. You will be working with creating a iphone app which can detect motion, and some sort of graphic overlay.

Necessary skills
Skype or some other sort of IM to communicate
Proper english

i am also willing to make you a partner of this app, for less price.

Asger Emborg

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Simple Xcode Project Fro Video Playback

Need xcode project for a very simple app.

It has 4 pages;

First page is an embedded image.

For pages 2 – 4, each page is an embedded, full screen, silent video that either loops or loops back-and-forth, while playing an independent, embedded audio stream. There are no controls. Video and audio plays automatically when the page is dragged on screen.

Swiping left and right drags one page to the next. Other than swiping, there are no controls.

You can use whatever junk image/video/and audio file you like as Ill replace them. All images and video have to be 1024×768 – the ipads rez.

Thanks it.

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Iphone Cam Viewer

I am looking for the xcode source to display a MJPEG video stream on iphone 3GS and 4 using a provided website APIs of the following network cameras.

1. Vivotek
2. DLink
3. TrendNet.

Should support PAN & Tilt features if camera supports them and Landscape/portrait.
No Graphic Design Required. Only working xcode source would be ok.
see and check the website
thank you

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Require Xcode Developer To Develop A Native Mac Application

Hi folks
Require mac os x developer to develop a native mac app. The functionality of the mac application is as follows.

1. Get the stream from the USB or inbuilt camera
2. Stream it out to a website live.

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Require Xcode Developer To Develop A Native Mac Application

Hi folks
Require mac os x developer to develop a native mac app. The functionality of the mac application is as follows.

1. Get the stream from the USB or inbuilt camera
2. Stream it out to a website live.

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Iphone/ipad/xcode Development

I am looking to develop a few applications for the iphone & ipad.
I am a database developer for the windows platform.
All projects are small. All code and intellectual property will become
Mine at conclusion of the project.

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Iphone Google Latitude App

I need an xcode project that will display a particular users google latitude location.

2 parts:
1. google authentication
2. retrieving the users google latitude location + time stamp

looking for minimal graphics/design, i just want the xcode project file with the code set to pull the above info.

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Create IPhone UI With Xcode And Interface Builder

Create iPhone user interface with Xcode and Interface builder.

You will be supplied with the photoshop PSD file.

Total 25-30 screens.

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IPad Dev Trainning (xCode)

Give training on iPad dev.

Trainning could be very simple, no need to have tranning materials. Its just a matter to share some important informations.

Ill pay 10h package. And will split time depending on our availability.
PLEASE DONT BID MORE THEN 70$, its a personnal formation.

Trainning via skipe/msn(or better). In french or english

– The basic and whats important
– App Publishing: Steps and requirement
– Creating Apps, best practice
– xCode/App builder: Best practive
– Provide clear solution and methodology.
– Level: Novice

You need to be avaibale/ok with a deal to continue the trainning if required. (term to clarify before starting)

More to come if relation goes well 🙂

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IPhone Development – Teach Me Objective C


Im a very experienced C developer, but objective-C and Xcode is very new to me.
Im looking for an experienced iPhone developer, that could teach me how to developer an iPhone application with Objective-C using XCode IDE.

You will be presented with a number of screens, and you would need to teach me
-How to design an iPhone Interface
-How to handle events (on click, popup messages etc)
-How to use SOAP to request a web service
-there maybe other questions I like to ask as well

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IPhone Development: Teach Me Objective C


Im a very experienced C developer, but objective-C and Xcode is very new to me.
Im looking for an experienced iPhone developer, that could teach me how to developer an iPhone application with Objective-C using XCode IDE.

You will be presented with a number of screens, and you would need to teach me
-How to design an iPhone Interface
-How to handle events (on click, popup messages etc)
-How to use SOAP to request and call a web service
-there maybe other questions I like to ask as well

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Put Xcode/Phonegap Wrapper On Mobile Site For IPhone App

Hi, I need a quick turn-around from a developer to take my mobile site (already optimized for iPhone) and put a wrapper on it (or whatever the term is) so that I can submit it to the iTunes App store. I have loaded it in Phonegap and its almost ready but I need help with these steps:

Landscape Orientation

Native Full Screen

Fix overlay.png in lightbox script (only loading half screen)


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Setup My MAC/Xcode For App Develoment

Hello All –

I know this is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but I am rather clueless when it comes to MAC systems and getting everything setup and operating correctly. I have a MacBook and I am a registered iPhone Developer. Although I am a Certifed MCSE with Microsoft and have several apps for sale in the app store, I truthfully have NO idea what Im doing when it comes to the actual software setup on my machine. I need help…

I need someone to login to my system via TeamViewer (which I will supply you with login credentials after project is awarded) and properly install the Apples Xcode software. I had it installed and had been developing iPhone apps okay when I decided to download and try the newest version. That, of course, threw everything off and now Ive gotten things kind of messed up. So, I need someone to straighten things out…get XCode back to its proper setup and also ready for app design and app store distribution. Confirm configurations, development certs, deployment settings, etc.

