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Population Of Property Data For WordPress Template

I need some help importing property information from XML/CSV feeds into this WordPress site:

Possibly will need some additional tweaks to the template. The scripts will need to be well documented and setup as CRON jobs to make ensure data on site is current.

Data will be coming from various sources – Affiliate Window, Commission Junction and individual Merchants.

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Development Of XML/WebServices Reports

Weve just upgraded our back office software to a new version. We had several reports generated and presented through end customer web services on our website that need to be rebuilt.

Specific queries involving the retrieval of archived information of end users transactions from our DHW need to be reconstructed.

Looking for someone that is an expert in developing DB queries et al; and can achieve this very quickly.

See below data tables required to be used. More details will be provided once job is assign.

Job specific instruction will be provided by our head programmer.

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Accommodation Booking Sites – Further Developement

I´m looking for a web developer with excellent programming skills (only developer with proven experience with the b o o k i n g . c o m XML API or L o n e l y p l a n e t XML API will be considered) to further develop my 2 fully functional websites, adding new features, XML API integration, database maintenance, layout corrections, functionality corrections, etc.
Check the additional project details attached.
I reserve the rights to add some new additional requirements before the project competition date.
I expect direct communication with web developer (not through other person) to add new functionalities, solve problems, find solutions mentioned in the document and communicate on Skype (chat and voice) daily from Monday to Saturday.

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Fix Blogger Template

This is a very simple project that requires editing a Blogger template. An demo of the template can be seen here:

There are some alignment issues with the template that need to be fixed, please see the attached jpegs for some examples.

You will need to be good at XML, XHTML and CSS etc. to be able to fix the errors that are coming up. Basically the length of the post headings are causing alignment issues. We need to be able to use headings of any length in our posts without affecting the alignment of the blog itself.

All files will be provided including an xml of the blog posts so you are able to resolve the issues. This project should not take very long at all, maybe a couple of hours max, for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you have previous examples of your work or a portfolio, please PM me with the details. These will help me to choose who to award the project to.

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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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XMLCompression – Byte Table – IPhone

I require a class or set of classes that can be used to compress XML The concept is that a sending process will call the class to process amy XML string to send. Compresses the XML using a byte table as the conversion rules. The receiving process uses the opposite conversion function to convert back. The sender and receiver processes must have access to the same byte table i.e. the rules for the compression (Can be a constant or http get for the rules). This will allow mobile apps to be able to send and receive xml quickly. I have proven the concept in Java, but need a set of classes for XCode for iPhone. This is mostly about compressing known tags in an XML file the data is a separate issue. I am open to ideas.

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Magento XML Import

Looking for a Magento guru to develop and implement a XML product importation schema. I will provide a sample XML, but the real implementation will need to be pulled from an FTP site at least once per day. Some fields from the XML will go unused, but require the ability to edit the products after they are imported into the store.

Will also require the store to be skinned via a provided template.

Requirements may change as the project takes form, so some flexibility is appreciated. This will also lead to future support with regard to the Magento Store, such as upgrading and module install, etc.

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Parse XML Document With JQuery Mobile

Please help me parse an xml document with jquery mobile. Display some data (name) and when clicked it will display more data in detail.

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Sapoto IPhone Cheating App

This project is only a DemoProject, because we are looking for an longtime developer who will support us developing iPhone App and webportal.
Sapoto should be a cheating app . It should help Cheating at school. When App starts, there will be a splashscreen.
After the Splashscreen User can enter an ID and pressing on a login Button. Then an XML will be loaded from the server.
XML Contains:
After the login screen, you see a list of titles and first 4 lines of the text. UITableview. Above that, there is a Searchfield, you can enter a keyword there, and then XML will be loaded from the server which only contains the items with this Keywords included (not case sensitive). After clicking onto a title, you see the image and beyond, the text, with the keyword which has been entered. When clicking onto the image, u get it fullscreen. On every page there is a button, when you press this button, you get to a digital clock(this is because of teacher) , when pressing on the clock again, you get back to the login screen, where you can enter the key again. When entering the key, you get back to the page where you have been before and cheat further .

After Entering keyword, with you can post it onto your wall using sharekit ( You can enter first 2 IDs for free. After that you have to InApp purchase further rights,…

Design will be provided by us, we need php front and backend and iOS App.

