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Zencart Expert

Zen cart Project

I have a bilingual zencart website (English and Spanish)

1. I would like this wholesale module adding and configurating on my site.

The module would need to work in both languages (I will supply and translations in to Spanish)
2. Also I require a new link adding onto the main menu – that clicks through to a new text page I will supply the text in both languages
3. to make sure this module works with the other modules that have been added it may be neccessary to set up a so that test site in a subfolder.
4. The wholesale section will have different postage rates these will need adding

This website is live and taking orders on a daily basis, the is a job for someone that understands zencart and is a code / php expert. Please do not bid if you have no feedback. Please do not bid if you do not speak english

Payment will only be released from escrow once the project is completed and the module is working
This is a straight forward installation for any zencart expert

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Zen Cart Theme And Design Help

We have a website and I feel it is not as nice and vivid as our competitor. I am looking for someone who can see their webiste and then ours and have a vision for how they can help. I am open to your suggestion on edits to make the site better and closer to the quality of the example site. We do not want to re-invent the site, we simply want to edit what we have and enhance the look to be better, better elements, and visuals. We do not want to copy, but rather offer different look but just as nice

Our competitors site is

Our site we want to change is

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Zen Cart Multiple Image Functionality

I need a zen cart developer to add multiple image functionality
Need to be able to add multiple images to a product these images be viewable when on the main product page.

but not as fancy, no need for the fade, just be able to have more than one image and click to enlarge

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Zen Cart Integration

I have an existing zen cart shopping cart with a cpanel and a private SSL certificate. I have just purchased an Addon Domain and want to get this working as an independant site as well.
I need:
1) To copy my existing zen cart shopping cart to this new folder on my server. I need this to work independently of the original site with its own database (copy and config). I do not want to start from scratch as I have a lot of extra modules added.
2) I am hoping that I can use my secure area with this site as well. Will I be able to use this cert with both domains? I need someone to advise me and help me sort this. I will need to know if this will work before I start the project.
3) I need a little advice on linking to my payment gateway

I realise that there is very little work in this for someone who is an expert in this so I do not need someone who will give it a go, I need someone who has done this many times before and can do it quickly and painlessly.


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Zen Cart Template Customization

We have created a rudimentary website running Zen Cart on an Apache 2.2 server with MySQL and PHP 5.3 from a template called Glacier Age from Clyde Jones. We are looking for a Web Designer capable of editing this template to customize it for my business of online backup service. We have four classes of products with varying price levels and will take credit card payments via PayPal. You will be responsible for the website layout and design while actual text content and needed graphics (background or otherwise) will be provided by an artist you will work with remotely.

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Website Editing On ZEN CART

Need a developer to update website supported by ZEN CART

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Product Population

We are seeking one individual who has expereince in putting in products in our online ZenCart store by way of copying content from suppliers webstie and transfering to ours while presenting an attractive product webpage complete with all content, text, and images of products, task must include the quick meta tags attributes also on each product.

Start immediately, must know zen cart and how to do this, we pay per product put in

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Zen Cart – Upload Product Info & Pics And Organize

I need a programmer who is very experienced with ZEN CART.

The project consists of 2 parts:

Part 1.
I need this programmer to help upload products, data and pictures into our online store. The online store is already created and organized.

We already have most of our products displayed in the onlinestore.
We will provide you with a simple data feed to tell you the remaining products that need to be displayed in the online store. We need to upload 50 additional products (pictures, descriptions, text, etc.) We will specify the category, sub category for each product. We will provide you with all the information. You just need to upload and organize the products into the online store. You must make it look neat, organized and very user-friendly.
We also need you to organize and make the inner pages of the online store look better.

Part 2.
You must learn how to use 3rd party datafeed software called:

We will give you access to our account. You must watch and learn the tutorials. This app is very easy to learn. The purpose of this software is to automatically provide our datafeeds to the various shopping engines and comparison shopping sites.

You will setup our account for All of the products offered in our online store must be listed in our account. The linked datafeed must contain all the products listed in our online store. The datafeed that you setup in this app must be easily updated by us and linked to various shopping channels and easily setup for affiliate marketing.

Our datafeed must be fed to the following sites:
Google product search,,

Please also have our Zen Cart store friendly for Affiliate marketing.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Zen-cart Eway Integration Fix

I am looking for an expert in zen-cart and eway integration as other developers have tried and failed.
I have an online store that has been developed using zen-cart. Eway is the the chosen payment gateway. The plugin has been installed and works fine in testing however as soon as it is made live (from testing mode) the module no longer works. Going through the checkout stages it says:
"Sorry, we are not accepting payments from your region at this time.
Please contact us for alternate arrangements."
The eway module has no locks on location in its settings and other plugins based on locality (eg. shipping) work correctly.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the eway plugin twice with the same results.

