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Design Brochure-World Peace Zone-Seoul Korea

Peace Education Tourism
Join my team of peace-loving global citizens.
I am developing downtown Seoul, Korea into a World Peace Zone, and Womb of Mother Earth.
see attachment
Bid is $30 for 6 hours of honest work (I never pay out more then $30 to a complete stranger. I pay in $30 increments)
SKYPE (with a mic) Deal Breaker
I am an American professor working in Korea for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula, for the good of all humankind.
Send resume

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Craigslist Poster

Looking for an experienced CRAIGSLIST POSTER, to post 15 – 20 ads DAILY.

You must have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, PVAs, etc).

Ads will be posted in New York City only in computer servies secions!

You have to provide an excel report with ads links daily after posting (all ads will be checked)

I can give you a few examples on what to write but need to change words around to avoid repeat post.

All emails must be forwarded to me as soon as possible, i can not afford to wait few hours for you to forward to me or i lose client.

We will pay $.15 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted or flagged ads will not be paid.

We will pay weekly.


Please only bid if you are interested in LONG TERM work. Ready to start immediately. Experts only please.

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Continuation Of Flash Jewel Game (partially Complete)

This project involves the continuation of an existing Flash project. Theres quite a lot to read here – Im not likely to consider bids that dont show signs of having read it all.

The work was initially started by the freelancer kleelof ( ). His work was extremely good – indeed, as a Flash programmer myself, I can say that his code was much better than mine tends to be! You can see a demonstration of the project in its current state here: . If you wanted to rewrite the project from scratch I would be open to the idea, but I dont imagine it would be necessary.

Here is what still needs to be done:

1) The cursor needs to be centered on the mouse pointer, not Southeast of it as at present. It needs to be possible to specify the shape of the cursor dynamically (its size will always be an integer number of gems), so that H/T/etc shapes are possible. A good way to impress me with your bid might be to tell me how you intend to do this.

2) A basic AI is added. The AI has a colour that they collect – after a given time interval, an AI cursor shape (specified dynamically, as before) appears in the position that contains the greatest number of that colour (choose randomly if tied). A countdown appears in the top left corner of the AI cursor zone. When the countdown gets to zero, the current gems in the AI cursor zone disappear – the AI has eaten them. Note that these are not necessarily the gems that were in the zone when the countdown started! The game keeps track of which gems the AI has eaten.

3) The initial generation code is rewritten, such that at the beginning of the game, no lines of 3 vertical or horizontal gems of the same colour exist – if the algorithm would place a gem in a position that would cause such a 3 to be made, it is overruled and forced to choose a gem of an alternate colour. Similarly, the code to generate new gems at the top of columns is altered, so that a gem never falls down from above the grid and immediately completes a 3.

4) If gems fall (due to player or AI action) such that a line of 3 or more is completed, the line disappears all at once with a glow or sizzle effect. The program keeps track of how many gems disappeared in this way, and what colour they were.

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WordPress Theme For Hip Hop Blog

I need someone who can customize WordPress theme for my hip hop blog streetdose [ . ] com

Here is a demo of the theme I want customized for my blog,

Here are the customization guidelines,

1) Same fonts, colors, and style as the demo
2) Additional ad zones and ad placements
* sidebar 3 zones for 300×250
* sidebar 6 zones for 125×125
* header 1 zone for 728×90
* footer 1 zone for 728×90
* post body 1 zone — undetermined size
* comment area 1 zone for 300×250
3) Logo design to compliment the blog design
4) Complete SEO Friendly design
5) Clean code which validates W3C standards
6) Low code load time and better performance boost
7) User navigation schemes (i.e. breadcrumbs)
8) Social media integration (i.e. facebook comments integration, social bookmarking icons, social sidebar (twitter updates, facebook plugin), etc.)
9) Keep categories in tact but make them collapse/expand (ajax style)
10) Up to three protoypes, mockups, or demos before going live or fully completing (can be screenshot or full demo)
11) Keep current content, images, videos, etc. in tact without modification, unless via css, include files, or some mass editing tool
12) Design which encourages comments and ad clicks (comments and ads not hidden or hard to find)
13) Design which uses excerpts on the homepage and looks good, not choppy
14) Design to work with all current plug-ins without issue
15) Design to adhere to WordPress standards for future editing purposes
16) Decrease white/black spaces and page gaps
17) Include featured items list as seen in demo
18) Include audio player in header as seen in demo
19) Include feeburner email subscription for daily email updates
20) Include newsletter sign-up page for integration with any email provider (MailChimp, GetAResponse, or AWeber)

