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Need Vector Graphics And Some 2D Animations For IPhone Game

We are currently working on iPhone app and would require someone to create our character. The character is a Ninja character but the game is for kids to be used for learning. So the Ninja character must be cute and adorable. Doesnt have to be a real person as long as you can portray a cute ninja that kids (age 4-10) would love.

The game we are working on is for kids but similar to Fruit Ninja.

The game is mainly for kids to learn shapes, math and colors.

Heres what we need:
Main character – Cute Ninja (can be a bird, bunny, bear, monkey, tiger, etc…)

Background – A dojo or location to train (I can provide samples later).

Explosion – Different explosion when I cut through the shapes. Heres the
idea on the shape. Its supposed to have liquid gooey stuff in it that
splatters after you slice the right one. I want the gooey explosion
similar to Fruit Ninja.

Confetti – After completing a level will shower a confetti (like Cut The Rope – see links below).

There will probably be some animation but they will be 2D animation.
For example, the ninja character will be jumping in joy when you complete
a level or be sad (head down) when he lose the game. Also swaying his sword when slicing shapes.

Theres also a bomb (like Fruit Ninja) and Ill probably make it somewhat similar to Fruit
Ninjas animation when you accidentally slash it. The bomb will not be a regular bomb
but a ball with spikes.

Shapes – I think I have the shapes but if you can have something better then
thats great. I need basic shapes (maybe with 2D rotation animation) of
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Circle, Diamond, etc…

Animation are sprite or 2D (sequential png). Maximum size of the screen
is 960px X 480px for high-res.

Heres another example of a slicing game:
Veggie Samurai –

Here are some links to image qualities that I would like for this work to be similar:
ePig Rope –
Cut The Rope –
Tower Bloxx –

Payment will be made after 100% completion of the job. This is how we do business here and I have great ratings and not about to ruin it that I have multiple projects on the way.

If you have any question let me know now.


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[WordPress]Auto Media Embedding Plugin

Task: create plugin Auto Media Embedding plugin for Video URL replace via regex to Embed code for WordPress 3

like AME 2.5 – Media Embedding (Vbulletin)



-Regular expression-
The regular expression to search for.

The HTML to use. :


some requirement:
– easily add and delete function for definitions
– good performence general / example: save the replacement and dont genreate it by every pageload
– Update function. if something has been changed in the embed code then the old posts with this embed can be updated afterwards too .

MAX: Budget: 60$

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4 How It Works Videos For Our Websites – Need Quality & Fast

need 4 videos.

2 for each website…..

good sounds, background music and animation and flash like the following …

place your bid, preferable budget is 200-250 maximum per video.

thank you.
will choose the one that has the best portfolio of VIDEO CREATION AND ANIMATION…

you will take care of voice over please provide me samples to chose from..

i will provide you script..


– first 2 vids for a penny auction website.

next two videos for a sports related website.

see videos we like

start bidding !

would like to chose someone tomorrow and start work asap 1

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I have several videos about my sites and i need them all published on websites online.

pay is 0.10 to 0.15 depending the traffic of the website. where oyu post our videos..

all you need to do is take the embed of my video and post on other sites so people can watch them…

there is no limit you can do as much as you want


only video embed…and not only youtube !

start bidding now !

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Need A YouTube Thumb Up Bot

I need a thumb up bot that could give thumbs up and down to a single comment. I will need a trial of the program and a video of you using and proving it works.

I need:
a video proof
a trial for me

All should be proven before payment.

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10,000 YouTube Views In 7 Days

Project: 10,000 USA YouTube Views in 10 Days


– Views must be acquired at a rate balanced across the next 7 days.
– YouTube views must be legitimate, real without breaking YouTubes TOS.
– No Automated methods, this video cannot be in trouble or risk of being flagged/banned.
– Please include your technique and success stories in your PM.

Also, must have a few comments & votes on video to assure naturality.

**IF the account is terminated you will NOT be paid***

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Video Submission Expert Needed

I have one short video I want to have listed on the internet. The video must be uploaded on different youtube accounts and other video websites.

Video is about a male massage directory.

The video accounts on youtube need to have the domain of the website listed so people can click and be directed to website.

I will provide the titles as well as the keywords tags.

You also need to submit links on different websites that direct to the video.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail to bid on this project.

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50k Youtube Views And Subscribers

I need 50K youtube views in the shortest amount of time. also need Subscribers. Let me know how many you can get and in what time frame.

Qualified bidders only! Please only bid if you can deliver with requirements below.

