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Joomla Portfolio Component/module With Zoom

We need help coding a component for joomla 1.6 ASP. Its pretty much gonna be a showcase component for different fabrics (around 1000 fabrics)

its really important that you should be able to navigate in the showcase from a select menu. for (brands, materials, patterns, colors so i guess somekind of a tag feuter is relevant)

see the attached image for more details. There is one site with common features as we want, see:

Besides the select menu, its step 3 in the attached image that also is really important, to easily navigate between the fabrics and showcase them in a zoom feuter

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Flash Map Zoom Modification

Existing AS content for the pop-up interactivity, mouse over country interactivity, mouse over the title of the country interactivity, zoom on scrool and on zoom buttons.

Modify flash to zoom country on center on click of the country title and pop-up to appear in the same time.
Remove mouse over text from the name of the country button.
Loading bar.
Example for task:

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Large Photo Scraping Project

So theres a website out there with small photos, then you click on the photo and it opens up in flash, and you can zoom into the photo…

After you zoom into the photo, you cannot see the entire image unless you move it within the box.

I need somebody to set it up for me so it can be automated and save the entire image, and then set it up on my computer so I can enter in the URL.

I also want it to create a database or excel spreadsheet which has the item number, description, picture names, date of scraping, all of these details. It must be all automated.

I am using a Windows 7 PC with very high performance, if that matters.

Please send me a message and Ill tell you the website. I think this is a difficult job give me a fair price and well get started.

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Google Map Integration With Flash

I am looking for a Google Map Expert

Phase I
Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under

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Project For 02-22-11

As discussed 30 ads weekly for $30

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Animate Video For IT Product Overview

We are looking to create a short animated video with voice over, that brings to life the diagram we have already, which explains what our IT product does.

We would probably only want a minute or two in length. There are bout 6 stages in the process that we want to demonstrate using 3D animated graphics, zoom in, zoom out, written words on the screen, icons, voice over and sound effects etc etc.

we have someone we already use for voice overs if that helps?

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Papervision Project (preloader And Camera Controls)

I have a company promo papervision project that needs finishing. I will provide a link to the project. This is what I need done:

A simple white PV preloader. (0 – 100% typical bar loader. Ariel or similar sans serif for the font.)

Double click camera zoom in 30%. (Double click to zoom in 30% and double click to zoom out 30%. I would need control of this value too.)

Restrict camera in Y axis. (right now the camera is free. I dont want it going under the floor like it does. Again I would like control of this value.)

I will give you all the project files. Potential for other work too. Here is a link to the project:

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Repost Blog Theme Center #2

Hi. This is my second repost. I have had two projects and both themes have failed to center my theme. I am far to busy with 5 open projects to finish this minor CSS problem. My guess was the code was improperly created for large monitors.

I want my theme coded so that on larger monitors (like a mac) The theme is centered. That is all I require. The rest of the the theme is functional in every way. Please take a look at the latest failed attempts. SO close!!

If you do not know how to zoom out on firefox the keyboard shortcut is:

CTRL and press the – key (minus key)

When you zoom out on any normal wordpress theme it ALWAYS stays centered with a margin on the right and the left. This is basic stuff I dont want the theme going to the right or the left. I want it to stay centered. Dont bid higher than $50 I wont even consider it.

The theme is complete I just need someone to try and center it. This includes perhaps coding from the PSD again for the third time and just cut and past in the jquery footer rotator and the side slide tabs.


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Ecommerce Web Pages W/ Video, Pictures, Zoom, Shopping Cart

IMPORTANT: Please send me a link to an example of your work that is similar to what I describe below.

On our web site (apparel that we design and sell) I want the functionality similar to what SAKS has in the link below. There will be a short video plus three photos of the product that when clicked I want to load in the larger window with zoom capability. A Short description will be on the right of video/images and a shopping cart element (quantity & add to cart) which I have the code for this.

See Saks sample

This is what I want it to look like on our site, clicking on thumbnails at bottom will load the product up top.

I have 43 pages of styles to do. 18 have the shopping cart feature and 25 do not. I need this complete by March 1st.

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Dynamic Website With Ecommerce Features For Luxury Jewellery

I require a dynamic website with ecommerce and flash, minimalist design for my high fashion luxury jewellery label with an easy to use content management system. The website needs to have a zoom function for the gallery that displays products so customers can zoom in to see the detail of the pieces (zoom by mouse over function) Urgent!!!

