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Joomla Gallery Component & Small Code Fix

Joomla Gallery Component –

We have built a Joomla site and we have a section highlighting the clients work. We are using Very Simple Image Gallery as seen here:

This is a sample of the plugin as it exists on our site:

We would like to have a component designed to offer the client an intuitive GUI on the backend which would not require any code to operate (i.e. a form to fill out, photo upload buttons, ability to arrange order of photos & edit information once the page has been published.)

Summary: We want to be able to install a component which will allow the site to look and act the same as it already does, but with an easy GUI backend (no coding)

Small Code Fix –

The lightbox plugin used on this page:

is not working properly across all browsers (Specifically IE8). We need the code adjusted to repair that problem.

11/19/2010 at 13:54 EST:

Clients Request:

On the gallery page, we would like to use Visual Light Box ( instead of Very Simple Image Gallery in the finished component.

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WordPress Or Joomal Work


I want to create a new news portal website.. I will prefer joomla or wordpress…

Maximum 7 pages .. In home page category wise

7 pages should be fully dynamic

i need category wise separation
as per in home page..

world news, india news, district new, recent news like that.. i need some category wise news..
in that some of the should be displayed in
home page..

youtube video gallery
newsletter subscription
member registration…

in later we will add more budget is low, so you can bid according to that…

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Need Joomla Component Built

I need a Joomla component for dog rescue work.

I need the ability to upload a picture and information about the dog or cat and that picture will appear in a public gallery.

Then, I want it to automatically email the information to an email database, and automatically post on facebook and twitter.

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Change And Add Video To Joomla Component

i am interesting with some template /component which is component of Joomla.
this small template have a listing.
but i want to add to this component, the option to users to :
1. a video features that any user can upload a video.(its show in some places)-this can be from you tube or else.
2. Gallery to each user
3. check and to test the template that there is no bugs.
4.add more options to pay for "post listing", that users need to pay for post a list.
thank you

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