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Promoter Forum Poster

Hi there,

We need someone to post in "spearfishing" forums for us.

What we need:
1. Posts in at least 500 different spearfishing forums
2. Poster need to create a profile in each of these forums
3. Poster need to post 3 relevant to the topic posts and must not appear as spam
4. THEN Poster need to post a spearfishing video from our youtube channel
4. Poster need to report back daily with forum accounts details and post urls


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Video Editing For Youtube Channels

Were looking for a video editor that can arrange music and effects on video shooting provided by us.

The video will be use on our youtube channel, facebook and websites.

All our contents are about muay thai world.

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Need Video Commercial Editing For Youtube Use.

Need a professional who can video edit commercial for youtube.
We will provide 10 to 20 minutes of footages and video and expect you to edit it and make it looks nice (adding effects, transitions etc) and bringing it down to 30-60 seconds.

If we are happy with you we will do an average of 5-6 videos a week with you, on an going basis. We will pay $20 per video as we supply all the footage and all you need to do is edit. We will start off with 1-2 videos now. You have to be able to complete at least 3 videos per day. We will show you examples if needed.

Communication has to be excellent. You must honor the contract. You must also meet the deadlines set out to you and mutually agreed on. We will not pay up front, rather work through escrow and release payment once completed and satisfied.

We expect professional high quality work and communication.

We would like to start asap.

Please message me with examples of your work.

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1,000,000 Youtube Views Needed ASAP

I need to reach over 1,000,000 REAL youtube views and maintain a 5 rating. All views should be generated from different IPs unique visitors. Traffic should come from USA ONLY! If this isnt possible, please explain what you can offer. I need comments if possible.

No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed !!

You should not use methods banned by Google & Youtube !!

The video will be delivered to the desired winner.

Please include your time-frame in your PM

Please bid with your time frame & rate for 1000000 views generated ethically & honestly !!
Bidders who can provide working references to previously completed successful projects will be prioritized.

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Simple Video For Our Website/youtube

We need 2 videos created for our website/youtube similar to these examples:

Same industry and same message to be conveyed. We will provide the wording and preferred images, logo etc.
If done to our satisfaction more similar projects to follow.

Thank you for your bidding.

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Need Video Uploaders [Youtube]

Hi all, i need someone who has Many Youtube accounts, and works fast !
Need A couple of Videos Uploaded Everyday to 100+ Youtube accounts [all the same videos]
With each video having the same description, Settings and possibly Annotations.
Lowest Bid WIns.

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Generation Of Youtube Hits

I need 4,000 youtube hits added to 5 links – a total of 20,000 hits.

It needs to be done in a way that doesnt get the video banned, and it needs to be done within a week.

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20k Youtube Views

I have 2 videos that need 10k views each. All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube. If the video is banned as a result of your efforts, no payment will be released, no exceptions.

I am looking to pay $30 for this job.

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Increase Youtube Views For Our Youtube Video


I need to increase my youtube views for a music video we currently have hosted on youtube. All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube. If the video is banned as a result of your efforts, no payment will be released, no exceptions.

I need to the views to reach 1 million, currently our views for the video are at 514,548

Youtube Login information will NOT be supplied.

Please explain how you will achieve this task and how long it will take.

Please tell me how long this will take you.

Escrow will be created in full before the job begins. Payment will be released when views reach over 1,000,000. No partial payments for partial work. Your bid confirms that you fully understand the entire job description.


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Video Making For Youtube Uploads

I need someone to make videos for me. I am not good at this and I want someone who is willing to give in a small price.
Bid 30!!!

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Increase YouTube Video Views

I would like to find someone that can provide my videos with 100,000s of views within 30 days. I would like all video views to watch the full video and not just play and run. Also, I do not want the views coming from non-English speaking country. That does not mean that the video promoter does not come from there, but I would prefer the video viewed in US, Canada, England, etc.

Please shoot me a message with a strategy, timeline, and price.


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Increase website hits

I am sure you all know how this is done. I am looking for some to do workon my site for minimum six months to help improve traffic tothis new redesigned site. I have hits and am looking to get much more hits to the site. So I would be looking at the following as a minimum:-Article Creation, Link Building, Link Building Validation, Article Optimization, Article Implementation, Article Submission, Directory Submission, SEM Plan, XML Site Map – Creation and Submission. Ask anymore questions

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wanted a youtube promotional video made

we wanted one you tube promotional video made.

so you should be an after effects expert, we will provide all the content, you will have to edit and make it trendy to 2 mins

max budget $30.

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