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Stream Videos From Megaupload

I need a script or wordpress plugin to stream videos (mp4) from the filehostings directly – (megaupload mainly- if megaupload works i dont care about others). You can see a working example from m o v i e z e t DOT com.

Stream from Megaupload
Use player and load subtitles

I need this working for firefox, chrome, safari, IE and opera. I dont care if you copy part of the code from other sites or the player is a free player. I have a pretty clear idea of the php files it calls and javascript files that are called. I also have downloaded these files but I cant seem to get them to call each other correctly. I am pretty sure it is all there, just that the frame is not being called correctly. I can provide what I have if it reduces the workload and completion time. I really do feel like someone with a little more experience can work with the files i have retrieved from their site and get it together fairly quickly.

If you visit the site – you can see that the plugins for all the browsers are there. these can be downloaded locally, and then the files called inside can also be downloaded. When it is all said and done, the user-side script calls another server side script, which calls another which calls 1 of 3 php files, and then finally loads the fetched video on the swf player. I am pretty sure I have all the files that are called.

I have a wordpress test site running on a random domain that can be used for this project. I can provide via private message.

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Avaya Expert


I am looking for Avaya expert who has work experience of minimum 3 years.

Avaya certification will be an added advantage.


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Looking For A Java Tutor.

I am studying off a book. I am looking for a tutor that could help me with questions and helps on lab work. I have no experience and looking to learn Java.

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Typing Captchas

We want guys for Typing Captcha Images for our promotional Campaigns,we will give you link where you can create your account and can type OR if you are a manager and a number of people are working under You,we will allow you to Create Admin pannel for you and you can ad your workers IDs There.We are looking more several teams so we may select multiple guys or we may post more Projects for selecting multiple Guys.Interested Teams Are requested to send their teams details in PMB along with Their working experience,and How many hours a day You are available.How many Images you can process in 24 hours.Currently we are paying 2.5$ for 1000 correct captchas so please do not Quote high Prices, we are looking for Good service and a Good Price.
Also we are Looking for craigslist posters who can post daily for us in Job Section.if You are capable of posting multiple ads a day,Send us your Details and prices

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Agribusiness Project Manager


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