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Zen Cart Website Completion

-Need Someone To work on my layout need to add 3 banners on specific location, change slighlt Layout of product views
-Need to have the pages ready for the 2nd language (translation will be done by myself, just need the correct pages in place)

-fix ez-populate (not working properly)
-need to copy customer Database from old zen cart and add it to the new Zen cart Database
-fix layout for pdf
-add search productin edit order functionnality(when adding a new product)
-need a specific type of report to be available or custom created
small minor layout work

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Zencart Administration & Fine-Tuning

Our company needs an efficient and time-effective programmer to fine-tune our pre-existing site. The pre-existing site is NOT live, and we had an in-house coder that dealt with the Zen Cart installations as well as the requirements for the site. However, the site is not yet complete, and now we need somebody to take over the remainder of our requirements. The project specs is included in a word doc, and basically it will require the site to look like the following template

We have already purchased the template to be used on the site, and it is already installed. I will provide mocks for module positioning and the elements that need to be turned on/off after the project has been awarded.

We need an experienced coder who knows the intricacies of Zen Cart, and can achieve both the front-end requirements (i.e. fine tuning the template) as well as the back-end requirements (i.e. adjusting the navigation of each page as well as integrating products, pay methods, and shipping modules).

Important note: We already have a few shipping modules and internet secure ready, and an excel file for easy populate).

We are basically just filling in a few holes on the site, an experienced coder should be able to handle what we need.

Thanks for your consideration!!

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Zen Cart And Server Monthly Services

We have a server based on free BSD, Apache. There are 2 shops now and will be more soon. One very custom and others on Zen cart. A lot of customization there done but needs more.
Using also SSL certificates from Go Daddy. Pay Pal and regular CC check out.
Job – regular service for all – activate alert software and provide additional addons piece by piece.
Provide backup and create back up – emergency running for the shops when main server is down.
Yearly contract, monthly payments. Addons by job – paid after all is running properly!

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Photo Uploader For Zen Cart

We run a Web shop. We would like to have the same photo uploader as the on the page:
But the uploader needs to be done under Zen Cart.

We would like to have the same options as on this site. We will have the same range.

When you enter the page is in the upper right corner are "votre photo".
They wanted us to enable the client to upload photos, he chose what he wants: a picture on canvas, sticker, wallpaper, etc. For a preview of the image size when you type should appear showing the area which will be truncated and the client can move to the area. if klent make the choice to picture options selected should be visible to us, so we know what we must cut.
We would like have choices of all materials (even those excluded).

After the selection like wallpaper appear to the left of 5 options. These options are the same in all materials. From the material chosen depends on option work or not. For the wallpapers are included in Options 1 and 2 (for the wallpaper does not select either the frame or the option of cutting on the parts).

The canvas paintings (the first option to be selected in materials) are now 4 options to choose from. See 3 the options. There are sizes available. and near size, eg 60×60 in blue marked 1,2,3. How to choose the size youll see that the image can be purchased as one, two and three-piece. The image will be the most 5 parts. We will do the same. (Image here is a sample-we deliver all the necessary graphics.) Click on the image of 3 piece. Select the frame and now look. You see your picture here and the red frame will look like your picture in three parts. This can move the red frame. This too would like to have. Options below it (outils and couleur). For the canvas photo is everything.

Now back to the material and select the poster. 1,2,4,5 options here work.
You can choose frame in option 4, and 5 (passe-partout), choose a background. These options also would like to have.

Connection with a basket in the zen-cart is very important.

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Zen Cart Index Page Safari Adjustment

The project is about adjusting the index page of a website for safari browser.

The website is and is implemented with zen cart. It is displayed correctly in IE, Firefox.

The problem is that when viewing it from safari browser, ipad, the index page (only the index page) is not adjusted. There appears a horizontal scrollbar, which you have to slide so as to see the main page.

If you navigate through the website then you can see it correctly. It is just the first page that has the problem.

The project is to make the index page appear correctly in safari browser, ipads, as well.

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Automatically Alter Datafeed – Zen Cart

Only bids $100 and below will be accepted. If you want the work – do not bid more.

I have a datafeed and need something to alter some fields automatically so that it can be converted easily to work with EasyPopulate.

The datafeed contains 10-15k rows.

The following processes need to be automated:
What needs to change in the datafeed:

1) Find & Replace certain characters (a list will be provided for you)
2) Change Categories (Categories from distributor and categories on my site are different – I will provide a list of my categories compared to the datafeeds)
3) Create values based off the Excel "concatenate" formula
4) Finally – Pull information from this changed datafeed to make a new datafeed that works with Zen Cart EasyPopulate addon.
5) Find new items not on previous datafeed, and copy image names so that I can mass grab and upload them to server.