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Google Markers Dont Cluster On One Zoom Level


I have a clustering module that doenst show a png marker on 1 zoom level (1 zoom in from the default level) in FF/IE. Chrome works fine. Below is the link to the page:

It needs to be fixed. So I need someone to do that.



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Simple Mobile ScrollTo And Zoom Javascript Function

I need a javascript function that will emulate the double-tap to zoom feature found on the iPhone/iPod/iPads iOS and most android web browsers.

When double tapping a div on the webpage for these devices it zooms and scrolls to the div so that the div is essentially full-screened to fill the entire viewport.

I need this exact concept implemented in this way:

-The function is structured like this

function Scaler(divID){

The divID is the div that the browser will scroll to and fill the viewport as much as possible with the div.

-On page load, the function will be run with a div ID handed to it already.
i.e. on load…Scaler(testDiv);
The page will scrollTo and zoom to fill the screen with the div with id="testDiv"

You may use any code that you find on the web to accomplish this task (with credit/license if required). This should be a simple task for an experienced mobile web developer. The most important devices for this to work on is iOS and Android devices.

Budget is $30-45 and based on speed of delivery. Bids over $50 will be ignored.

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Flash Google Map Integration

I am looking for a Google Map Expert

Phase I
Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under

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Zoom Menu 2

Please put the pictures from the zoom menu into the unfolding scroll

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Zoom Menu 3

Please remove sample menu above scroll and give each zoom picture its own div tag with diffrernt z index order that way they dont push each other around when zooming – sorry for changing my mind

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Flash Game Add Features

I need to add some features to a flash game.
Among these features are
Add zoom slider ( when you click on the MAGNIFYING GLASS icon, a slider should appear under it representing the zoom )
Add some buttons
Add a preloader
When game starts load file game.mp3 and play it and when it ends play it again and so on.
Settings window
Bottom tip message.

Good luck !

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Hello,I am looking for a Talented Graphic designer and a good coder to design My new Shopping Cart- database should use MsSQL Server Management Studio or connecting a web page(.asp, .aspx)

Please send ONLY 4 of your best sites youve custom designed no Templates.
You May use an Advance Cart Scripts as Long they are secure and well done .

Shopping Cart should :1.Different Pricing for different sizes .
2.Populating Data Base — also youll need to import and Populate database from old server of 5000 Items .
3.Products can be traced with Google.
4.Different User Level seeing different prices after Login.
5.Zoom In ZooM OUT with flash .
6.Invoicing, Tracking with Fed Ex /UPS.
7.Payment options .
8.Analytics reports.
9.Flash design integrated at the design.

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Zoom Navigation

As agreed make navigation items zoom when moused over

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AppMobi – Company SmartPhone App Development

Looking for someone to takeover an existing project using appmobi development tools. Your task will be to link an external website address and allow it to be viewed from within the app without going to browser. Very similar to using Iframes but you need to be able to navigate, zoom in and zoom out.

We are having difficulty in linking to external url using iframe. You cannot seem to navigate or zoom in or out. We need a solution to be able to show external website information from a appmobi project.

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Script Magnifying Glass For Image

We would like to add a Magnifying glass script in our pages :

Example of pages :

We need a script running on IE firefox safari

If possible we would like to have something like this :

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Image Slicer Tool (PHP+jQuery)

I need a tool compatible in popular browsers (IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari are a must). With this tool you must be able to upload an image, select a certain area (width and height should be hard coded in the script so I can modify it anytime) and press a button so as a result you only get the selected area as an image and will be saved in a folder on the webserver.

I already do have the above script fully working but I need someone to edit this script so its possible to also zoom-in and zoom-out by a [+] and [-] button. So basically you are able to upload a wallpaper, have an option to zoom-in and zoom-out and select a certain area and be able to crop it and as a result to get the selected area as an image.

Your job is to edit the script so you have an option to zoom-in and zoom-out. If possible, I need it done before 2011.

Example so you get an idea of the script:
As you see you see a picture and have a selectable area. The background picture is the picture you uploaded but there is no option to zoom-in or zoom-out.

Please post your full price and if you can do this ASAP. Let me know if you got any questions.