My basic goal is to enhance user experience and get a cleaner look on my blog. I want to encourage ad clicks, visitor loyalty, and decrease bounce rate. I also want to decrease load time and increase performance using validated code standards. This is not a rush job, but Id expect to have an ETA on project completion before project start as well as full communication throughout the life of the project with update or progress reports.

I will purchase the WordPress theme once ready, so please do not include the theme purchase in your proposal. I will also provide you with a sandbox with administrative access if needed. Please bid with confidence. I look forward to working with someone real soon. Thank you.

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WordPress Store, Add Additional Feature To Shopping Cart

I have a wordpress theme called WP-store and its does pretty much everything I need except the shipping doesnt take into account different shipping zones. The shipping method used is weight based which the WP-Store software already has, but there are no features for zone based shipping. I have added a drop down zone box to the cart software but need the option to add additional cost per kg dependant on Zone that is selected to ship to.

website is:-

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Iphone To Android Porting

Need to create an app similar to this one:

The app should be for Iphone, Android and BlackBerry phones and should include this sections:

-Discount Visualization: see discounts sorted by location (near to me, near to an adress, in a zone) and type.
-Store location: Nearest Stores, Store location by zone
-News: News from a rss

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.net Work To Do

I need dotnet work done. Ill pay $100 for this. I go the work started, but the programmer had to go on vacation or leave for 7 days or something.

I need this work done in 5 days.

Anyway what is done is

Things that are done:
-new html design
-performance optimization
-Arabic/English options
-Admin Panel
-User Registration / login
-Prompt for registration take place after booking

Things that are not done:
-rss feed for latest news
-send e-ticket via email/sms
-payment method (for this they are not accepting any credit card details using our servers. Instead, a link will be provided by the Bank to direct all customer to their payment gateway to enter the details and we will get the response.). For now though we want you to just make a fake credit process to just show how it would work. Though it wont be processed. Only reason I say that is I still need that bank info and I need this work done.
-events stored in

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Australia Protected Fishing Zone Gps Markers

GPS coordinates for all protected zones for Australia. To be used to draw polygons onto google maps API

Change of project. The maps are no longer required, I now only require all of the GPS coordinates which make up the zones, with the information on what is allowed in each zone (fishing allowed…)

The markers will be mostly freely available, with the main work to be the entry of all of the markers into DB or excel format for ease of the api to draw the polygons on the maps.

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Net Zone Browser

Great style , newer design

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Simple Changes On Steak Store

Well, this site is actually almost working, there is only two points that need to be added. This prestashop site is oriented to offer services from a Steak Store online, however, it cant deliver to everywhere in the Country (Mexico in this case).

Requirements or changes.

1.-The delivery is restricted right now to specific cities and states, for now i have restricted two states only, Nuevo Leon and Sonora, what i did is to change all states to another zone ( number 3 in this case) and this zone is restricted so this solves the state restriction, but now what i need is to restrict the delivery to specific cities, so, i will specify for each state the cities that are going to be allowed…in addition i will need small documentation of this work in order to do more changes in the future. Consequently we are going to need to add cities just like states! for speciic states which prevviously are connected to countries, so we need as well the back office configuration for cities, if i dont want some cities to be allowed yet ill just keep them out of zone and thats it!.

2.-Configure PayPal. (more details PM).

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Research And Data Entry

I need a person who can do research and enter the information into my word press blog.

This will be ongoing work and will be on an as needed basis.It is a very simple job.

The lowest hourly rate provider will be selected. I need someone who can start immediately.