As you can see, steps 1-3 and 5 take too much time to complete manually by myself each week. I need something that can help me automate these steps so that instead of taking an hour, it can hopefully take 10 minutes or less.


***** I do NOT just need the datafeed changed. I need something that can DO the changes AUTOMATICALLY for me. The last freelancer did not understand this and thought I only needed the datafeed changed. *****

Please PM me explaining what you would be creating to help me out.

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Zen Cart Touch Ups


I have a Zen cart site, and I need to touch up a couple things (design and CSS wise) ..
Would like to have these things done in a day. Not much. Youll see and be able to determine
that after I show you in PM. My hands are just a bit full at the moment.


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Zen Cart Shipping Configuration

Version 1.3.9h.

Need to have 3 different Shipping/Delivery Options:

1. Free local delivery with a 30 mile radius
2. $15 delivery charge (max. 50 miles)
3. UPS shipping (next day or 2 day)

At this time I am not looking to have the site determine the mileage. We will do that offline. Simply need the customers to be able to select one of the three options.

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Website Redesign For NADASOL

Please redesign the website you should use a similar design like you did earlier for me on
Project overview: is a wp blog with a zen cart behind it. is a zen cart site. I would like you to make into a zen cart website and integrate the wp posts into the zen cart.

The layout should be same or similar like that you did last year for me. However you should use different pictures for the rotating banner and a different text.
Requirements in detail:

– submit me a mockup and adjust with me until i agree
– desing a new logo, similar to hcg24 or use the existing style of the logo of
– design the project on your or mine test server and only when all finished upload and replace the existing website
– use a fresh and secure zen cart install
– work with me on left side navigation after the design process
– in addition to the left side nav i will need 2 sideboxes that will contain a special offer banner or yt video.
– pages of existing zen cart (shipping, payment, products.. and others.. must be copied over to new zen cart)
– existing payment module must be installed in new zen cart
– i must be able to add new posts to the underlying wp installation and these should appear on the zen cart main page. Posts should be clickable and display somehow nicely.
– pls install these modules for zen: super orders, ceon uri seo urls, fck editor.
– work with me patiently on corrections until design is ok and function is working.

My budget for this project is 300$ as discussed earlier.
Please let me know when you will start.


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Customization Of An Existing PHP Based Solution


We are looking for someone who can customize the look and feel of our solution and add new features to it.

We can share the SRS once you show us one or two of your live projects of this level.

If you are well versed with a framework system for development like Drupal, WordPress, Zen-Cart etc. and you understand the templating with AJAX then contact us.

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DealExtreme Webscrape (webcrawl) Into Zen Cart

I would like someone to develop an application for me that will collect database information from the site

I would like the basic fields for each product, AND the ability to download product images.

Output must be compatible with Excel Populate for Zen Cart

I want to be able to go back to the site periodically and get new data myself at any time.

I am not sure of the best way to do this.

I am not a programmer and I dont write in any languages, so this system would need to be self running.

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Design And The Addition Of Modules Zen Cart

This website is based on the latest version of zen cart 1.3.9h
I would like several things:
Site design does not square with tables
Change the top of the site – a stylish search option
Photo Slideshow added main page

A bottom-designed

Basis of design should be like this website

In terms of programming
Change the page look more product information
Share option – Facebook etc.
Fill to be a wholesaler page
News system – like the site as at the bottom

Example Inspiration / shop /

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Year Make Model Filter Module For Zen Cart

I need a Plug in module designed for zen cart.
Must Include Make Model and Year range for products enterable in product page.
Must transfer that information to the product description page as fits these vehichles
Must have side box for customer to select thier vehicle.
Catagories and products must be filtered to only show products for vehicle the customer has selected.
products must also have a fits all option that will show up on every selection.

There is a similar module for Oscommerce that can be downloaded here

Perhaps that can be partially converted.

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Zen Cart Product Data Entry

I have a Zen Cart installation with over 400 entries. Each existing product needs to have stock, pricing, and weight information input for launch in the next 24 hours.

I am looking for super fast data entry experts familiar with

1. Zen Cart v1.3.8
2. Products with Attributes Stock (Zen Cart mod)

who can input the information for these products quickly and accurately.

The information needs to be input by 7am PST on March 14

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E Commerce Sight

I am looking for someone to take my photos and copy , turn it into an e commerce sight. That will accept paypal , canada post shipping, interac online. I listed zen cart, but not committed, open to other carts.

It will be selling perhaps 35 items to start, in the electronics field. The winning bidder should be willing to upgrade and maintain after initial setup, fees to be discussed, I guess for that.