PHP website is
1.Page Create a new Cheater with name.
2.Page Add new Item with image
3.Page shows key

and xml interface is needed
and with search function:
xml.php?id=123&keyword=asdf independed of lower and uppercase!

Design of website shall be easy and clear and will not be provided by us.
This is just a test project, we want you to join us developing .

You can provide us a bid for iPhone App, and PHP or iphone App or PHP.

But declare what you offer!

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Website Developers – HTML, XML, FLASH And TEMPLATE Input

We are a brand management agency looking for experienced website developers. Must have…

– professional experience and qualifications
– professional service
– fast work
– good communication
– reliable
– html, xml and flash
– can work with templates well

All copy, images and clear instructions are always provided. LOADS of work for the right applicants and partners.

This job is a trial job for ongoing work and is for…


– Instalment of a flash template (6 pages)
– loading all images
– loading all copy
– adjusting page layout
– quality testing
– ready to launch live!


Happy bidding!

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Xml Diff/verify Php App

I need really super easy php app that can do:

1. upload original xml file to server
2. upload target.xml file to server
3. extract and list all the variables({xxxxxx}) in string in target xml files
4. diff all the variables in target with variables in original xml
4-1. if there are differences, then overwrite the different variables with the variables from original xml.
5. trim all the space in variables({xxx xx} -> {xxxxx}) that are in target xml.
6. download target xml

Note: downloaded target xml have to have all the updates of 4-1 and 5. The original xml and target xml are all over 5 mb, so this app can handle 10 mb file.

Here, I attach origina.xml and target.xml, so please check them and use them for app.

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XML/JSON & Getting Location Based On IP Address

I am working on a website that has to deal with daily deal websites such as Groupon and WagJag.

For this job I need someone who is familiar with JSON/XML to connect with 2 website APIs. The websites I will need you to connect to will be revealed when the project is awarded.

What I will need from you:

1. automatically get users location based on their ip address
2. send the users location to each websites api
3. display the deals specific to the geographic location that are returned from the api.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Modify Flash Webpage

looking for someone to modify the webpage located at i would like to get the contact form working to send a message & i would like to get the music player that is existing or another that looks similar to play the choices listed undereath. if possible if i could have name info ect stored in a xml file to modify faster in the future.

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Objective-c Threading

I have a project working already but im stuck on a small bit of it and to get it done asap. Im reading several xml files using threading, im facing two problems; threads are not queuing up
2.while obtaining the data from the xml and adding it to my sqlite db im showing a table view with the msg Loading…. The problem here is even after the xml data has been added to sqlite my tableview is still showing Loading as the table is not being reloaded.

I will provide a simplified working copy of what i have and will need someone to fix the issue as per my layout as i cant afford redo my logic unless its already totally flawed.

I will pay on completion of task, i will need an invoice.

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XML Contact Form


We have a website running in Flash and XML.

The website is a module based template. we need to get the contact form fixed, the form is not getting submitted and sent to the admin. we need to get it completed in the next 24 hours.


Our budget is somewhere near 15 – 20 Dollars.

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Real Estate RETS Feed WordPress Theme

First Phase:
I am working on a project that requires a RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard – provided as XML) feed to be integrated into a WordPress theme. Each listing from the feed needs to be setup to post as blogs, not pages. Specific XML fields must be programmed as an iframe to allow for dynamic changes as the feed is updated (example, if homes status changed from Available to SOLD). images and walkscore data should be included as part of the themes development (image references and walkscore data provided). Once completed, this should be automated.

Once finished, each listing post should feature other homes for sale nearby as well as show neighborhood businesses, shopping centers, amenities, etc. This could be placed as sidebar widget, etc. Every post should have a way to contact us via form, email, phone, etc. per the page they are view for tracking.

Ideally, nothing should leave the site.

Second Phase:
Not for this project, however should be able to pickup where left off in a few months (gotta make the money first) this project will lead to posting property tax data provided as CSV files. All properties in my local county should exist as a posted blog. As data is pulled from the RETS feed (above), the property tax will be included into the page to give the end-user more information about the property.

In both projects above, images and walkscore data should be included as part of the themes development (image references and walkscore data provided).

I am familiar with WordPress, just not XML and other types of coding. That being said, money is tight. I am willing to do whatever I can to offset some of the cost. One example, that I like as a foundation is

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Simple PHP Importer Script

I need an simple importer script written in PHP that will parse an XML file and insert data into 3 mysql tables (or update if record already exists). The whole process is very simple, but you need to find the place of a large number of elements from the XML file in the mysql tables.