Approximately 15 hours per week, 3 hours per day. If you can work weekends too, that will be a big plus.

Must be able to start immediately after acceptance. Due to time zone differences, I prefer someone who is in the same time zone as me. (US East Coast)

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Need A Designer For Two Pages – Simple Work.

Hi, Im creating a new zone at my site but Im poor with design, I just need a simple but user-friendly and well made design for a page and the same for a member area in that zone, I just need the CSS file with the styles for tables, links buttons and fonts, please ask me via PM if you want this work, add "elite" to your bid or will be considered as spam, budget is $50 less bid more probabilities to be selected, please show previous works and I need some simple banners, happy biding!


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Writers Needed For A Long-term Project

Dear Fellow Freelancers,

I am looking for skilled writers to join my team. I will be choosing 3-5 writers for this project.
In order to apply, you must be a Native English speaker, or speak English on a Native speakers level.
Please send me a personal message with the following information:
Where are you from (your time zone)?
Your experience as a writer;
How many articles of 500 words can you provide daily? (For this question, please be realistic. I will not just choose whoever can provide more articles. This information will only be used to estimate how many writers I will need.)
How many days can you work every week?
What time are you online every day? (Please use my time zone for this question: GMT-5).

Payment is made once every two weeks via GAF or PayPal. nce you are accepted, I will send you an example of an invoice that you will need to e-mail to me.
Payment is 1.75 – 2.25 USD per article (about 400-500 words each).
More details will be provided via PM.

Thank you for your interest, and happy bidding!

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PHP Javascript AJAX Programmers

One of our client looking for freelancers from UTC/GMT +10 hours time Zone.. if you are in this time zone
Project Based on

This client will consider Hourly rate if it is less then 4$ so please PM your rates monthly and hourly..

Thanks so much.

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WP E-Commerce Zone-based Within State Shipping Module

WP e-Commerce to date has only progressed to version, and there are few touches that have not satisfied me.

At present, its default shipping module only cannot even support State-based within Country shipping charges (especially for countries besides the USA). Meaning that there is a different rate per item for different states. However, I want to stretch this further. The following are my requirements:

1. The country will be fixed. The Country field is just that country, without the option selector.
2. The state too will be fixed. The State field is just that state, without the option selector.
3. The zone will be valuable. The Zone field is an option selector. For example, North-of-State, South-of-State, East-of-State, West-of-State, and Central-of-State.

I believe that the existing WP e-Commerce files can be customised to meet these requirements, together with some additional / amendments to the databases tables.

I hope that someone with the right expertise can deliver this soon. Looking forward to hearing from you then.


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Geo Mapping Points In Polygons/Saleszones

This is a points in a polygon project whereby I need to assign places to a sales zone within a U.S. state. Ill provide you the following 2 files for testing:

1. A "Places" csv for an individual U.S. state having a place, type place, latitude, longitude, etc. for the places in that state.

2. A "Saleszones" csv with cornerpoints creating geographic sales zones. For example, cornerpoints number from 3 to 10 resulting in Arizona having 19 zones.


Create a simple tool that assigns places in a U.S. state with a geographic zone for a given state (points in a polygon).

First, on a state-by-state basis, uses the Saleszones csv file to create zones for a state.

Second, reads the latitude and longitude from the Placesfile csv and assigns all places into a geographic sales zone.

Third, outputs a csv file showing zone, place, typeplace, latitude, longitude.


1. Some sales zone might have angles under 90 degrees.

2. Places for a state could number in the tens of thousands.

In Conclusion:

This tool will enable me to load a places and saleszones file for a state. It will assign places to a sales zone and list all the places with its sales zone in a csv. Ill use this for all 50 states.

How this works is up to you. It could be an executable, bat, text file, whatever is easiest.

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Free DNS Provider Zone Management

Bulk Domain name Register, Bulk adding zone , Bulk delete zoning for free domain service provider.

I will provide the information in csv file. The program needs to create new domain and add IP to new domain.