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Zen Cart Length X Width Calculator

Im working on ZenCart v1.3.9h.
the point is that we will sell products on the square meters. It would be good have two places to enter in one width and the second height.
From these values will be calculated square meters. Square meters will be multiplied by the price per square meter determined by us. The final price will be shown at the price of the product. After adding the product to the basket will be seen that the values entered by the customer.
Website with this solution:–Foto-Wand–Tapete-Erfurt.html


You MUST have zen-cart experience and MUST have done something similiar…..please leave links to sites where you have done something similar in a PM.

If something is incomprehensible, look in this post:

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Zen Cart Template Modification

Hello. We are launching a new clothing site and would like to modify the Zen Cart Template to a cleaner, more effective style for our customer experience.

We have installed jQuery slider on main page (functional) and seo url module.

Template customization would include (but not be limited to):
main page product layout
product detail pages
shopping cart pages
nav modification
side box mods
footer/header mods

etc etc

Here is a an example of the layout/ style we are needing:

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Zen Cart Product Template

I want my product page attributes to work like the link below. Where if you select a color it will show the color you select and so on.

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Zen Cart Site Debug And User Rating Feature Added

We have a retail site, built using Zen Cart at that needs the following bugs fixed:

* Images dont preview when you add a product in the admin area, but they do appear on the website successfully
* The link on the admin home page to the Online Catalogue doesnt work
* The URL for each page no longer shows easy read URLs

Furs and Frills is a site dedicated to providing tools and kits so you can make life-like dolls. We want an area added to the site called Real Baby or Not?. This feature should allow users to upload their pictures on to a forum and for other people to rate and comment on their work. The following needs should be accomodated:

* Users must create or log into an account on the site before uploading their picture or placing a comment, but should be able to view pictures and comments without doing so
* Option for automatic emails to go to people who have uploaded their images for comment/rating saying that somebody has commented on their work.
* Users who have logged in should be able to rate uploaded work out of 10. This rating is then added to all preceeding scores and an average score is displayed next to the image.
* There must be sensible limitations about file size for uploading images and clear instructions.
* Users uploading their pictures must be able to choose a username and avatar if they dont want to use their real name
* Users must be able to place comments and others respond (a forum)
* The feature must be attractive and in keeping with the overall look of the site
* Ability for users to upload pictures of multiple dolls and have each one rated and then for people to search for that users dolls.
* Ability for each user to write a short personal bio about themselves.

We would expect some discussion with the developer about this so that our needs are fully understood. We also have another retail website that at a later point we may want this feature installed on too (although this would be another project). The concept came from another site You may want to check this out to understand a bit better, although the look is far from what we want.

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Datafeed – Alter & Sync To Zen Cart

I have a datafeed and need something to alter some fields automatically so that it can be converted easily to work with EasyPopulate.

The datafeed contains 10-15k rows.

The following processes need to be automated:
What needs to change in the datafeed:

1) Find & Replace certain characters (a list will be provided for you)
2) Change Categories (Categories from distributor and categories on my site are different – I will provide a list of my categories compared to the datafeeds)
3) Create values based off the Excel "concatenate" formula
4) Finally – Pull information from this changed datafeed to make a new datafeed that works with Zen Cart EasyPopulate addon.
5) Find new items not on previous datafeed, and copy image names so that I can mass grab and upload them to server.

As you can see, steps 1-3 and 5 take too much time to complete manually by myself each week. I need something that can help me automate these steps so that instead of taking an hour, it can hopefully take 10 minutes or less.

Please PM me explaining what you would be creating to help me out.

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Convert Cscommerse Addon To Zen Cart

I need this oscommerse addon.
converted to work with zen cart.
Please look and verify you can do this before bidding.
I need this in an installable format with instructions not installed.

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Zen Cart Website Graphics

Need a mix of Zen Cart and Graphics for job

Budget $150.00

Must have extensive Zen Cart Experience with recent feedback.

The Job:

1.) Make site logo. use black, cyan, magenta, yellow.
2.) Insert Graphics above Main Navigator (static)
A.)Operator graphic with our phone Number.
B.) "Orders Shipped by Fed EX *"

3.) Frontpage graphic slider needs edited. It has images not related to our products Edit 5 slides with our related products. Currently generic slides in place.
A.) 1 slide – secure ordering, 100% customer satisfaction Free shipping, "Call for greater Discounts"
4) utilize a 1 or 2 sidebar format layout. Currently 1 left sidebar. (reason: Need to add information high on page related to our company)
5.) Make category sidebar look better
6.) search box add text enter printer model or toner #

Sidebars need insertion of the following graphics:

I. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
II. 1 year limited warranty from defects.
III. SSL secure
IV. Autorize net approved.
V. Fed Ex Shipping

my site look here to see and ask questions regarding job, sidebars,

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