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Website Designing Only 4 Pages

Hello i need 4 pages website, home, about us, services and contact us….

i am waiting for bid……

Thanks San

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Request For Cool Mobile App

Dear Freelancer,

we are looking for a new and usefull iphone and android app.
Before we develop this app its up to you to show us your expirience in this mobile app area by suggesting a usefull app for our business.
Please add to your bid your suggestion for an app that would be attractive for fans of the female star DJ Miss Diamond.
She is a DJ in the house music style and is born in Brazil. Now she operates internationaly out of Switzerland. Please think broad how to attract and retain fans with this app. It could be entry control to our parties or pure entertainment or live internet broadcast via ustream or simple tour dates and other infos. Most important it has to be interesting and unique to even get by this cool app we are building here more fans for Miss Diamond. To get some more input on her check her website: www.Miss-Diamond.DJ or her pages on Facebook and MySpace.

We have seen some applications from other DJs like David Guetta who enables the users to play around with own rythms and compose easily some music……this is therefore not an option for our app.

Please reply back with your expirience in the mobil app development and your initial idea for this app. Both factors a) professionality of development and b) creativity for real cool new app will count.

DJ Business

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Esoft Online

I have provide a hosting and domain services and provide web Desighning ,Software solutions and web devolpment……….

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Website With Online Store Built On WordPress

I need a website built on wordpress. It must have an online store, locate a store search functionality, ability for users to subscribe then receive mass distributed emails to that database, videos built in, feeds to Twiter and Facebook, blog where users can comment and a forum. The remainder is a brochure style website with 8 main pages including more drop down menus. Some images may need to be optimised, but most images will be provided. Logo already completed. Please include timeframe in your quote.

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Create Website For Online Company (10 Pages)

We need to create another version of our current website for postal mail forwarding company. The website will consist of 10 pages (plain html).

The website can be created using a relevant template from upon our approval (in this case we will buy the template you choose).

You will need to create a simple logo and use a relevant set of icons. You will also need to create a picture with simple scheme of work (graphic description of services).

We are looking for someone to give us reasonable quality with a budget no more than $400.

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Software Reseller Website Header & Banners 5 Images Needed

Seeking a banner to be designed the project consists of 640 x 80 pixels at least 72 DPI

it will include site name (will be given to winning bidder) and software sales around the globe

this site is an software reseller website using a paypal type script

also needed is 2 x 468 x 60 standard banners animated including the above info

and 2 125 125 banners also animated

total 5 images for this software reseller website

samples are required

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Giving Final Touches To A Website. Doing A 2nd Site 5pages

We started developing a website that is almost complete and needs some final touches. Should take about 1 hr for someone to complete. We need another static website similar to an existing website. This website will have about 3-5 small html pages. Needs to look professional.

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Simple To Navigate Website With Just 4 Key Pages

I am looking to update the current website to a content management type system. The site has key pages : Home, A-Z of Developments, Map, and Links …. Any building is listed in the same template page that will have to show the following info as seen here: I would like alot of social site interaction so that site updates can be shown through twitter and photo gallery is linked to flickr.

The main issues are fast data input which I will complete myself and easy to navigate pictures on the building pages.

Any questions just ask….

Please note that as this is a non commercial project and I am currently studying the project budget is important and to keep this low I will be undertaking all data input on the website template.

I am also keen to develop a logo which I will pay extra for

Thanks for taking the time to read my ad!!
Look forward to hearing from you!

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New Website For Online School

New website is required for online business education. The site will require a Home page (some flash required), Login (using Facebook, Google, etc), Seven Categories (for the business categories areas, so 7 different pages) and Contact page. Eventually couple of other pages, such as Legal, Private Policy.

Each Category page will include a video and a description of the video. The videos are hosted in Youtube. So we need to embed them. We have the video database completed, so developer should have a way to feed the data onto the website. The site should have facility to update and add extra videos as business develops.

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I Need SEO Done On A WordPress Website (6 Pages Roughly)

I need SEO done on a WordPress Website that is around 5-6 pages – Very small budget, but have 2 more WordPress SEO projects immediately upon finishing this one. Must be able to show me your work, and must document every change you make when youre conducting the SEO on this website.

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Copy Websites

Copy of website…..only 4-5 pages, very good
knowledge of XML required.

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$40 Per Mini WordPress Website Creation 7-15 Simple Pages

Job Description

I am paying 40 dollars per mini website created.

Requirements and details of job

– Complete on time
– Must be WordPress expert
– Must be HTML & PHP expert
– Must have good photoshop design abilities
– Flash is an asset
– Make simple banner
– Style Content
– Make nice optin
– Add images relating to niche topic
– Websites will have 5-15 pages
– Content will be provided
– Plugins will be provided which you will add or download
– You must be a great communicator
– Great command of english language
– 40 dollars per website

2 websites per week.

