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Medical And Scientific Editing

Need Native English editors to edit scientific and medical papers/documents. Must have Native English ability. Pay is $.01/English word. A trial edit will be required. We need experienced writers only please. Editing involves not only spell checking but revising grammar and sentence structure where necessary. In some cases, rearrangement of sentences may also be necessary. You must have a deep undrstanding of scientific issues in order to edit well. Those who submit the trial with mistakes will not be selected. Those who apply should not make mistakes in their grammar in their cover letter or they will not be selected. Those who pass the test and prove themselves reliable will have steady and constant work.
Those who are able to edit between 20-40 pages of English text a day are preferable. Ph.D.s are preferable.

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Entering Text On The Google Recaptcha On Craigslist

I am unable to enter information via perl script to the criagslist google captcha page. I just need a piece of the script written that will take a variable and insert the words in the box and submit. The input fields / form his hidden by javascript.

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Order + Checkout + Pop-up Checkout


–> securebill
(first screen)
I want this to be on the site

1) the first screen with the Order Description and Select Shipping and Total
2) Payment Options add Paypal

then Continue
–> second screen
Payment Method (in the corner)
Billing Information (Where Your Card Statements Are Sent)
Card Details

Submit Order
I want to be emailed with all the fields to me
Comments and Suggestions

i want a banner to "pop-up" if the visitor does not order
if clicked on I want the "order" to be created with a total order of $1 + shipping charges
and then regular checkout

I want the "checkout" and the visitor who doesnt order getting pop-up and if accepts get a $1 + shipping charges PREFILLED

I can give you FTP access

I will not consider over $50

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Get On Google Within 24 Hours

I am an Internet Marketer for small and large companies and affiliate looking
to network with a SEO experts who knows how to get my clients listed on the major
search engins like Google, Yahoo, etc.within 24hrs when an order is submitted the same day.

If its possible what are the requirements I have to give your from my clients?

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Ranked In Google

I would like a experienced Guru of SEO to work on getting my pet internet site ranked in Google page 1 for three keywords.

You can use whatever methods as long as legal and white hat strategies to do this.

You must provide examples of sites you have done this before previously to determine your ability to take this project on.

This has to be done within the time frame you submit and for the price you quote so please be certain before bidding you can achieve this.

I will pay for this when the project is completed and not before I will pay GAF Escrow only.
Please do not bid if this is not acceptable.

The site is

the keywords are
Dog Clothes
Dog Collars
Dog Beds

Thank You for looking.

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CubeCart Registration Modification

On a CubeCart v3 modification required as follows:

On the Account Registration page there is a checkbox at the bottom asking if the person registering would like to receive store emails. The original function is to stay intact, but additionally if the registrant checks the box, an automated email welcome message is to go to the registrants email address upon completion of the checkout process (at the same time as the order received email goes to the store owner)

The second modification is also on the registration page. An input field is required so the registrant can enter the name of a referrer. This should then appear with the registrants (Customers)details in the View Customers section (after clicking edit the name, address, email etc.. and then referror is also visible)

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private work for sanjid, posting ads in classifields,yahoo answer,blog

Hi Sanjid
To be frank, I only wanted to rate you as 6 instead of 10 for your last two projects, because you do not know how to vary keyword anchor text.
Please read this post

this is a good post that will give you some hint why I have given several keywords for each landing page

because if you use same anchor text in all backlinks, this will not work well in Google, and can even penalize/sandbox as our site is new

I found a lot of forum posting was deleted, so you will check your posting very carefully.

the keyword sheet will be sent you you by PM.

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Zen Cart main page adjustments

Programmer with Zen Cart experience needed. Please check out On the lower left hand side of the screen are customer reviews. This was programmed incorrectly as static text, I would like the Reviews dynamic (tied to the Reviews module already built in to Zen Cart) so I can add and delete customers reviews as needed. Also, as a minor tweak, would like too increase the size of the font for the product price on the main page. Thank you!

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