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2,000 Keyword Targeted Twitter Followers

I would like 10,000 new keyword targeted twitter followers from the US. You must meet ALL of the following requirements:

* Followers must be real accounts, no bots
* Followers must not be SPAM accounts, or those at risk of being quickly suspended
* Followers must have at least 50 friends
* Followers must be from the United States
* No blackhat methods
* If followers are added in a way that results in my account being suspended, you will not be paid
* The 10,000 new twitter followers must remain followers for at least 30 days after completing your work

Please include with your bid:
* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* An overview of your method to gain Twitter followers

Only serious bidders for this project and will go through freelancer and setting up a milestone payment. No exceptions. But I can work it out so that for every 2000 followers partial payment is made.

Possible on-going project.

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Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

I want the prices of my online store products reduced to specified amount on the basis of when the product was created. When a new product is submitted, the discountprice field in the products table receives a default value based on the price (price * .94 = discountprice)

PRODUCTS database fields (involved in this project)
discountprice price * discountrate = discountprice
discountrate .94 (default)
discountdays 10 (default)
datecreated 2010-11-08 23:34:28 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (default)

Change the SQL Statement in the products pages to include an "IF" statement.
EXAMPLE: If datecreated AND discountdays = OR < NOW then show discountprice OTHERWISE price

PAGES THAT REQUIRE THE CHANGE: I will provide the following PHP pages for the freelancer to change. If its not hard, I may add the additional SQL to complete this project.

SCENARIO: On a default situation, if I created a product called XYZ with a price of $100 on 2010-11-08 23:34:28, then on 2010-11-18 23:34:28, the price would display $94. Only if I changed the discountrate, would the price of this product vary. Only if I changed the discountdays, would the price change on a different day.

Scripting Language/Database: PHP MySQL

Send me a private message regarding your approach to making this work and the results of the work in completing this project.

Above, I have provided what I believe is all the information regarding this project. Please base your bid on this but I will be happy to answer questions and exchange correspondence through this websites personal message board during the development of this work. Try to keep in mind of time zones differences if responses arent immediate.

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Youtube Uploader

I need a team or person skilled with knowledge of uploading and branding mass videos to youtube. My project is very simple I need you to download videos from youtube for my specific niche, watermark them with my domain add description, and reupload the videos back to youtube. You must me able to speak english well and be creative when adding keywords and subject titles to each video. Do not bid if you have not done work like this before. Looking for a team start with 50 videos.

Phase 1 Download the videos from youtube

Phase 2 Watermark and brand with my domain

Phase 3 Add Upload videos to youtube

Phase 4 Add discription and keywords and Subject to video

Phase 5 Continue the process over again.

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