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IOS PDF Viewer And Search Library

Title: PDF Viewer and Search library

Using Quartz or similar (not UIWebView), be able to:
1, Load PDF file
2, View PDF file with:
i, Ability to pinch zoom and have the "document resolution" reflect the zoom level
ii, visual page indication
iii, controls to flip pages
iv, control to skip to a given page
3, Search a file (or set of PDF files) for free text and return the document and sentence the text resides in
4, Load and open the file at the location of the found text

Intended use of the library is with a UISplitView on iPad to replace current use of a UIWebView as a PDFViewer.

Delivery is to be documented Objective-C and compatible with iOS 4.x.

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Wrensoft ZOOM Search Implementation On Basic WordPress Site

I need a search function installed on my wordpress website that can search by a specific category, then narrow the search by zip code or city and then be able to pull results within 10, 20,30 mile radius.

We have the professional version of the wrensoft zoom search engine ( but need someone to implement it on our wordpress site.

Please bid if you have experience or confidence in implementing this search engine on our website.


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Travel Globe

Travel Globe:

This app is just gonna be a globe that shows all the places in the world in detail the longer you zoom in using your finger in the original zoom in function on iphone.
It will allso show you time and length from one destination of the world to another.
It will allso have a search box where you can type in india for example and the globe moves and stops over india and the more you zoom in, it show you the most known and famous places in that country or area.Theese fuctions needs to be working in every destination.

Consentrate of showing tourist attractions, and infomations about the most well known tourist attractions.

This is gonna be made as an applications for people that are on backpacking or just travel.


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Google Maps Boundaries

We have a client that needs australia broken down into boundaries (these will be entered and stored in a database) with these they need to have the area highlighted in a specific colour, when clicked on it says if it is for sale or not.
The map will start with a picture of australia then zoom into states when clicked then when clicked again will zoom into the areas. So mysql will store the longitude and latitudes of the boundary and will then generate the frame around it.
a rough example is – a mockup i did myself. It would need a for sale or sold icon in the middle of each area. When clicked a popup with information on that area will load – we ill do this part, as long as the feature to open a window or fancybox is there.

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Illustration, Flash Animation & Interactive

Hi All,

I need Illustrator and Flash Animator with simple action script to make 4 – 5 Flash.

1. Flash Intro something, like –>

2. Flash Interactive on Home page, like –>

3. Flash Interactive map like Universal Studio Singapore Map. You can find in here –> On the right column you see the Park Interactive Map Section, click "Read More". The map divided into 5 sections, each section can be click and go through more detail map area with more information in it just like Universal Studio Map sample.

4. Flash Interactive same like no.3, but this one shows 8 Rooms which each room can be click and go inside the room to show detail in the room. like –> if you click on the castle will go inside princess room, which will have more detail information of the room.

5. Flash Animation Map, to show direction of the map. Te idea is first show Indonesia in globe then zoom in to jakarta area, then zoom again to tangerang then zoom again to the exact location of the place. The zoom effect is something like video. Im referring only the zooming effect.

All need more retrace illustration work, as i only provide you the mascot illustration and other illustration in jpg file.

Please bid and give your sample work.


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Magic Zoom For Images In Custom Component

I have custom developed component for Hotel website.

Need to integrate

All sources will be provided.

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Web Site Pages

I am looking for a new easy way to set up web pages. i have something set up that i am looking for at
i like the quick view and want to keep that but if you can use a easier way to do it that is fine when all the items are on there will be over 200 pages i need if i change the navigation bar on one page it will be change on all pages and the same on the text box and the slide show. i use magic zoom for the zoom but if there is something different i can use that.
i use cart 32 for my shipping cart i want something that will be easy to set up new web pages where i will have to just add text and the graphic the logo in the top left corner i will ant on all pages. i have been using dream weaver. if there is anything i left out let me know

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Project For 10-10-10

As promised CL ads weekly, thanks!

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Web Application Development

Hi all,I am looking freelancer who can develop the web application.Project involves development of following modules
1. Log in + Sign up + Mobile No. Verification + Acceptance of Terms and Condition.
3. Form Submission+Availability of Product.
4. Secured Payment.
5. Confirmation mail to Customer.
5. Database retrieval on web pages.(Zoom in and Zoom out of images) according to location and sub-location/subtypes.

Beginners please do not bid.

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