All views should be generated from different GEO locations (IP addresses/ continents) and unique visitors: No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed. I preffer US, UK, Canada, EU views.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube.

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Need Youtube Service Expert ( View, Subscriber, Rating )

I need several person that could do this youtube service

video views
1k (perefer below $5) , 2k , 5k ,10k

100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

video comments
30 (perefer below $5) , 50, 100, 300

video ratings
100 (perefer below $5) , 300, 500, 1000

Channel view
10k (perefer below $5) , 20k , 50k , 100k

Must be 100% real views, NO proxies, NO bots, guaranteed result !!

please provide proof that you can deliver this,
Ive got ton of order right now and need more people to do this.Hope we will start in less than 24hr 🙂

Pls for serious bidder only, prefer cheap one, looking for long term.
I will pay 50% at the first, and the rest after you done the work. Dont worry Im serious in this business too.

PM me with your previous work and your price.
Regular price only, I dont want to see price for Fast video service in 24hr.
(we will talk it later )

If you have another amount of views that you can do (20k, 50k, 100k , etc ) , also how many days that you can done,
just put in PM

Immediate start for this project

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Unique Views Youtube Bot

Looking for a youtube unique views traffic bot. this traffic bot however will work like this:

1) search a keyword phrase on google/bing
2) scroll through the results and click on "video results"
3) scroll through the video results and "watch" the pre-determined video
4) terminate thread


a) the bot must accept the keyword phrase in syntax and nested syntax.
b) the bot must be multi-threaded
c) the bot must accept public and private proxies as well as socks 4/5
d) the bot must use a browser with no "user id/agent" such as a java browser
e) the bot should feature a "time-out" option
f) the bot should be able to be set to a "random" option, say, greater than 400 & less than 500 views
g) the bot must always visit youtube from a search engine, find the video and watch it.

Let me know if you can do this.

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Character Developer And Website Intro Video

We are looking to hire an expert to perform the following jobs for our website which is in the progress of being built:

1) Develop three cartoon characters for us- a cool/hip young man and a beautiful girlfriend with a cute pet (this can be a dog, pet squirrel, or even a random exotic pet)— but the animal needs to be catching something in the air (like how dogs play catch in the park) — we will need a version of this for our main website (logo, pages, etc).

2) Develop a 1 minute introduction video (using those characters) similar to:

We are looking to build a long term relationship with you as we will want to come back to you to do further videos in the future—–a good price with a long term relationship will be beneficial for both parties!

Please bid and PM me:
1) examples of the characters you have developed
2) examples of flash videos (2D/3D/Flash/etc) that you have completed
3) give me an example of what kind of character you will make for us—- we will of course discuss this further and in more detail once you are chosen for the job!

30% on the start of the project then released when 50% work is complete.
30% released when 100% work is completed
remaining released when i get all the source files with final edits and full copyright ownership.

[if you would like to have other terms… please do specify in your PM]

Looking forward to working with you!

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Need 1500 To 2000 Youtube Accounts ASAP

Need 1500 to 2000 Youtube IDs/accounts. All accounts must be fresh and need a replacement time of 72 hours. Payment thru Freelancer.

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Facebook/Youtube/Twitter EXPERT

Looking for someone that is an expoert in Facebook – Twitter – Youtube.

Please provide as much detailed information on facebook and twitter services along with prices ie: iframes, landing pages, custom backgrounds, like buttons, connecting websites to facebook etc.

Also looking for friends/fans for facebook and followers for twitter. Need pricing for 50 to1 000 for each. Must explain how this is done as well.
Is it possible to link friends/fans from one specific city?

Also price for youtube views and backgrounds.

Price for twitter/facebook /youtube account setups.

Anything you can provide with pricing on all social media. Full time work available.

Thank you


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20k Youtube Views In 24 Hrs

This is what is required:

—> 20000 youtube views in 24hrs <—

Must be 100% real views, NO proxies, NO bots

please provide proof that you can deliver this…

I would like someone who can organize 10k – 100k or more youtube views ongoing.

Thank you for your bids.

Immediate start for the first project.

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100K YouTube Views Within 24 Hours!

I have a client that will be launching a music video on the 6th of April.

We require 100,000 REAL Views within 24 hours!

We also need to maintain a 90% plus "Likes". All views should be generated from different IPs unique visitors. No targeting needed just as many views as possible. These must be REAL youtube views.

It would be a bonus if the views could come from ITALY, if not, then mostly from Europe.

So, Italian views are preferred.

No bots/ androids/scripts allowed.

You should not use methods banned by Youtube, if a video is banned because of you, no payment will be released.