Youll get and XML file and the structure of the database tables with some sample data and you will need to provide a script that automatically imports the data into the tables.

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Flash, XML, Actionscript 2.0

I have a flash xml gallery that supports hotspots. I need to have it modified. Currently if you click on a hotspot it opens a pop up information box. All current functionality must be retained.
What I need to be done:
1. Currently, the hotspot has a fixed icon image in the fla file. The hotspot takes its settings from the xml file. I need it to pick the icon image from the xml file too. It can be either jpg, png or swf.
2. I need new functionality as to when you click on the hotspot:
a. A dropdown list of items should show.
b. The items list should support multiselect.
c. The items are to be loaded from xml file, perhaps this way &lt;product&gt;item 1, item 2, item3,

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Customize Multiple Existing Flash Preloaders & Combine

I have purchased several flash component fla files including preloaders, text/banner effects, intros, date countdowns, number counters, scrolling marquee, and animations. I want to include all of these components in a single flash application that can dynamically display each component at a specified x,y,z position, width/height scale, at a specified time. All of the canvas and component parameters would be loaded from a remote xml file via http. Each component comes with its own set of dynamic parameters that are currently loaded from local xml files or flash embed parameters; we need to modify these components so that the parameters are loaded from the same remote xml file via http. I also need the 5 different preloader components to be modified from using the bytes loaded values to using values specified from the xml parameter. The end result will allow me to combine the various components into a single timeline where multiple components can be displayed at the same time and one after the another as a movie. The single flash file is a framework that can create an unlimited number of subsequent movies based upon the content displays the combined components are capable of creating.

Below are an example of some of the flash components that I have purchased which I would like customized and included:

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XML Feed For Suresh

Feed their site with our deals, based on each city.

See attached API requirements.

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Flashsite Template Customization

Have a flash template that uses xml files to create/update each page of the flash site. I need the ability to put some html or php inside some of the pages, for instance i need to add a blog to the site and also want to integrate ecommerce and would like to have these features embedded into the pages rather than popping up as separate pages. The current template is fairly strict on how the pages look and what content can go in. Also need some elements such as arrows customized – this has to be done thru the flash file.

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Opencart Project

i need a opencart shopping cart.

– install a theme
– install turkish language
– transfer products from a xml file
– help with using the site

fee for this project is 50 usd.

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Supply a class/jar file to compress and de-compress XML.

I require a class that can be used to convert xml to wbxml and wbxml to xml. The concept is that a sending process will call the class to process the xml to send using a byte table as the conversion rules. Using kxml or equivalent Java API to parse any xml down to a compressed version of xml ie wbxml. The receiving process uses the opposite conversion function to convert back. The sender and receiver processes must have access to the same code table i.e. the rules for the compression. This will allow mobile apps to be able to send and receive xml quickly. I have proven the concept from xml to wbxml using kxml2, but have not yet completed wbxml to xml i.e. de-compress back to xml again. Upon successful bid, I will send the project code as a starter for you.
This will be used in BlackBerry, Android first (Java), then needs to be developed as a generic function/concept to work on iPhone i.e. objective-c.

I am open to ideas; either way the result must be the ability to compress at send time and decompress at receives time. This is essentially a simple library function, which could be used anywhere.

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Mechanical Turk Import/export

Seeking a programmer with experience in processing structured and unstructured data, Mechanical Turk API, and Twitter API for a task import and export project. Programmer should grasp best practices in a server-side language of their choice, and must be prepared to document all code thoroughly. Previous experience with relevant APIs and xml parsing is a must.

Programmer will be expected to extract shortened urls from a twitter feed, expand them, and then retrieve an object from the resulting url. The expanded object must then be imported to Mechanical Turk for processing. Finally, Mechanical Turk output must be processed into a format capable of being imported into WordPress in an automated fashion, preferably using an xml feed.

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XML File For PHP Melody Script

Ok! So take example this movie:

And I want XML which will pull .srt file for each video link like this:

Here you can download this script:

DEMO of one site with subtitles using php melody script:

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Reddot Development / Implementation

Reddot Implementation / Developer
Success in this position will involve a flexible approach to problem solving, technical innovation and strong communication skills.

