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Need Yahoo Email Leads

I need someone that can get me fresh active yahoo email leads… I need millions so if you do please msg and bid on the project.

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50 Yahoo Answers, Forum, Bookmarking And Blog Posting

as we talk about.

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Want Yahoo News And Bing News To Index My News

My website is already approved by Google News and all the content gets indexed very fast, however i want the same for Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Our news website is updated daily and offers unique and fresh news stories so there will be no problems getting approved.

Just need help from someone who has experience with bing and yahoo.

Need this done asap.

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Improve Yahoo Site Explorer Result Yahoo Index

As attached, currently, we only have 307 pages indexed by Yahoo/Bing and 2 inlinks found on Yahoo Site Explorer. We have 4500 pages indexed by Google, so there should be a potential large increase.
We are looking for around 1500 pages indexed and 150 inlinks. Place your bid for this project and the lead time. Thanks.

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I Need 1000 Yahoo Accounts Now

i will pay max price 10$/1000 acounts.please bid now.

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Need 5000 Yahoo Accounts Made ASAP

I need 5000 yahoo accounts created ASAP.
I will provide the usernames/passwords to create. Ill be checking this post frequently so please bid as i need these asap.

03/28/2011 at 1:48 EDT:

Again.. please note that I WILL BE PROVIDING THE USERNAMES to create.. please do not sell premade accounts 🙂

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Transfer Yahoo Store To Magneto


I have an established ecommerce store which is based on the Yahoo Store platform. I would like our site to be duplicated in Magento.

Please only apply if you have experience doing similar projects.



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Top 10 Google Yahoo Guarantee

DONT BID if you dont accept these terms.

no monthly pay. No upfront pay. I pay when top10 is achieved on google and yahoo in usa. Dont offer me seo packages. They are useless.

keywords: chat, chat rooms, chat line

Post in PMB:
1. Your sample xls weekly report
2. Your keywords and sites currently on top10
3 Your price, and time

You understand there is no pay until top10 is achieved. If you do not achieve on time, I cancel the job and hire a more competent guy, with no pay to you for incompetency.

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Need 5000 Yahoo Accounts Made Today

I need 5000 yahoo accounts created ASAP.
I will provide the usernames/passwords to create. Ill be checking this post frequently so please bid as i need these asap.

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Top Ten Ranking In Google , Yahoo And Bing


I need SEO expert who can optimize my must reach a top 10 ranking on Google for keywords/phrases approved by project creator.

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Yahoo Store – RTML – Expert Needed

Convert Current Volusion ECommerce Site to Yahoo Stores including all 1500 products and content.
Converted to be the same as current site.

Below is a link to view the site to be converted.

Very Simple Job for the right candidate.

Please provide 3 URLS to previous Yahoo E-Commerce Websites you have developed.

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Looking For 3-4 Sellers

Ok I am looking for 3-4 people who can sell products on ebay and amazon.

For selling on amazon you should be from UK or USA.


Must know how the ebay and amazon system works.
Must have account with good feedbacks.
Paypal account verified with no restrictions.

You will get paid per sale , it will be around $4-$50 per sale. More the sales you make , more u earn. You will earn different amount of money on different products.

I will pay the ebay insertion and final value fee.

Interested person start bidding.

You need to have msn or yahoo or gtalk or aim or skype , I prefer msn and yahoo.

Pm me with your msn or yahoo or gtalk or aim or skype and we will talk more about it.

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1st Page For Google & Yahoo Singapore

Highly Experienced SEO Masters Only! ~ Do Not Waste My Time!

Job Description:

Obtain top 3 ranking for the following keywords on Google Singapore ( & Yahoo Singapore (

1. Corporate Gifts
2. Corporate Gift

Obtain top 3 ranking for the following keywords on Google Singapore ( & Yahoo Singapore (

1. door gifts
2. premium gifts
3. customised tshirt
4. customised gifts
5. custom gifts

2. You MUST speak clear English
3. You MUST be very highly rated and qualified
4. You MUST have pure confidence in your abilities to complete this task
5. You MUST send me a weekly review of all work completed
6. You MUST give me updates often on progress and an estimated time frame of completion

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300 Link Building +PR4 Links

We are seeking for 300 PR3+ permanent, one-way, relevant back links for a news website. We will provide you website URLs with keywords.

You cannot create more than 10 links per day

– Absolutely no black hat or grey hat tactics. We require white hat techniques only
– We prefer links from english news websites
– Links must be permanent and static HTML. You agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months after placement.

– No directory submissions, forum posts, article submissions, links from guest books, within newsgroups, yahoo groups, CL sites, link farms, etc.
– No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text, No robots.txt blocking, fake PR, banned by Google, Yahoo, Bing sites, NO ping sites etc

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Need Posting In Yahoo Answers. 120 Answers.

Need 120 answers in yahoo answer sites.

Project details:

90 of your answers must be done by the following way. You posting the question (we providing to you the list of questions) and after 1-2 days you must place the answer (we will provide the examples of answers). Answer must be typed correctly, in "human style" no robotic answers or something like this. Url of our website must be included in answer. URL must be clickable!!! Not clickable links, doesnt counting.

30 of your answers must be answered in related questions (will explain this in instruction) of other users, url of our website must be included in each answer.

Further instructins: use different profiles, of course not all of them must be unique, but at least 30% of profiles must be different.

Answerer in better to have a ranking, new answerer profiles in doesnt accepting.

Answers (in your questions) must ranked as best answer.

Remember! We counting only answers, posts with the questions doesnt counting.