Do not apply unless you understand the fixed price of this job. Do not apply to bargain. Do not apply if you are not meeting the requirements of this job. You will be deleted.

Good contractors please apply.

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Website, Online Store

Looking for complete eshop and site buidling . have to look alike some already existing.
we selling sweaters and jumpers. will put online approx 15 articles available in different sizes and colors.
looking ONLY for experienced webdesigner.
payment only trough escrow.

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Website For Online Theme Editing

Dont bid on this project if you are not a professional in WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Dont bid on this project if you dont have good ratings either (less than 20). This project requires team work. We want to create a website that has all the theme editing functions like but with much simpler interface. The themes can be exported into different CMS format. In this project, we will provide concept images for all the pages and all the functions we want in a detailed text format.

Please pre-bid on this project if you are interested. You need to show us the website you have done in the message board so that well be able to see whether you have the skills suitable for this skill. From there we will look at each candidate and contact you directly with the project details.

Best Regards,

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Restaurant Website With Online Ordering


We are looking for a restaurant website (Joomla, wordpress, os commerce or other). Please bid only if you have already developed something like this. We will be looking for a Generic site that we can fully customize for our client. With all the proper functionality and features relevant to a restaurant website. This site must have ecommerce menu option. we need it to be able to create a printout of order to be faxed or emailed to restaurant. see this site as a menu idea example:

We really only need menu back end to drop into our site (if that will make the project less expensive).

We like to see a copy of your previous work, and can handle any modifications ourselves.

When bidding, please email us with links to your portfolio restaurants, only. Thank You.

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Technology Marketing Writer For A Software Website

S | Technical Writing

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Technology marketing writer for a software website  

Technology marketing writer for a software website is project number 879189
posted at Click here to post your own project.

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Selected Providers:

Budget: $750-$1500 USD

Created: 12/09/2010 at 13:48 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

12/16/2010 at 13:48 EST
(6d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



We are an established IT/software company offering a SaaS-based IT service management solution. We need a great technology writer to help us redraft our Web site.

Our site is aimed at IT and business managers (quasi-technical types) who are looking for an automated IT service-management and monitoring solution. Although our focus is software, the Web sites focus on the softwares business benefits. For this reason, we need a writer who can not only describe what were doing, but also explain why it matters.

The project scope is about 30 Web pages: 20 on solution components, 7 on professional and consulting services, and 3 on company functions. Each page may run 200-500 words, depending on its topic.

Writer requirements:

— Previous experience writing marketing content about IT systems and/or solutions
— Excellent grammar and written style
— Strong general knowledge of IT processes and systems
— Excellent understanding of the general Business-IT value proposition
— Ability to simplify complex technical topics so that the average IT manager or business reader can understand them

Knowledge of IT systems and processes is critical for the success of this project. Well provide guidance and orientation regarding our specific solution, however the writer must be able to draw on their own knowledge of IT systems to adequately describe both the solution features and their business-process benefits.

— Compensation: We will compensate fairly for solid writing. Please include your per-page rate in your application.

— Timeline: Tight: early January, if at all possible.

The project writer will work directly with our Seattle-based editorial manager, who will provide a content template and topical outline for each required page.

Working drafts may be submitted as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer files. When bidding, please plan for one drafting round, plus one revision round for each required page.

To apply for this project, please submit a summary of your writing experience, samples of relevant prior writing works (links to live sites are preferred), and a rate bid.

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SEO Campaign For Two Software Products Website

We need a SEO campaign for a new website that sells two software products; A Key Logger and a Registry Cleaner. We would like to target being listed on top of mayor search engines and link building.

Thank you.

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Discussing Website Online- Blogs/Forums

I have a client in the adult industry and I need to make them more competitive online. I also want to promote their unique selling points which are;
– discretion
– top class models
– excellence of service
– robust packages

I realize this project might not be suitable for everyone; I apologize if this offends anyone.

Im looking for someone to champion my client online through blogs and forums. I will happily pay $1 USD for each successful blog post that is made live. Not bothered if its nofollow or follow post/link.

Ideally each post will contain a link to my clients site.

This will be an ongoing monthly project.

Look forward to your responses.

Start ASAP.

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Website For Online Petition

I need a website for the purposes of a community project to support better public transport in my area. I want it to be able to record and register users (in a sql database) for the end purpose of generating an online petition. I would also like a section where users can suggest ideas/comments and I can approve them (and edit) after moderation. I would also like another section where users can vote in an online poll (bullet point style) from a number of options and be given a graph to show current results. Id also like to have IP address unique voting so users cannot vote more than once. Any suggested layout is fine and I would prefer if each page is easily navigated to from one another by tabs. Basic idea of pages below

cover page – explains briefly what website is about and side bar for online poll on cover page.
secondary page – for more detail and latest news.
secondary page – for signing up to petition
secondary page – for viewing past online poll results
secondary page – for user to suggest ideas and make comments (able to edit and moderate)

I will be running the website on a private server (most likely linux like debian or ubuntu) and installing MySQL or similar database myself. I just need the website to be built and I can create the users and get it all going after that. I also will maintain it. Any questions, email me.