In addition, Id like this person to review my developer account and make sure that all Developer and Distribution Certs are properly downloaded and in the right place. More or less, its just a quick housekeeping job that shouldnt take much time for someone who is qualified in the field.

Please let me know your credentials when submitting your bid.

Thank you,

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Camera App

It would immediately launch the Front camera at the bottom will be a button to switch cameras,use an existing photo, to take the picture, and a button for disguises. The disguise button goes to a tableview where to can choose 1 or many objects, when you close the table they appear on the camera screen, you can drag them around, and resize them using pinch, when you take the picture it is taken with the objects in place, each objects default size should be determined by the size of the graphic, it will use pngs and needs to be easy to add and change graphics (in xcode). It will have an iAd at the top. The picture should not include the bar at the bottom, or the iAd at the top. The overlays table needs to be organized by type and easy to arrange and add categories (in xcode)

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Upgrade IPhone App Using Three20 Library From 3.13 To 4.0

I have a fully working iPhone app that was built with Xcode 3.22 and runs on iPhone OS 3.1. However, I need it upgraded to compile under Xcode 3.23 and iPhone 0S4. There are some recent git-hub forks that update the three20 library to help this process along, but this is outside my area of expertise.

Heres how it would work:

1. I will send you the Xcode 3.22 project file.
2. You upgrade the project file and make it work with the three20 library.
3. You explain to me how to upgrade the three20 library on my system as well, so I understand the entire process.

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Xcode, Cocoa Tuition

Im looking for an experienced cocoa/obj-c developer using x-code for lessons in the basics of application development and interface builder design.

You should be knowledgeable and accomplished in this area with the necessary acumen to provide one to one tuition.

Your pupil will be a professional with several years of computer experience, and basic programming experience who is looking to get a start with the x-code interface.

If you think that you can help, and can either travel to a location in London NW5 or SW11, or accommodate whichever is the more convenient please respond.

I will consider remote assistance if it is possible to set up.

Many thanks.

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IPad Popover App

All I need is a tab bar with one button. When the button is pressed a popover is presented. Thats it. Nothing else. Please make with the latest version of Xcode and post IYT at the end of your post to prevent automated posting, thank you.

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We have already created a small xcode project that is ready to have audio integrated into the framework. We are looking for a small team that will be able to help us with this project, and get PAID! GetAFreelancer is a great job listing site, and that is why we come to acquire a quick job for this XCODE project. We will show you screenshots of current app in PMB and tell you what we need added to the project.

SERIOUS Bidders ONLY! We can do this together!

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Porting IB TWS Java Application To Xcode For Mac OSX

Porting the official TWS Java application for MacOS to compile and run with Xcode.

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Interactive Brokers API Glue For C In Mac OSX Xcode

Interactive Brokers has publicly available API source code in various formats but there isnt anything that is ready to use for Mac OSX within Xcode.

The deliverable I am looking for is a self-contained module I can drop into a standard command line C project within Xcode that has simple function interfaces to the 28 major currency forex contracts. USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF and NZD pairs.

For each of the 28 contracts there needs to be the following functions:

int IB_get_quote(int *bid,int *ask) // returns error code, can block until quote is received or times out
int IB_issue_trade(int contractnum,int volume,int limitprice); // limitprice 0: market order, can block until trade has been issued

There might also need to be an IB_init() function to initialize things for the IB_get_quote() and IB_issue_trade() functions. The backend of these functions can utilize whichever of the pre-existing API modules that is most efficient to port, including a helper application if needed.

For example, IB has Java source code that gets quotes and issues trades. One approach would be to port this to the Macs Xcode and have it respond to requests from the C glue. Then the C glue code would just have to issue the appropriate requests to the separately running ported Java application.

Another approach is to port the existing IB C++ code to Xcode and then implement the IB_get_quote and IB_issue_trade as wrappers around the ported C++ code.

There are probably many other ways to implement this based on which of the pre-existing IB APIs you have worked with before. The key is that it works on Mac OSX 10.5+ within an Xcode standard command line tool project.

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Iphone Ipod Touch Dictionary App

Looking for an experience iphone/ipod touch coder that can deliver the following application within 2-3 weeks.