Same to remove the IP from the list of domain name given in csv file

My budjet for this project not more that 150$

PM for more information

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Ad Network For Buying And Selling Ads Directly

We need an Ad Network System similar to the one at that will be used by blogs for selling ads directly to potential advertisers;

– Code should be written in PHP and use MySQL for data
– Ajax features with web 2.0 tracking graphics and charts for analytics
– Tableless HTML layout with clean CSS
– Custom Javascript with encrypted code for ad serving
– PayPal payment integration
– Multiple Zone ads, example: publishers can make a zone with 3 positions (same ad type) and sell 6 ads that get rotated, or an ad zone with 1 position and 10 ads rotated, etc.

Please take the time to look at a similar site called Buy Sell Ads and its features before bidding. Its a banner serving website with an integrated, searchable marketplace directory for banner ads, publishers, and advertisers.

Please ensure that you understand the scope of the project before bidding. You will need to create the full working copy of the Buy Sell Ads site, integrate it with Paypal payment and work with our US based tech staff to install on our servers.

We will take full ownership of all code and copyrights.

ONLY experienced programmers (with work examples) that know how to write clean, commented, well organized code should bid!

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Move Side Columns To Centre Of Webpage In Prestashop Store


We require a Presta Shop expert who will be able to do the following 2 requirements:

1.Move the "Cases", "Bluetooth Headsets" and "Screen Protectors" Product Category Blocks along with our "Business Zone" and "Expert Zone" ads to go along side each other in the centre of our website, were the Featured products are currently shown.

2. We need the "Top Selling" and "New Products" Blocks to be moved into the centre of our website below the above mentioned blocks.

Only respond if you can complete these requirements.


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Ebay Postage Calculator

I need a postage cost calculator which can be use within eBay.


You key in a 4 digit postcode, and then it will show the postage on the same page.

It is base on a simple logic of

Look up the Postage zone base on the post code.

after it find out the postage zone,

then do a simple calculator base on

Total charge = Basic Charge + charge * Weight

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Zen Cart — Free Shipping For Certain Zip Codes

I currently use zone table rate for calculating the shipping in Zen Cart based on the cost of a customers order. I need to add free shipping to a selection of zip codes close to our physical facility without changing the zone table rates for the rest of the country or state.

Please let me know if this is something you are able to do.

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Freelance Writing Teams Needed – URGENT!!!!!!!!

We are searching for Writing Teams to complete ongoing, high volume orders for a variety of clients in different industries. The ability to research a variety of different subject areas and write authoritatively on them is essential. We are looking to provide valuable, informative content

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Expert Advisor For Metastock – Different Tradeable Zone

1. To Create one Expert Advisor for Differentiating Different Tradeable Zone.

2. Expert Advisor will have 6 Explorations that includes :

a. Red Zone 1st Day. A list of stocks that has the closing price just below the 20SMA meeting
conditions 20SMA<50SMA<100SMA<200SMA
b. Green Zone 1st Day. A list of stocks that has the closing price just above the 20SMA meeting
conditions of 20SMA>50SMA>100SMA.
c. Blue Zone 1st Day. A list of stocks that has the closing price above the 20SMA meeting conditions
conditions of 20SMA>50SMA>100SMA>200SMA.
Note: If both conditions are met, Blue Zone takes precedent over the Green Zone
d. Red Zone. From the Red Zone 1st Day starts till the price goes touches 50SMA.
This Zone ends when the last price bar touches the 50SMA and resume when the last
price moves up. From the time zone ends to the time it appears again, the price
bar is black.
e. Green Zone . From the start of Green Zone 1st Day till the price touches the 50SMAs.
This Zone ends when the last price bar touches the 50SMA and resume when the last
price moves up. From the time zone ends to the time it appears again, the price bar
is black
f. Blue Zone. From the start of the Blue Zone 1st Day till the prices touches 50SMA .
This Zone ends when the last price bar touches the 50SMA and resume when the last
price moves up. From the time zone ends to the time it appears again, the price bar
is black

3. Templates.
a. 1 Template in the form of indicator indicating Blue for 20SMA>50SMA, Red for 20SMA<50SMA.
This can be incorporated in the Expert Advisor using the Ribbon. (I will send some examples
of job done before. Not the formula. )
b. 1 Template in the form of price bar color changes for Red , Green, Blue and Black Zone.
This can be incorporated in the Expert Advisor using the Highlight. ( I will send some examples
done before. Not the formula)

Exploration Report must be in the following manners:

a. For Red Zone , Green Zone , Blue Zone 1st Day stock.