Integrate, test, and develop web solutions focused primarily on RedDot CMS.
Deliver projects and tasks on time and on budget.
Document all work to required standards.
Work with a RedDot Architect to design and implement solutions.
Improve ease of use and site functionality through technical innovations.

Technical Skills:
Experience with web content management, RedDot Content Management
Technical Skills Desirable:
Experience using the following technologies: XHTML, XML,CSS, AJAX, JavaScript.
Experience using a dynamic programming language such as ASP, JSP, PHP or equivalent to create dynamic sites and web applications.
Understanding of web standards such as W3C, ECMA, Section 508.
Awareness of emerging web technologies and an understanding of how they can be applied to solve business problems.
Experience in development of web applications utilizing an RDMS such as Oracle is an asset.

Required Soft Skills:
Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to convey understanding of technical subjects to non-technical people.
High performer. Ready to contribute to our organization.
Passionate about the web with an ability to contribute to the shaping of the industry.
Strong problem solving skills. Able to understand a business problem and implement a technical solution.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this opportunity.

Looking for a consultant who has worked on Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, and XML.
Should have 3 to 4 years of Solid experience in Web Development & "Reddot".
Must have "Reddot, JSP, HTML and XML."
Start Date: Immediate
Skills: Reddot, Content Management System (CMS) with JSP, HTML, XML

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Build Html Table With Data From An XML Feed

I have two xml feeds that I need some data extracting and displayed on a php webpage.

The first feed has two elements that need to be displayed.

The second feed has seven elements that need to be displayed in a html table, with the table row repeating for the next 10 instances.

A third table is needed for a reworking of some of the data in the second xml feed. Only one instance is pulled from the XML feed this time.

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I Need a PHP/XML solution (component) to be able to create an XML file of all Sobi2 listings incl. all custom fields.

You must know PHP / XML
You must know Joomla 1. 0. 15
You must know Sobi2 Component
You must know MySQL
You must have experience designing Joomla extensions

The Goal:
.. is to submit our listings to different search engines like for ex. and others

A lot of search engines allow inserting listings via XML import
check here:

I need also to import xml file into my sobi2 directory

As the search engine uses there own specifications we need to be able to rename our custom fields into their specifications inside the Joomla administration.

What must this component do:
– create a XML file from the Sobi2 listings (database)
– possibility to rename/change names of fields
– Export/create XML file to the root or for download
– Import XML file to my sobi2 directory

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Simple project with MOGRE

* No rendering required.
* No client interation.
* Input some 3D coordinates from XML file (You may specify any coordinate style in XML)
* Do any basic commands like rotate-left/right
* Dump the 3D result in ordinary 2D jpg .

Read more about MOGRE here:

* Language: C#
* Tool: Visual Studio 10
* .NET version 4

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We need a professional to Integrate IN STOCK ONLY Ingram Micro XML, Synnex XML, Tech Data XML, As well As DVD Products Coming from a CSV Flat File Around Total 30 000 IN STOCK products, into Magento Commerce Shopping Cart. We need a professional that knows what hes doing and it needs to work perfect. There is a Budget Limit. We also need someone Who will Be able to Attach Descriptions And Images that we already have by Manuafcturer Part# to the appropriate pulled Data from each distributor, and fill the product pages witrh the descriptions we already have in CSV and images we already have. We need a professional, and also a possible data miner for descriptions and images. WE WONT PAY OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNTS FOR THIS TASK. AS WE KNOW THAT XML INTEGRATION IS PRETTY EASY. So We will accept offers only below 350$ Or So. Or dont bother bidding! Also, if you can help install magento extensions for the payment methods we need which are : AlertPay Merchant Account (not regular or business but full merchant e-wallet), Moneybookers merchant E-wallet (not regular full merchant status), and Paymentech Orbital Gateway Canada Not USA, orbital gateway Canada. Also We will then do a PCI Compliance Test for the Paymentech Service via possibly CRE.,. We need this done ASAP. Also we need Recommendation of a domain thats 10 years old with solid seo thats retained.

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Home Page Slider

Simply i need a home slider look like exactly like the one on , and to be Dynamic XML

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Rails Backend Development

I need help on finishing a backend for a Ruby on Rails application I have been writing. I am only looking for someone who can complete a few resources that I do not have time to finish. The following tasks would need to be done:

– Develop between 3-7 models
– Develop controllers for the respective models
– Write test cases for the controllers and models
– Write custom XML and JSON views for all the current resources.

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