Its a dictionary app. I am envisioning the app as following:
– I will provide icons/images/background image
– Must be based of SDK 3.0 or older
– Its a tab based app (has several tab bars on the bottom screen)
– Portrait application. Doesnt need to rotate to landscape
– Has a database (sql lite?). # of records might be around 1000, but can grow to 2000 in the future

First tab:
– displays lists of words
– The database has the following entry: Language A, Language B, Voice pronunciation
– It has filter bar on top of the screen. As I type the letter, it can find either language A or language B that contains the letters/words I type. I dont want to have to type the whole thing and press enter to find the word.
– (Optional) provide a way for the user to record their pronunciation to compare
– I am open to suggestion on how to organize the list of words. Either by having filter bar on top is enough, or split the words into categories and having navigation bar to navigate down or any other method.

Second tab:
– common phrase in tableview
– (optional) provide a way for user to add other common phrase

Third tab:
– grammer info. Just a bunch of text (maybe in html format because it has some tables)

Fourth tab:
– display the legal/copyright info
– a link to my website
– provide a way to display my future other iphone apps
– provide a way to display latest news from my server

– I want the app to be tested using instruments to test for memory leak
– Must use official apple iphone SDK API because I dont want the app to get rejected for using non standard API
– I have already joined the developer program and paid for $99. So, I am ready to sign the app and submit it to apple for approval. I hope this shows you that I am committed to this project.
– I know a little bit of iphone programming and have xcode and latest sdk installed. If you send me the whole project, I can build it and run it on the simulator.
I need to hire a programmer now because I really want to release this app within 2-3 weeks. If I try to do it myself, it can take me 6months+ 🙂


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Simpel Tower Defense Game For IPhone!!

I am looking to create a tower defense game for the iPhone much like g e o defense.
I have a couple apps already and am a bit familiar with xcode.
I would like a developer to make the game with a few of my specs and then i want to give input on, or manually create additional levels.
Please bid if you are able to do this.

Do Not Bid Out OutRageous!!

Its an easy game, not a 3D!

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IPhone EBook Reader

Hi there,

Im looking for an iPhone ebook reader that can be easily customised with my own text when compiled through Xcode. Im not fussy about which format the text has to be in, but from what Ive listed below in my personal opinion XML would be the best bet.

This app should be stylish and very fitting with existing iPhone design / interface guidelines as provided by Apple.

Features this eBook reader should include are as follows;

Book cover art when the app loads,
Contents / index page,
Chapter / Page navigation (e.g. forward a chapter, forward a page, back a chapter, back a page),
Remember the last page viewed when closed and jump straight to it,
Adjustable font sizes,
Adjustable fonts (preferable but not required),
Adjustable background colours,
Auto scrolling,
Ability to stop the iPhone from sleeping (optional setting for user)

An application icon does NOT need designing for this as I have my own. I also have my own splash screen that can be provided.

Just as an idea of what I like, see the following screenshots;

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Cocos2d Version Of My Iphone Game

I made a simple game under xcode, but the gameplay is not so good, and I wanted to make a better version with cocos2d, also I have other projects to do.
Im looking for cocos2D developer to make iPhone games.

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IPhone YouTube OGG File Creation And Upload

Project is 3 phases:

1st phase, create a static library project in XCode that allows access to the OGG video format.

2nd phase, give a number of images and frame rate to the OGG library and build an OGG file to local application file area.

3rd phase: Take user credentials and upload OGG file to Youtube.

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Need To Do Iphone App Version Of Website

Hey There,
I run a news aggregator website and need to do an iphone app version of the site. We started this project 2 months ago but the programmer we were working with fell off the face of the earth, So we have some of the backend stuff in the site end already, and we have a very detailed wireframe and all the assets (JPGs etc)

But basically the app will pick up rss feeds from our site and display the feeds and the news articles they link to in a iphone web app.

You need:

– To be quick.

– A good communicator.

– Know MySQL, PHP, Xcode, and how RSS works.

– Have Skype and or Ichat for screen sharing (They are both free and great)

– Have built an app before and have a good GAF rating

– Be familiar with Adwhirl SDK

When we choose a winner you will get a detailed wireframe of the app and design, all related graphics and assets, app key id, and adwhirl code.

All you will need to do is build app in iphone sdk 3 including ad code embed and deliver it to us and we will codesign, build it, and submit it.

And before you bid keep in mind this is a medium project $250 to $750 and we are thinking more like 400 if possible so if you bid a grand you will be ignored.


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Programming IPhone App – UI Already Designed

I need someone to help with program a messenger app I have designed that has not ever been done on the iPhone platform before. I have done the whole UI in Fireworks and now I need someone to use my design in Interface Builder and Xcode to make it work. I will share profits with the developer.

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Streaming Video On An Http Adress

Make a program in Xcode to stream video (mpeg2) to a http adress

We havee full documention to explain how to do it
Sample code is available


C Programmer
Mac Computer

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