Stocks Close Price Average Volume 20SMA 50SMA
OSIM 0.80 4,500,000 0.78 0.65
HONG LEONG 4.50 3,000,000 4.40 4.20

b. Red Zone, Green Zone, Blue Zone.

Stocks Close Price Average Volume 20SMA 50SMA No. of Days
In the Zone
OSIM 0.80 4,500,000 0.78 0.65 3
HONG LEONG 4.50 3,000,000 4.40 4.20 10

Note: Some formulation already done. I can assist to help locate the coloring of the price bar from the Metastock Expert Advisor.

This job I required dedicated worker to it. I will be available to try out. Timeframe 3 days at most.

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Mlm Plan Board

I am looking for a very rofessional and serious, committed to a major project.
Payment after seeing the demo for my specifications half and once delivered the other half.
They also must have support any error software.Pago by Western Union, Money gram or reserb liberty.

General Specifications:

-Plan and revolving matrix board.
-Members Area.
-Zone administrator.
-Employee-Support Zone.
-Web-design basics.
-Shop online members area.

Each has several specifications.
Seeking experienced programmer in this type of software.

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Telemarketers Calling From Home Or A Call Center Needed

We are a real estate agency. Looking for good Englishspeaking telemarketers. We provide the phone numbers to call. You will need to make the lead interested in our service and either transfer the phone call to us or get their contact information and email it to us emediately. The telemarketer must be on Pacific Time Zone or be able to call from 10am-6pm Pacific time zone.

Bidders should have excellant English language skills and no or slight accent and your own phone solution.

Please also state what kind of telemarketing experience you have.

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Magento Expert Needed On Contract Basis.

I am looking for a experienced Magento Developer who must be able to work on any Magento template and changing around some of the design, and programming a few new features. We are also looking for a team to create an iphone application for us.
The candidate must have good communication and time management skills and should be able to work according to my Clients time zone-MST (UTC – 07:00)…This is full-time job and candidate must be able on skype according to the given time zone at least 40hrs/Week.
If you are interested please send me your hourly rates with your best Magento projects you have worked on and your Resume. You can also contact me on Skype at – brandchimp is you have any question before bidding.
Note- please start your bid with the work Magento- bid without this word will not be entertained. Thanks

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For Razesh Zone!

Project for razesh zone please.

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WordPress Template Modifications

I have a website were I use a wordpress template.
I need some modifications and I want to make it as template package so I can give it to others like a template that they will be able to install on their wordpress blog.

The modifications we need are:

– accept comments on pages not only blog posts.
– integrate an affiliate plug-in that I bought from a provider (and be able to make the theme work with that plug-in in it like a click and install package for the users that will receive the theme from me)
– edit the admin area in order to accept some changes to be done from admin area / option zone of the template…. like background picture or video on the front page etc…
– create a zone in the template were a timer will count down and will automatically change the text in that zone when the timer goes to 0
– other small modifications.

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Os Commerce

This is a project about an upgrade in a OScommerce web site, some addons

we need the follow jobs:

1 – install payment module call transferência bancária (transfer.php) this is working but in the end dont return to any page…need help with this…

2 – we need about (10) modules like table.php, for diferent service of shipping.

There are different services in portugal based on weight
EMS Ilhas
and so one thats why i need this…

2 – i need also if it is possible to integrate a international delivery system EMS Internacional send a table to see the prices, and zones like this:

Zone1| Zone2| zone 3| zone4| zone 5| zone 6|
0,25 to 0,50

About 50 lines for different prices based on weight and zones

3 –
Also need to integrate for now a CMS, to edit directly from admin the pages with images links and other thinks….

