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I Need 250 YouTube Accounts


I need 250 YouTube accounts, email verified and ready to login.

The accounts must be created on different IP addresses. If one account is deleted by youtube, the rest should not be deleted too. This is important!! After I receive the accounts from you and payment is sent, I will use 50 accounts for three days., if the 200 unused accounts get deleted because of my activity on the 50 accounts, I will leave you a negative feedback and possibly dispute the payment. If you use multiple IP addresses to create the accounts, then everything will be ok and we will do business weekly for a very long time.

I need the info in the following format: username:password

If you are bidding on this, you should have some kind of an automated software that does this for you.

I will need the accounts delivered within 24 hours of accepting your bid.

Thank you.

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Iframe To Overcome Maximum Execution Time Problems

Hi. I have a Magento setup that times out when trying to perform a number of processes.

What I am looking for is for someone to write a small php program that can call these processes one by one, and using an iFrame (I think anyway) or some other technology complete each process in the background so that the settings of the maximum execution time have no effect.

I think each process is basically sql to read and update the database.



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Need 500 Long Tail Keywords

I need 500 Long tail Keyowrds about Indain Stocks, BSE, BSE/NSE. Keywords should be from 4 to 10 words. I need complete detail of how many times they searched and other detail. Time periods maximum is 10 days. Also send me payment plans and methods.

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