Payment will released in 5 days after the last answer will be posted to be sure, that it will not be erased by moderators.

Good luck.

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Mass Link Pinging Need.

We seek link specialist who could help with indexation of all our links. We got more then 1500 links published from more then 500 unique domains. We got indexed only about 850 links indexed from about 360 unique domains. We try to use pinging software, result was not success. Counting links by yahoo site explorer

Not accepting bids from profiles without positive feedbacks!!
When you bidding please send me PM info, how you will index our links (not asking full technology, but at least describe in 2 words).
Good luck.

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Yahoo Webhosting Accounts Needed


I would be needing Yahoo Web Hosting including domain registration on regular basis so i am looking for someone who can work with me for a long time. Please bid based on per hosting account.


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Yahoo Captcha OCR

I need YAHOO Captcha OCR Software (not manual entry),
If you have please bid your Cost and Success captchas %

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MSN , ICQ , Yahoo Java Sample


I want working JAVA sample classes able to retrieve the display image (avatar) of a contact for IM protocols

MSN : using jml library 5.2
Yahoo : using openymsg
ICQ : using JOscarLib

Thats all. nothing more , nothing less.

the classes must be provided with an eclipse compatible java simple project.


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SEO For E-commerce Site

Our company is looking for a team of professionals with broad experience in SEO, marketing, ecommerce and graphic design.
We are quite familiar with the SEO techniques, but do not expect us to dictate you what to do.
We would expect you to run your own show and come up with the creative plan. We are open for suggestions.
We need team familiar with the US market and know how to optimize our website for very competitive keywords and phrases using WHITE HAT SEO methods and could guarantee results within 2-6 months.

The guarantee will be met if the following conditions are attained:

1. Our primary targeted phrases/keywords will appear on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN.
2. Our secondary target phrases/keywords will attain a minimum of 3 top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
3. Our third targeted phrases/keywords will attain a minimum of 5 top 20 rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Milestone payment will be based upon successful achieving Google top position for the given keyword.
100% payment when requirements are met. Domain name will be disclosed to the winning bidder. The domain name is new and NO SEO was done in the past. We would expect a weekly report from you to see progress.

When bid, specify the following:
1. SEO methods you are going to use
2. Detailed information on procedures and timelines
3. Provide examples of completed projects
4. Use word

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Post Clickable Links With Yahoo Level 2+ Account

The Job

I am looking for someone who can post my clickable links within Yahoo Answer (US). The answer must not be spam and relevant to the question and must stay live for a long time. Most of the questions will be technology based so you should have a general understanding of the questions and answers.

Any links that are take down within 30 days must be replaced free of charge.

I am looking for your price for 100 links and how long it will take you to do.

If this works out it will be an on going job.

Please be able to give 2 links to show the quality of your work or show me a project you have completed.

Please feel free to ask any questions related to this job.

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Yahoo Mail Browser Automation

We are an ESP sending promotional (subscribed) mails to lot of consumer accounts at yahoo.

We need an automated system that can log in to multiple test yahoo accounts and determine wether the mail has landed into Inbox or Spam folders

This needs to be a browser automation software and not a command line screen scraper.

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You can earn by placing our blog link in other websites..
You can place our link in Yahoo answers or as comments in others blog posts..
You can earn 1$ each for placing our link in Yahoo answers or putting links along with your comment on others blog posts.Please note that if you are placing our link in yahoo answers or as comments in others blog posts,never just put the link.Try to put the link after your comment(like,your post is very attractive..more information is there in …..)

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Upgrade Yahoo Ppc Campaign

We have 3 yahoo ppc campaigns which are quite small. Search marketing only.

The first is a campaign that has 20 adgroups which we have been running for 1.5 – 2 years – this signs users into a free ecourse on weight loss.
CTR is 3.4 – 4.2%, CPC $0.11 and conversion to sign up is approx 10.5% for the last 3 months.
The thank you page leads to a sales page.

The other 2 campaigns (4 adgroups) lead direct to the sales page, have similar CTR and costs – conversions arent so clear.
Budget is $30 per day.

***What we need is someone better than us who can take our campaigns to the next level.
***Improve overall impressions and CTR with similar or better conversion costs.

Must be experienced with Yahoo PPC, the weight loss market and managing campaigns that sign up free leads and buyers.
Future work:
*We will possibly want to expand our market in yahoo (currently targeting ANZ)
* Managing the campaigns on a ongoing basis
* Work on our google campaigns
* Transfer to other search engines

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Online Chat Room For Dating (log In With Yahoo Id Or Open I)

We are looking for an online application that runs as a yahoo chat room but supports logging in and register with only a yahoo id or it can use OpenID.

That information should be given by the user when he registers on the site.

We want it to be the simplest possible and for anyone that could offer a demo for doing just this two things: sign up with my own yahoo id, and complete a form with the city area, I get in the chat room with people from the same city like myself and can chat in public and private mode with whom I want from the list with available users in the right.

From a successful demo we would like to develop it even further, so we would like to collaborate and of course pay you

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20k Yahoo Emails ! Need NOW !

Need 20 k Yahoo Emails Ready Mate ! and good quality !

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10,000 Yahoo Mail Accounts

I am looking for a supplier of yahoo email accounts.
I will be buying on a regular basis.
This First order will be for 10k accounts.
Accounts must be completely verified meaning if i log in for the 2 or 3 time i will not have to fill in the secret questions
Accounts must be made with real looking names like "bob.james" not like "bob.j54861j"
Accounts must stay active for a long time.(if account die within 7 days they get replaced)
Please bid low as this will be an ongoing project.

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