This project is for 50 Google local businesses Ads.

I manage a locksmith company who service most of the states in the usa, i would like to create Google local business Ads,
There are few obstacles on the way and i need someone who is professional and can tweak the system a little.

Google consider today locksmith business ads as sapm and flag it most of the time before its even getting live , you going to need to pass that, and just for the record, my Ads are not spam.
When verifications needs to be done, it have to be via TELEPHONE, and NOT POSTCARD

what i will provide from my end

1-Local phone number- for each specific AD (each city) you will get a local phone number.
2- AD Description
3- AD Photos
4- AD Keywords
5- To verified this ADS by phone when the time comes, we will have to sync this action between us
6- City,State name, Addresses, Business name, website and etc etc..

On your end
1-AD should stay alive (at-list for 8-12 months more is better of course )and get to the to the top of the local business ads
2- link of the AD on google local business
3- User name and password to the google email account you ill create in order to create this ADS above
4- To Open all this google Accounts

If the job will be satisfied, you will automatically receive another 50 ADS to work on.

Good Luck

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