So, please make your that you are using legal methods only.

Half of the payment will be released when half of the views is reached (50,000). Rest of the payment is released when the agreed amount of views is reached.

Only serious bidders!


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500 Subscribers, Comments And Ratings For YOUTUBE Channel!

– No bots
– No fake accounts
– No youtube violating techniques
– Real people
– Guaranteed results

Please – bids from serious providers only.

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25,000+ Youtube Views

i need some who can provide fast but real views. no bots. i cant have this video banned from youtube, its too amazing. give bid on price per 25,000 views and say how fast you can do it. thanks. also say if views are from one place like one country or not. thanks.

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Video Editing For Youtube Channels

Were looking for a video editor that can arrange music and effects on video shooting provided by us.

The video will be use on our youtube channel, facebook and websites.

All our contents are about muay thai world.

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Need Youtube Views Suppliers

We are a very big company selling fb fans,twitter followers and yout tube views.We currently have suppliers who can deliver 100k views per day but we are looking for more suppliers as we get so many orders that my guys are unable to handle them all.An d ofcourse your techniques should not ban our yt account nor videos and you should always use white hat techniques.So if you can send you tube views preferably more than 10k views per day then put your prices with the quantity u can deliver per day.Multple bidders will be chosen.Best of luck !

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Youtube Friend Adder

We are looking for a web-based youtube friend adder with the abiities to:

extract users based on keywords
Send friend request
send messages
post comments on profiles
send videos

If you have any demos please let us know…

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Iphone Education App Required


current i required one education iphone app, have details as follow :

1- iphone fish education app required.

2- we want to create an fish aquarium app (in which fish, water, plants into aquarium etc look like real), which allow users to know about the fish (we provide the fish name for developr help), when user touch the screen, its like touch the water and fish act according to it, user able to feed the fish.

3- when user interact with the app able to learn how to take care of the fish, learn its behavior and understant it better way.when the user touches the screen the fish thinks is another fish and trys to fight with the finger , the fish will have 2 or 3 standby positions.

4- few fish videos for help:

5- the names of the fish required into app.
Betta splendens is the species group and here are the types
Half moon betta
Half moon betta plakat
Double tail betta
Crown tail betta
Wild bettas
Betta macrostoma

Each of the betta splendens have different colors and patterns.

This is small but education app for kids and all age group to know fishes closer way and their behaviour.
only experience iphone app developer required have experience.


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YouTube Marketing

We need help with video marketing, as follows:

80-100 votes
30-40 comments on a video
20-25 channel subscribers to a YouTube video
5-10 "favorites"

This work would be done over the course of one month.

This work will be in two parts, and it should be done according to YouTubes guidelines. No fake profiles, please.

Please private message us with your qualifications.

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Youtube Competition


We will be running competition whereby people can submit a video onto Youtube… The winner will be the one with the most hits on the final day of the competition.

Using our site, people are able to submit their entry to Youtube using their Youtube login. Our software is then able to monitor and track the number of hits for each entry and automatically select the winner when compitition is finished.

on the webpage we would like:
* a count down timer,
* random embeded videos of other videos already submitted.
* Link to open a Youtube account (if person doesnt already have one)
* Link to submit video (we require that the person also add their membership number and optional profile photo)
* Link to see all compitition entries on Youtube.
* person must agree to terms and conditions before enabling submition

Once compitition is finished
* winning top 3 videos are displayed
* option to submit is removed.

Adminstration options
* Set end compitition date and time (GMT)
* Have the option to remove any entry from compitition
* Preset description text for each Youtube I love winter because…
* View current top 10 videos

I hope this makes sense……


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Website Using Youtube API

Im wanting to get a website created similar to, utilizing the Youtube API to embed and replay Youtube videos. I would like all features of including these extras:

Allow the user to create a playlist of videos.
Search results when hover mouse over the video has play now or add to playlist option.
Display the top 10 replayed videos for the week, month and year.
Allow users to register on the site so they can save their playlist.

A fresh and clean design is desired, keeping advertisement spots in mind. If youre able to provide a mock-up image for the layout of the site then that would be greatly appreciated. Lastly the site must be lightweight and fast to use, not bandwidth or server intensive.

Thanks for your interest in my project and Im looking forward to working with you!

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Youtube Partner Channel Design


Over a month ago I became a youtube partner.
I am looking for someone to create a cool Youtube partner design, with an interesting (male) background. Along with a banner at the top of the page. (including Twitter, facebook – and a future possibility for a website url)

I am then looking for a Video page banner which will appear the video, which matches the Youtube Partner Channel pages design.

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