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Daily Deal Software And Website Like Groupon

We are looking for website software similar to to launch our own daily deal business. We have been looking at many of the scripts available for purchase on the Web but are unsure which to choose.

The project is to either provide this software/script/website package or to provide a recommendation of an existing daily deal software/script for us to purchase. If you provide recommendation and reasons why we should select an existing script, we will use your services for customizing the script to our brand and ongoing support as well as upcoming website development projects.

We need the site to be live by the end of this week.

Some requirements are:
– PayPal integration
– Daily email template blast integration for the deal of the day
– social networking support
– live chat integration (optional)
– mobile phone support (mobile website or iPhone app)
– gift certificate generation (including numbering)
– Ability to limit number of certificates available for a given deal
– Support for code updates and bug fixes

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Tweak New Website Already Online

My website has been installed but needs some repairs and tweaking before it will work properly. Please keep bid as low as possible and if we have to add more later, we will work that out through Freelancer. Please note: Payment will be made on November 12 because that is when I get paid myself but I would like to get the repairs going as quickly as possible. I will also need someone who will be available in the future to help me keep the site going. We will always work through Freelancer.

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Retail Software Website For AmirSeljubac

As discussed

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10 Website Landing Pages Needing To Be Uploaded

I have about 10 pages for landing pages that need to be uploaded and set up for SEO optimization.

No flash– my files are PSD files and need to be uploaded to my web host and set up properly. Shouldnt take more than 2 hours– as they are all for the same domain.

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Add Pages To Drupal

Your task will be to copy content from other websites and post them to several of my Drupal sites. All images must be transferred over to my server. This job is on going. If you can do this job quickly and effectively we will award you additional tasks.

Your first job will be to copy all the "PRODUCTS" on this site: to my drupal website.

The lower your bid is the more work we have to offer.

MUST be fluent in ENGLISH!
MUST be familiar with Drupal.
MUST be available to discuss on Skype or Yahoo

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Redesigin Current Website With Photoshop 2 Pages

We Currently require our site redesigned from scratch. We need someone to build the layout and design for us within photoshop so we can cut it up into HTML. The selected user will need to design to separate pages for us, the home page and the content page

We would like something similar to what we already have but as the designer plagiarized half of it we cannot use it so were looking for something similar but far more appealing.

the site that needs redesigning is

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Static Website – 5 To10 Pages


May include one php "form to email" contact form.

Content will be provided for all the sites you do for me.

Terms and conditions:

1- My budget is $50 for this project. So do not bid if its not acceptable to you. Right now I already have 3 such projects in hand.

2 – Once I award you the project you need to send me homepage demo first (as per 1024 resolution). Changes has to be done if required. We may also request another homepage design if design is totally not approved.

3 – Once its approved I will put 50% in escrow and will release all project amount after site is complete.

4 – You should be available on skype.

5 – You will send homepage design(jpg format, you can put DEMO watermark on it) within 24 hrs after project is awarded to you and will complete the site within a week.

6- Design should not be copied from anywhere else or taken from a readymade template.

VERY IMPORTANT – Please PM me static sites examples you have done.

I need a full time partner who can work on our website design projects.

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Need Software To Search For Leads Online From Popular Sites

I need an online lead finder software.

PM me for details.

I do NOT want this software developed in .Net.

Thank you.

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Work On Existing WordPress Website Site To Finish All Pages

To work on existing wordpress website Dragon and finish the remaining pages.

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Re-Write Website Pages For New Site – SEO

Im looking for someone who is a skilled English writer to re-write pages for a new website i am building. My old website is i want to have all of the content rewritten for a new website. The content must be worded differerntly for SEO Purposes.

Must be creative to come up with new similiar content while also focusing on keyword density.

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Divert Indexed Pages Of Website To New Website

I have recently moved my website to a new server with a whole new layout of the webpages – however I have lots of pages from the old site that are indexed and listed on the search engines. I need to find a way to set up a divert from all the old pages to the new – the pages are spread over one main domain and a sub directory and are around 10 maximum

best bids please and timescale very urgent.

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2 pages website, conent will be provided to developer.

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Create A Website For Online Tests

The website will feature a few online tests.
However, initially I want one test developed first.

it will be an aptitude test that will have a likert style of questions.
Test will require to have a progress scale developed and a results page generated

I have a ready component from JoomPlace which is Survey Force Deluxe
However, some features in the test cannot be handled by Survey Force so customization is needed.

other parts of the site will be Articles.
It will also be multi lingual.

More details will be provided in the PMB.

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