Ability to edit current pages and add more pages.
Extra box can displayed with all pages

4 – Need to integrate google analytics;
5 – need to integrate a module called Ultimate SEO;

6 – Also need facebook, twiter and other social bookmarks, for follow us;

We need this urgently the site must open during next week…

Best Regards

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Web Hosting Company Offers Sales On Commission Upto 20%

We are a webhosting provider with our own datacenters, we are looking for sales people who will work on sale to sale commission bases, worldwide..

For hosting packages sale will get flat 20% commssion, please send us your target, experience list.

Our Infrastructure

YourNextHost manages 9,000 square feet of space in its two operation centers. The total area is comprised of datacenter floors and office floors to accommodate all of its 20 employees working in the sales, marketing, software development, billing, finance, customer service, datacenter services and network infrastructures areas.

YourNextHosts datacenters feature multiple access protected zones: the dedicated server hosting zone, the private racks hosting zone, the single server colocation zone, the managed hosting zone and the shared web services zone. Each datacenter partition is designed specifically for the type of hosting services it will shelter. Therefore, empty raised floor areas are available to fulfill cages and wholesale customers needs, colocation areas filled with empty server cabinets are available for private colocation racks customers and YourNextHost-only access areas loaded with tower servers installed on shelves are ready to fulfill your dedicated server needs.

YourNextHosts data centers are equipped with a wide range of security, power management, cooling and network access equipment. Biometric sensors, security cameras and secure access are the first items encountered on-site. In addition to thousands of servers, power regulation systems, diesel generators and air conditioning systems are vital aspects of the facilities. All these infrastructures are totally controlled and managed by YourNextHosts team of hosting infrastructures experts.

Connectivity to the Internet is assured by multiple black fibers getting into the buildings telco rooms through diverse entry points. Multi-gigabit connectivity is used to link YourNextHosts datacenters to each other and to connect upstream providers to YourNextHosts own network. YourNextHosts team monitors the datacenter and network operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Furthermore, YourNextHost offers datacenter space in three geographically enabling for business continuity planning and business critical server operations. Customers can outsource crucial hosting operations easily using private dedicated server racks in two or more YourNextHost datacentres and replicating the sensitive hosting architecture, applications and data between the datacenters. Whether you want to host your first web site or you are thinking of outsourcing advanced datacenter needs, YourNextHost offers a unique high quality all in one hosting infrastructure solution.

Our Network – Our pride

Our network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connect to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection and superior routing. Bottom line: increased Internet efficiency and 100% availability guaranteed. Whether it is through our High Quality or our Unmetered network, access to your services will be uninterrupted.
* 100% Uptime SLA
* Your choice : High Quality or Unmetered
* Congestion-free network
* Over 50Gbps Capacity

YourNextHost set itself apart by offering you the opportunity to choose the network that best suits your needs. The dedicated servers, managed hosting solutions and colocation customers can freely choose between the High Quality Network or the Unmetered network.

We understand that network uptime is crucial for your valuable online presence and this is why YourNextHost`s entire network is fully redundant. From the Cisco routing equipments to the upstream bandwidth providers, there is no single point of failure. At YourNextHost, your servers will be accessible and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.

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Buddy Zone Version 2.0 Script

Hello Programmers,

I am looking for someone that has a copy or a nulled version of Buddy Zone, the newest version available.



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I need a website built that will allow my clients to look at my calendar, book an appointment, pay for the appointment via paypal, and go in and change the appointment up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. No refunds or reschedules for cancellations less than 24 hours before booked (paid for) appointments due to the fact that I have clients all over the world.
Site needs to include a time zone conversion feature. Calendar will be set to my home time zone. When booking, clients will need to confirm the time in my time zone and in their own before paying and securing their appointment time.
Anyone who pays can book and change their appointment. Only moderated/administrator approved members can access the library of articles, podcasts and other posted resources. Non-members can see titles only of what is in the Library and other selected resources offered free.
It is very important to me that pages load quickly and that I am notified via email immediately upon additions or changes to my schedule.
I would also like it to be easy for me to add new materials to the library on the fly.
My home computer is a Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard)
I have not yet chosen a web hosting provider

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